$100 Takes It: 1978 Lotus Eclat


Is $100 a fair price for a completely rotten example of a once-desirable sports car? That’s the question in front of anyone who might be considering taking up the seller on his offer of removing this nearly junked Lotus Eclat from his property in Queen Creek Arizona. The seller doesn’t pull any punches in describing it as a very rough project that has effectively been gutted with any and all spare parts of any value previously stripped off the car. He claims the $100 asking price is lower than what he could get for scrapping it, which begs the question as to why he doesn’t go that route given he doesn’t sound like a Lotus enthusiast. Find the Eclat here on Facebook Marketplace.

In some cases, a dry carcass from a state like Arizona would make for a compelling opportunity. If this were a Lotus Esprit, I could see someone making the drive to rescue and eventually restore a decent shell. The Eclat is not exactly a coveted specimen in the world of British sports cars, which is why this one has been languishing in the desert for so many years only to end up on Facebook Marketplace for $100 with a seller who refers to it as a POS. The good news is if you have an Eclat and the inclination, there’s some excellent body panels, good glass, and….well, that’s about it.

I find it hilarious how many times the seller says there is “no title” as I’m used to the Facebook Marketplace machine that just pummels you with buyers who don’t read a damn thing. The interior is completely trashed, with evidence of failed attempts at sorting out wiring issues, or perhaps just a very messy cluster removal process. It’s hard to tell whether this was a project car for someone else or if the Eclat is a restoration attempt that went completely off the rails and is now just a heap of mostly-useless parts for someone else to store on their property. What do you think – should it just go to the scrapper or is even an undesirable Lotus worth saving?


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  1. Steve Clinton

    Lotus Egads!

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  2. mjf

    Somebody would actually buy this ?

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    • PairsNPaint

      It’s been up for three weeks, so apparently not.

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    • Raymond

      Special John might…..you guys love him…..

  3. Bill

    I think he is asking too much for what’s left of this car

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  4. Howie Mueler

    I had a 77 Elite, good deal if you are close to them.

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  5. Bill McCoskey

    Seller probably got paid to take it away, so he figures maybe someone will give him money for it.

  6. ray sebesian

    call the crusher

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  7. Gary

    Damn cheap if you wanted parts to keep a runner on the road. Trim, glass, chrome, exhaust, suspension, rear axle, wheels.

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  8. Ralph

    To quote the seller: what we have here is a pos. Well put.

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  9. Chris

    Scrap time or give away (which one )

  10. DelBoy

    Father in law has had his white Eclat parked on his lawn for nearly 25 years now. It looked salvageable once, but not when he left the doors ajar and let the leather interior rot too. He was offered $1500 for it a few years ago and numerous lurkers have expressed an interest in buying it.

    He, like his car, and this one; is a pos too.

  11. Mike

    Love this seller. He states the mileage as 1,000,000

    “POS lotus this car will likely never see the road again parts car only no title no title no I do not have a title there is no title for this car it is missing lots of parts no I will not send you another picture come pick it up it’s $100 worth more then
    that in scrap”

    • Lotus Lover

      Does it have a title?

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  12. Frank

    Puzzled! I’ve seen more Lotus models in various stages then I’ve seen completed ones. Colin must be rolling around in his grave.

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  13. John Walsh

    $100 dollars is a bargain. Remaining chrome trim =$100. Rear diff = $300. Front wishbones = $200, Wheel studs if stamped L= $100, rear drive shafts = $200. And that’s only for starters.

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  14. Chinga-Trailer

    Barn Finds writer is mistaken – these were never desirable.

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  15. John Walsh

    Just had a second closer look at the old girl and I can clearly see (from whats vible) over $1000 dollars in useable parts

  16. chrlsful

    “…The Eclat is not exactly a coveted specimen…” & so it is now less so. It all fits – inc the $100 price. It’s just not many out there who’ll tow it out…

  17. Phil

    I have an Elite – which is essentially the same car, but it’s not a fastback. I can confirm they aren’t great cars for transportation. They handle great. Whoever said a few panels are worth something, doesn’t know their lotus cars. Panels are a boot lid, a bonnet, two doors, and a body. There are no front and back fenders, etc. And it’s all fiberglass. These have some parts of value, as other posters have mentioned. This particular car is a parts car, and the body can easily be cut up with a sawsal or a grinder after the good parts are salvaged by someone other than me.

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    • John Walsh

      Phil. Yu are 99% correct. I have removed a roof skin in the past to replace one on a good car that had a crap aftermarket sunroof fitted. I know guys who have cut off front fenders and used them to repair damaged cars. But in the main, the shell is mostly scrap and difficult to get rid of here in the UK.

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