12k Original Miles: 1972 Chevrolet Nova

This 1972 Chevrolet Nova sedan isn’t perfect, but it is a really clean and original low-mileage survivor that is ready to be enjoyed by its next owner. It has a few minor blemishes, but otherwise, it is a really great looking car. The Nova is located in Caldwell, Idaho, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

Finished in a stunning combination of Mulsanne Blue with an Antique White top, the Nova presents extremely nicely. There is a ding on the passenger side quarter panel near the rear bumper, along with a crack in the bottom of the grille. Otherwise, the car looks incredibly nice. The owner makes no references to rust issues with the car, and a close inspection of the photos reveals no obvious problems in that respect. There are also no obvious signs of fading, cracking, or oxidization in the paint, so up until this point, the Nova is showing a lot of promise.

Opening the hood of the Nova reveals a really clean looking 307ci V8 engine, which is backed by a Powerglide transmission. This is a numbers-matching car, and its originality extends to the point where the original plastic caps are still in place over the idle screws on the carburetor. The Nova had been sitting in storage since the early 1990s, so there was a bit of work required to get the car up and running again. This mainly consisted of replacing consumables such as fluids, filters, and plugs. The car was also cleaned and detailed, while the original spare tire is still in the trunk. Speaking of tires, these were replaced back in 1993, and have covered less than 1,000 miles since then. The owner suggests that they need to have a few miles put on them to get them round again after sitting for so long. Personally, I would probably just replace them. After all, they are now 26-years-old, and for that reason alone, I would err on the side of caution.

Opening the doors on the Nova reveals a Blue interior that is virtually impossible to fault. There have been no aftermarket additions made, and nothing appears to be missing. The thing that immediately jumped out at me was a single, very small detail. I spotted just how bright and clean the needles on the speedometer and the gear selection indicator are. These usually fade noticeably over time, so to find them this good is a real rarity. It really is in keeping with the state of the rest of the interior, and while the Nova isn’t loaded down with extras, you do get an AM radio.

As far as clean and original survivors are concerned, this 1972 Nova looks like it is quite a good one. If the low mileage claims can be confirmed, it makes it a fairly special car. If it also proves to be a car that is free of rust, then that’s even better. It might not be the most desirable car on the planet, and I know that there will be readers who will say that it has too many doors, but as a practical classic for someone with a family to transport around, it looks like it would be a very nice option.


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  1. art

    Nice car and a great buy.

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  2. Superdessucke

    It’s 4-door Nova month!

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  3. Steve R

    Flippers should take notes. This is how a smart seller operates. Get it running, detail it, take good pictures write a clear and concise description. Except for the part about the tires needing miles to make them “round again” after their prolonged vacation, even if it’s meant as a joke, their age alone means they should be replaced.

    This seems like it really is a nice survivor, hopefully it will find a nice home.

    Steve R

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  4. Doug B Member

    Yes, there’s a lot of slight of hand going on here. Particularly to the unknowing. Dings are very minor issues but shade colors are definitely off. There are a few signs of rust (bubbling and a few blisters), and under tight scrutiny, some fading on the trunk laterals. I
    It’s overall a pretty nice car.
    As far as fluids, I would definitely change the oil. And would recommend upgrading to a semisynthetic. Full synthetics are overkill, especially on this engine.
    The tires are probably ok. I agree that once heated up, the flat spots will probably flatten out.
    But all in all, this is much more than an average car. I would jump on it immediately.

  5. Chebby Staff

    Knowledageable seller, reasonable price. What’s not to like?

    • Doug B Member

      The odds of it having 12k miles, for a start.

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      • Chebby Staff

        Yeah that would need to be verified. If you can prove it’s 112k (and get the price down several G’s) it’s still a nice car. People still hate 4-doors, but remember they used to diss trucks, vans, and wagons too. Now the market LOVES wagons and guess what: nearly all of them have four doors…..

    • Tom Member

      4 doors.

      Sorry, had to say it…..as it is true for me. Two doors too many. Too bad, it is a very nice color. Not green, white, beige or black.

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  6. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Here’s a car that could be the poster child for “Time Capsule.” The condition is outstanding for a 47 year old car and the white over blue color is a real eye-catcher. The small V8 should provide reasonable performance, too. A two door Nova in this condition would be beyond what most folks wanting to enter the hobby could afford but here’s a turn-key survivor for under five figures. Plus this Nova will get a lot of attention at any show and shine just because it’s a four door. I’ll bet a lot of the under 40 crowd have never even seen one.

    I think the price is fair for what’s offered, this is a very nice Nova. Whoever buys this gem will get a great car. I own an all original 1964 Fairlane 500 with 28,000 original miles and it draws a lot of attention because of it’s condition and originality. And because it has four doors.

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  7. Andrew

    Is the white upper paint or a vinyl roof?

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    • Al

      I agree. Fugly. Just transportation that’s old. Not worth $7k. A 307 lol? Doesnt even have angle plugs. As someone said earlier, worth a couple grand as a donor car for a much more desirable, 2 dr. As they say in the car biz though, there’s an A** for every seat.

    • bone

      Paint , they did that in areas where the sun would quickly destroy vinyl roofs

  8. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking Chevy Nova. This has always been my favourite generation for the Nova. I’ve never seen a 4 door Nova sedan. Given its condition and rarity, I think $9000 would be a good price. The only thing I’d upgrade is the gauge cluster. Instead of warning lights for the temperature, you’d now have what I call the “proper” temperature gauge.

  9. Wayne

    I think way over priced for a granny 4 dr. At least the Impala’s had style in 4dr but these here look like a poor stretch limo attempt. I’m shocked it’s at $7300 now. If it had a more impressive motor as the 307’s are slugs? Its why it’s bonded to a powerglide. If I had a ’70 in a 2 dr to restore, then it’d be worth it as a donor nose, doors & front seat forward, interior. Other than it being low miles, even a set of Cragar SS’ can’t help the lame styling of this, sorry. It’s worth the $1200 he probably paid the old guy for it. Laugh, but I bought a ’70 XL conv w/ 429/C6,52k orig miles buckets & loaded, spec ordered grabber blue for $1200 near mint from an old guy not long ago here in ID in ’06. Put a new gas tank & sending unit in & sold to a guy in N.H. that has it now that he bought for $7k.

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  10. CEA Member


  11. Chebby Staff

    Something important to consider when evaluating a car: look at all the chrome and brightwork and interior bits on display here, and how complete and nice they all are. Sourcing these little bits and bobs, replacing missing ones, getting them refinished, etc. is lots of nickel-and-dime stuff that adds up to serious money and does makes a difference, but doesn’t make the car run or drive any better. Not having to do any of that nonsense is worth something.

    And sure a coupe would be “cooler”, and it would be 2X the price. That’s a big markup when behind the wheel you can’t tell the difference.

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  12. Del

    Nice car.

    the mileage claim has to be valid, look at the under hood pics and interior.

    its almost new.

    It is very hard to put a value on this. its ugly and a four door

    I think it has topped out at a little over 7 grand

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  13. Keith

    Nice Rattle can paint job on the engine, is he trying to pass that off as the original engine compartment? Uhm I don’t think so!

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  14. Doug B Member

    Keith you’ve nailed it. That’s a Krylon color. Used it many times. Del not to be a hater. But its a dead giveaway.

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  15. Bob C.

    Same color scheme as the 1972 Pontiac Lemans I bought after I graduated high school. Very nice car, four door and all.

  16. Del

    Yes. It may be an upper motor can spray after looking closer

    The owner does have some paper work to back up mileage

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