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$1,500 Maserati Biturbo


Almost a year ago we featured an $850 Quattroporte and today we have this $1,500 Biturbo. We are not sure which project is scarier, but the prospect of owning a Maser on the cheap is tempting. The Biturbo maintains a “love it, or hate it” relationship with enthusiasts, but we would much rather have it than the Chrysler TC. Find it here on Des Moines’ craigslist. A special thanks goes to Dennis F. for the submission!


  1. Horse Radish

    Sorry Jesse, but there is a reason why it’s on a trailer.
    My guess is it needs more than a fuel pump……
    He’s right though, cheap for parts.
    ALL he has to do is find the person that’s fixing one.

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  2. Dolphin Member

    “a dream and a bargain of a lifetime!!!”

    I test drove one (when new) and liked it, and the interior is very nice, but I don’t know anyone who has actually owned one who recommends them. They are cheap to buy, but no bargain, since you’ll be fixing them again, and again, and again.

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  3. rancho bella

    I defer to Dolphin since I have no experience with them.

    Since I no longer see these on the road here in SoCal could they be referred to as a “bye turbo”?

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  4. Slim Chance

    These were the worst cars dumped on these shores at the time. Probably a Top 10.
    They were in a constant state of repair. The Italian Yugo?
    The depreciation was like watching a rock fall off a cliff.

    As Dolphin wrote: “I don’t know anyone who has actually owned one who recommends them.”


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  5. paul

    No such thing as a cheap Bi Turbo, like a cheap V12 Jag, once it’s in your garage the sucking sound you here is your wallet being emptied.

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  6. AW240Z

    I had one that I attempted to get running for about a year. By the time it left the yard on a trailer (it’s normal resting place) it had covered the neighborhood in white smoke so often, the neighbors thought we were part of a mosquito abatement district. It went to a friend for $100 and a bottle of good wine. After he got it home, and spent about a year rebuilding turbos, installing new gaskets, etc., he finally got it running! During this tortuous odyssey he made friends with a Maserati mechanic who also owned one. Upon proudly showing the mechanic the fruition of his labors, he asked said mechanic “So, now that it’s sorted, how reliable will this be?” The mechanic replied “If I can get a tank of gas through mine without breaking down, that’s a good week”. As I recall, it was shortly thereafter that he donated it to a “cash for cars” charity.

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  7. AW240Z

    And of course Top Gear paid this car homage:
    about 1 minute in, it says it all.

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  8. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    My friend Steve was/is many mechanics in one told me of how many years ago his (then) current employer chose to carry Maserati & Steve was ‘chosen’ to be lead mechanic- the early ones (Bi-turbos) leaked oil. Removed engines & fixed leaks, under warranty, installed said engines & fired up & more leak(s). He said- no Bob, you want to stay away from those cars. I work in service & when my mechanic gives me his knowledge…

    Some short years ago there was one in a junkyard nearby, just a hulk. I removed every bit of suede interior trim in it & the Maserati pedal pads. All of which still live in the parts closet. Closest I’ll come to one.

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  9. salguod

    This is no bargain. I passed on a running, driving BiTurbo on Criag’s List Cincinnati last year for $2,500. It was in ‘daily driver’ condition, but I knew it wouldn’t stay that way long and whatever it was going to need would be pricey.

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  10. Antanas Turla

    Red is nice color, but beige, I think, more attractive and rare


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