10,000 Miles! 1983 Ford Mustang GT

As we know all too well, Fox Body Mustangs are often abused by senseless owners due to their low cost of entry. That’s why when a high-priced examples rolls around, I’m not too upset that it keeps some buyers out of the bidding pool, as we have to keep some of these early cars preserved and not on the latest episode of Check Out My Flowmasters. This four-eyed survivor has only 10,236 original miles and is listed here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $22,950. 

This Mustang GT was as loaded as it could get in 1983. The GT performance package, premium sound, t-top roof, sport steering wheel, and of course, the high output V8. In an era where collectible Mustangs weren’t exactly rolling out of the showroom and Hertz rental car lots like they once did, it’s impressive that an owner still took such care to keep this early GT protected from modifications and highway mileage.

Inside, this Mustang may as well still be in the showroom. And what a bonus to see a manual transmission in the console. In fact, I have to applaud many ‘Stang owners from this generation, as most cars I see (unless it’s a rare Ghia edition) came with a manual transmission. Sure, I get that modern automatics are the bees’ knees and shift faster than I ever could, but it’s still refreshing to see an era of owners who preferred to row their own gears. An uncracked dash and mint seat upholstery round out the minty insides.

Engine plastics appear as new, and the polished air cleaner looks like it’s never breathed in any dirt or been splashed by a leaky valve cover. This Mustang GT will command a fair price, for sure, and I suspect the reserve is at least near the Buy-It-Now price. But why shouldn’t it be? There can’t be too many Mustangs of this generation collecting dust with less than 20,000 original miles and the best options boxes checked, so let’s hear your thoughts below: is this example worth the asking price? And would you rather have this four-eyes or later model example?

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  1. Doug

    Bought the exact same car in 1983. virtually same options. Paid just under 11k delivered. Was a great car. Those TRX tires are expensive to replace.

    • Killa

      I’ve seen a few of these cars with that type of mileage but this one far exceeds the price the highest I’ve ever seen was 17k recently saw a white one with the air dam in the front with I believe 8000 miles for$ 12000 nice but I couldn’t go over 17k

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  2. Billy

    Does Michelin even make those tires anymore? Too bad, because that wheel has got to be one of the prettiest of all time. Back in the day I had the chance to drive a 4 cylinder 4 speed Fox Body Stang one afternoon, even that was nice. Of course, in those days, we didn’t really have much to choose from.

    • CJ

      If I remember correctly, these rims took a special tire size which were very expensive. My son had a 1984 Mustang with these rims/ tires; thankfully, some thieves stole them one night while parked in the driveway, ugh!; needless to say, we bought another less expense set of rims & tires. Got a handsome refund for the rims/tires from the insurance company, had money left over!

  3. Steve

    My oldest brother dated a girl in high school whose dad bought her a maroon (our school colors were maroon and grey) 83 GT with the TRX wheels for graduation. (actually about half way through her senior year) Her younger brother and I were friends and in the mid 90’s I was at their house once recollecting about old cars we owned, including the mustang. Her husband (high school boyfriend) mentioned that they still owned it, but didnt drive it, as tires were non existent. They had a family friend who owned a salvage yard, I said “Uh, you know you could go to them and if they dont have them, they can search for them.” They were back driving it within a week and mentioned letting their son drive it as a first car. I recommended otherwise. I’m not sure if it made it through that son and another or not, or if they still own it as we have lost touch.

  4. Steve

    Coker now sells the 220-55VR390 tires for the low low price of $331 each! (OUCH!)


    I’m a huge foreign car guy but these early Fox body ttop mustangs are my kryptonite…what a gorgeous car!

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  6. EJB

    I’m I Mustang guy through and through (I know I should seek professional help) and I’ve always loved the 4 eyed fox bodies.

    My girlfriend has talked about getting a Mustang of her own since she doesn’t get to drive mine much. She does not like the fox body Stangs unfortunately.

  7. Gunner

    I am not really a fox body guy, but it sure is pretty! I would have to make an exception here. Man, already up to over 17K with 79 bids, and still 5 days left!

  8. Bob Moss

    I got crazy and bought an ’82 when the 5.0 HO first came out. I can’t believe how excited I got with 160 hp. Anyway I loved it despite some questionable reliability. But no, I wouldn’t be motivated to get a “new” ’83.

  9. Philip Lepel

    What a beautiful Car. I have an 83 GT Turbo and recently had the poor thing renewed to as close to as new status and my wallet would get me. Mine has been modified but I’ve tried to keeping it looking as original as I could. Mine isn’t a barn find but it was pulled from a barn collapse 15 years ago and carefully brought back to life. Back to that beautiful 5.0, Yes its worth the price but will probably end up in someones else’s collection. Thats okay though there are plenty of these beauties still roaming the highways. This is a beautiful example of how Ford restarted the pony car races even if it wasn’t the fire breather the 60’s cars were.

    • CJ

      Nice car!

  10. Squanto

    I know nothing about 1983 Mustangs (And many other things as I prove here on a regular basis)), but that is a beautiful car. I don’t think the car will be “well-bought” at $20K, but if the new owner enjoys it, why not? Have fun.

  11. Dolphin Member

    TRX wheels/tires were sized in metric units (390 mm), so TRX wheels are not able to use No American tires. But as Steve pointed out, yes you can get Michelin TRX tires brand new but they are pricey. OTOH, they might not cost more than the price of one of the top tires today, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, some of which can cost more than $400 each.

    I have heard that some owners saved the original TRX wheels/tires if they intended to show their car, but also bought used No American Mustang wheels/tires for everyday use.

    The more of these FOX bodies I see the more I like them, even with the Men In Black everything-black treatment. This one is very pricy but I suppose with 10K miles it’s worth it to someone who really wants a perfect one.

    With the terrific results of the recent January B-J auctions it would probably be worth selling it there. I would be surprised if it didn’t sell for more than the reserve price in this Ebay auction. Whether you would be better off after all the B-J charges they tack on is the big question.


    WOW what a car! I almost pulled the trigger on one in 84 but I got the Grand National bug.

    It’s like a new car but i wouldn’t drive it everyday so the tires would last.

  13. irocrob

    Had a couple of these in the 1990s. Great cars and lots of bang for the buck. I think 1983 was first year for a 5 speed.

  14. z28th1s

    Beautiful car!!

    Late Model Restoration makes a reproduction TRX wheel in 16″ x 7″ inch size so that you can run a regular 16 inch radial tire. The repo wheels are $599 for a set of 4. My friend has a set on his 1979 Mustang Cobra that has 32K miles on it. They look great!

  15. scottymac

    The magazine writers had gotten wind of the new SVO Mustang, and since we’d recently gone through another gas crisis, they were saying if you want a V-8, you better get one now. Like a fool, I believed them and bought an ’82 GT. The next year, Ford adds a four barrel and five speed, and never looked back, adding horsepower just about every year. GRRRRRR! Still, I like the looks of the ’79 pace car and ’82 GT grille better than the ’83 and ’84. 19,000 miles, and like someone said, another set of wheels/tires holding it up, with the TRXs in storage. The TRX wheels are forged, IIRC, and very light, thought I’d read somewhere they could be turned down so a 15″ tire would fit. THE BOSS IS BACK! Someone in the ad agency had balls!


    As I recall, these Mustangs did pretty well in the Firestone Firehawk racing series. I’m almost certain that the teams bought an L or LX, with the reason being that the cars were lighter than the GT. It’s a neat car, well taken care of. But, I don’t personally love the styling and I really don’t like the wheels. Last, common to all cars of this era, big motor (5L Windsor) only cranking out about 170 HP. I don’t think there are many cars from 75-88 that are very collectable to me. I know there were a few, but this one only turns me on because of the miles. After I owned it a week, I’m sure I would be bored with it.

  17. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I don’t know if this year model was one them, but I remember there was an issue with some of the 5-speeds not handling the factory 302 engine torque and coming a part.

  18. scottymac

    That’s probably when they started building the World Class T-5. I think there was a factory recall about cracking floor pans, too.

  19. Bill Z

    I might have posted this before, but I still own the 1986 Mustang GT that I ordered from the factory in February of that year. At this point it has less than 8,800 miles and has never been driven in any inclement weather or even a wet road. Except for the battery (it’s on it’s third) and fluids, it is completely as it left the factory. AC, tinted glass, sunroof, power windows and a five speed. It was featured in the June 2013 issue of Hemmings Classic Car Magazine. Google ” Matchless Mustang” to read the article.

    • Dolphin Member

      Bill, that’s a very nice writeup of you and your car. Lots of good detail, and the magazine let you speak, which is pretty rare. Congrats on the car and the article. I enjoyed reading it.

    • Squanto

      Very nice. If I see a NY plate in the photo, the 8800 miles makes perfect sense as a result of avoiding inclement weather. Great car. Enjoy!

    • CJ

      Sweet ride! Congratulations on keeping the Mustang all these years.

  20. Ron

    Maybe it’s just me but I sure don’t like the look of the odometer. Screams roll back.

    • Jason

      Yeah I was surprised to see that, too.

  21. Jay E.

    To answer Jeffs question, the price asked for this car will buy a 2012 3.7 300 HP V6 Mustang with similar mileage. On the one hand you get an old car that you can’t drive or the value will drop, or you newer car that you can drive and enjoy everyday. One that is faster, more comfortable and handles better from virtually any measurement standpoint.
    I’ve had both cars and given 20K to spend there is no question, I would take the 2012. In fact, for 20 K you can probably buy a low mileage GT!

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