122 Mile Time Capsule: 1979 Pontiac Firebird

What would you pay to go back to 1979 and walk into a Pontiac dealership to order this Solar Gold Firebird? This pristine Firebird has covered just 122 miles and is like a brand new car! It is currently for sale here on eBay in Orlando, Florida. So, would you pay $25,000 to relive 1979 in this Firebird?

It’s hard to imagine this car being saved for 40 years but with just 122 miles, this is a true time capsule. Equipped with the optional 4.9 liter 301 cubic inch Pontiac motor, this Firebird has rally wheels, rear spoiler, and side stripes.

The 301.6 cu in (4.9 liter) engine was designed to be light and get good gas mileage. It was offered from 1977 to 1981 and also installed in other GM cars during those years. The 301 engine equipped with a 2 bbl Rochester carburetor produced 135 horsepower and was based in part on designs from the “short deck” 303 cubic inch motor from the early 1970s that never made it into a production vehicle.

The base tan interior goes well with the gold interior.  The rest of the interior is pretty spartan with crank windows, no air conditioning or gauge package.  The car does have an automatic transmission and full floor console.

You probably won’t win any drag races in this baby but you will have the lowest mile 40 year old survivor at any car show.


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Well you would not be driving this to any car show. Enclosed trailer, yes. Nice ride.

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  2. Rik

    Um…that IS an A/C compressor under the hood….and it’s called out on the sticker too…

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    • jim

      It also says air conditioning on the build sheet/order sheet I believe ?

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    • Larry Wahler

      Yeah, I noticed the Compressor 1st thing! LOL!

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  3. JeremyD

    Nope. That’s the very limited Pontiac “air recycling and cooling pump”…. hahahahaha

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  4. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    What’s up with the door alignments? It definitely didn’t come out of the factory with panel gaps like that!

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    • Keith

      Actually they did have gaps in the doors from the factory, the doors are extremely heavy on these cars.

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        Not like that! They are in at the bottom and out at the top. I owned a 1978 Esprit with 90K miles, and the alignment was perfect.

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      • Otis

        Sorry, but they didn’t look this bad when new. Yes, the doors were heavy, but they only started to sag when the hinges and hinge pins were worn out. Shouldn’t be an issue with these miles.

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    • Ed Powe

      I also noticed overspray in the door latch. That shouldn’t be gold???

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  5. CCFisher

    Dad buys 1979 Firebird to surprise his daughter for her high-school graduation.

    Daughter surprises Dad, drops out of school, and runs off with her no-good boyfriend.

    Dad says, “I bought this car for you as a graduation gift. When you leave that bum and graduate, you can have it.”

    Daughter lives happily ever after with no-good boyfriend.

    Dad still has car 40 years later.

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    • Shingo

      Alternate ending:

      Boyfriend leaves daughter after 3rd child is born in 4 years. She spends the next 20 years trying to chase him down for child support. Daughter currently drives a 2002 Galant.

      Dad still has Firebird and 4 grandchildren.

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  6. James

    Love that side stripe!

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  7. Mark M.

    I think my pinto has same hp as this. Very sad, not a Rockford mobile.

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  8. OhU8one2

    I was just thinking, who buys a lack luster stripped Firebird then never drives it? I would sure like to know the history of this car.

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    • RayT Member

      Maybe you answered your own question, in a way.

      Eager-beaver writes check for fancy-looking gold Firebird on showroom floor, thinking they’re buying into that Pontiac Excitement…drives home, says “meh” and parks it.

      Not saying that’s the answer but, having driven more than my share of underpowered, under-equipped sheep in wolves’ clothing, I can relate to that scenario.

      Best of luck to the new owner. I see plenty of soft goods and rubber in there — and know there’s more hidden — that may not take well to being awakened after a 40-year slumber.

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    • Michael

      Good point.

  9. Desert rat

    Love to have this F-bird ,I really like gold and the interior looks fantastic , check out belts and hoses off I’d go on the road trip I have been wanting to do in my 69 Camaro but can’t seem to get it road worthy .

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  10. George Mattar

    That is the weirdest looking non air conditioned car I ever saw. Who edits your copy? You have two eyes. Use them.

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  11. PaulG

    Wow, if they had spent another 1200 in ’79 for a loaded T/A they would have had something…

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  12. art

    Nice, nice car but again, that conundrum…drive it and lower the value or have it sit unused another 40 years? Collector car or driver car?
    Better if it had 25,000 miles..then who would care if it was carefully driven some more. I’d do a full maintenance on it and then enjoy the car. You only live once.
    A sharp car.

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  13. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    $25,000 for 135hp?

    That’s pretty funny.

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  14. gregwnc

    Beautiful condition but honestly, why? Plain Firebird with A/C, PB, Auto. Love to know the background on this thing.

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    • Jeff

      Probably considered a basic, in stock car for a Pontiac dealer. The a.c. would have been normal for Fla. I expect it was anticipated that someone who simply liked the looks of the Firebird, but who was uninterested in performance would buy this. It’s equipped in such a manner as to suggest that.

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  15. Bear

    Gotta ask…
    …has the OIL ever been changed since 1979?
    …brakes bled?
    The eBay listing says that the tires and battery were replaced, but it doesn’t mention any other mechanical safety checks done and/or preventative maintenance.
    40 YEARS is a long time to let a car sit, even in the very best of conditions.
    Fluids break down, rubber hoses & seals gets dry & brittle, & (if you are unlucky) rodents & other critters make a home in your neglected/forgotten car.
    It IS a rare find, but I’d still plan on spending at least $1K on repairs & maintenance to make it a safe driver.

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  16. BillieG

    What an all out looser car… No thank you…

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    • ccrvtt

      As opposed to a tighter car?

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    • Mountainwoodie

      A looser car with bad breaks!

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  17. 65GTO

    Guess I look at this car differently. Yank that poor drive train out and even though I am a purist, put a LS into it. Take off that ugly nose and put a 78 or 77 nose and match the paint the best you can. Replace whatever rubber needs replacing and drive it. $25,000 + around $10,000 for the upgrades and you basically have a brand new Firebird for $35,000. You could have a cool reliable ride for the price of a Camary.

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    • ShaneH Shane


  18. Michael

    One person on here asked the perfect question. Who buys a 1979 striped down Firebird new, and doesn’t drive it for 40 years?

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  19. irocrobb

    Not a good investment,like most cars put away.I think saving account rates were around 12 percent in 1980. That would of been around 800 to 1000 dollars a year in interest. A fair amount of money back then.I never had any money laying around back then with 2 little kids…

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  20. Bruce Johnson Bruce Johnson Staff

    That sold fast!

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  21. Fiete T.

    No. Just “No.”

  22. Little_Cars

    Second gen Firebirds with air had the chrome scroller vents low on the dash for driver and passenger to cool their crotch. This is/was an A/C car. GM interior brown colors got worse and worse as the 70s drew to a close. My 77 and 76 Firebirds with tan base interior were a solid vinyl color. This 79 gut looks horrible with those darker striations and lame cushioning. I’ve seen the same in Novas and Camaros.

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  23. Comet

    I don’t mean to contradict you, but it is precisely those poor panel gaps and fit that convince me this is an original 70’s-80’s GM product. I worked at a Chevrolet dealer when these (and Camaro’s) were new. I’ve seen this and worse. I’m calling this one 100% untouched.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      I have to politely disagree with you. I also worked for a Pontiac dealer, (Alexander Family, Bloomsburg, PA). I will agree that we are talking about a Pontiac and not a Mercedes or a Cadillac, but the gaps on this car are horrible. Also, there was a respray on at least the driver’s side, as “Ed Powe” mentioned. I have attached an example from EBay that shows what this car should look like.

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  24. TimM

    A true time capsule to a time most want to forget!!

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