13,705 Original Miles: 1991 Honda Prelude Si 4WS

You may do a double-take looking at the odometer reading on this 1991 Honda Prelude Si equipped with the unusual four-wheel steering system, but it’s no joke: there’s less than 14,000 original miles on this “golden era” Honda. The listing is very matter-of-fact and confirms that this Prelude has a spotless history record but also shows no history of any major maintenance being performed, either. The paintwork is spotless and shines like new, which leads me to believe this was owned by an elderly driver that didn’t get much seat time (it’s in Florida, by the way). Find it here on craigslist in Miami for $14,000.

Pictures aren’t the greatest, but they tell the story pretty well: it looks like brand spankin’ new inside. Seat fabric shows zero signs of wear, and the thickly bolstered Prelude buckets look like they haven’t lost a shred of padding since new. The same goes for the gray mouse-fuzz carpets that are covered by thick factory floor mats. The Prelude seats and steering wheel were some of the best in the game in the early 90s, so it’s a treat to see one of these that hasn’t been modified or abused in any way, shape, or form.

That’s what is sometimes so maddening about enthusiast cars: owners can’t help themselves from tweaking these cars further, despite being really good right out of the box. The dash plastics were nothing to write home about when new, but when they’re as un-blemished as this, those black surfaces look downright gorgeous. With so many Preludes and Accords of this generation faded, dinged, and downright filthy inside, seeing one this nice is like stepping back in time. The actual mileage is 13,705, and it looks like it could be even lower based on the condition on display.

The Phoenix Red paint really does shine like new, despite that phrase being absolutely overused by this point. But when a car has just over 13,000 original miles, feel free to use that description liberally. The seller notes the Prelude is equipped with the funky-but-not-terribly-popular four-wheel steering system, but if you wanted to own the ultimate 90’s Prelude, finding one with that option installed is practically a requirement. The asking price may seem steep, but I have little doubt the seller will be able to find someone looking to relive their youth who couldn’t buy one of these when they were new.


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  1. Doc

    1992. June to be exact. Owned a detail business for a couple years out of high school with a friend of mine while going to college working thru it, mostly 3 seasons as we were trying to get an education. We had one client who owned this exact car. Do not underestimate this little car at all. Given our hot rod/ muscle car backgrounds, we laughed at it to start when we swung by to bring it back to the shop from the clients house. She didn’t have time and we offered. All I can say is do not attempt to get one of these slightly lifted off a hill with out having the wheels straight. Such a awesome little Honda. What a cool car. It can Scare the pants off you while not paying attention to the 4WS system, the turn in is amazing. Worth the money right now.

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  2. Pwog Member

    Pictures sure look northeast not Miami.

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  3. ace10

    The ad is a scam.
    Pics are from a Nov 2018 BaT auction. Car sold for $30K + vig.
    There’s snow on the ground, and it ain’t the kind that comes from Colombia.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Good Eye!


      I really detest CL scammers. Wish I could do more than flag the swindler’s posts.

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      • Stan Marks

        After viewing the videos, in the other site, you posted, the area looked more like rural Pa. or NY State in the Winter. Definitely not Miami.
        Thanks DDBeliever.

    • Stan Marks

      I don’t doubt you, Ace. But where is this snow, you’re talking about?

      It would have been nice, to see some palm trees in the back round.

  4. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    Almost what I paid for mine, when I ordered it new with 4WS . Maybe I have more driving experience than Doc, but the car was never ‘scary’, seat of the pants driving is right on, the car lets you know that it had traction or not, and was quick to respond…

    Engine loves to rev, although definitely is very underpowered……. but they are GREAT Touring cars , and I made many trips between Mass and Alabama, diving 900+ miles in a day….. …

    Still have mine, with 90k miles

    Interference engine… running this one AT ALL without changing the timing belt is a BIG gamble…

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    • ace10

      I had a ’91 Prelude Si, non 4WS, bought new in late 1990 and it was close to 20K. Great car. Among the best seats and driving positions ever.

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  5. Pedro

    Actually this car still has less than 10,000 miles on it. THIS IS A SCAM. Please remove this post so people aren’t swindled by the CL ad.


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    • Fogline

      Agree. Pictures are clearly not from Florida as was pointed out to me by a friend in that area.

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  6. Ward William

    I had 2 preludes in the 80s and loved them both. If I were in the US I’d snap this up and daily drive it to death,

    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Read all the comments, please.
      This is almost certainly a scam Craigslist post.

      Someone who wants to determine the legitimacy of the listing, go ahead and reply to it. I’m betting that you will get a response about using “eBay’s buyer protection plan”, some phony escrow, or an assurance of delivery after payment. And if you are local to the area of the listing, you will be told that the car is elsewhere, so you can’t come see it right now.

      Observe the photos in the BaT feature, and compare them with the ones in the CL ad. Spooky? Nope, Scammy.

  7. Pedro

    Barn Finds: Do you monitor your posts?

    This is clearly a scam that could be taking advantage of people. Please mark it as such. As the owner of this car, having purchased it on Bring a Trailer, I am well aware of it is not for sale. Thank you

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