15K Mile 1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

This pristine 1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC shows an incredible 14,900 miles from new, and the seller notes it was most recently part of a extensive automobile collection. The Lincoln is a top-of-the-line model fitted with optional equipment and featuring a Midnight Red Clearcoat paintjob over Currant Red articulated sport seats. The drivetrain is perhaps one of the most durable and mod-friendly you can find, but this example of Lincoln’s flagship coupe should never be modified. Find it here on eBay with bids to $9,400 and the reserve unmet.

The lines of Lincoln’s classic 80s coupe continue to get better with age, and while the Fox Body Mustang continues to appreciate nicely, I feel like the Mark VII LSC is perpetually under-appreciated. Many of them have gone to the junkyard, or been subjected to years of cheap owners that like the idea of an affordable luxury car; less so the idea of maintaining one. This example has obviously been appreciated since new, and I dig the optional alloy wheels that it wears and minty bucket seats.

From the front, you can see it retains its original, un-cracked Marchal fog lamps and the headlights show no sign of haziness. The grill and all associated chrome bits gleam like new, but it’s not overwhelming – unlike modern luxury vehicle’s fascination with huge grills dripping with polished surfaces, the Lincoln almost looks restrained in comparison. That was one of this car’s best features, in my opinion – luxurious, yes, but with an emphasis on subtlety. To me, this Lincoln is still extremely handsome today.

Under the hood, you got the venerable 5.0L V8, making it a breeze to maintain while offering respectable performance and great noise if you wanted it. The seller notes the engine, automatic transmission, and steering all function as intended, and really, this is effectively as close to new as you’re like to find for this generation of Lincoln’s marquee coupe. Find a better one, as they say, and right now the bidding seems slightly light against what a car of this caliber should fetch.


  1. Ralph

    “I dig the optional alloy wheels”

    All LSC’s came with alloy wheels.

    Just basic car knowledge…..

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  2. Timothy r Strain

    ya know u guys have been praising some of these cars that are nightmares
    may look nice but totally a service nightmare
    just my opinion

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    • fran

      A FOX body car has never been a service problem. Its a Mustang after all. I had a friend who had one and put a T5 in it.

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      • Djjerme

        Except these had additional electrical systems and a gawd awful leveling system that always seemed to fail.

        An aunt of mine had one of these. She babied the heck out of it, but it still gave her headaches with all the electrical gremlins.

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    • KC Ronn

      I’ve own two a 88 and 91 they were fun to drive with a lot of power the 88 was the best car i ever own had it 11 years never a real problem I had to master the air suspension which was a joy.

  3. Troy s

    I remember these, even the “test” Cars magazine gave one back in the late eighties. Thought, at the time, a stripped down low option version with that engine would make a credible pure stock drag car. The thoughts some of us had, takes all kinds, right?
    Good styling, comfortable, with decent power. That’s the real value to me.

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    • Steve R

      Quarter mile times in the 16 second range don’t make for a particularly impressive race car.

      Steve R

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      • jwzg

        A set of underdrive pulleys, 2.5” exhaust, K&N filter along with a 1/4 tank of 93 octane and 16 deg. timing advance would get you into 14’s with these. A gear change to 3.73’s, AOD wide-ratio gearset and shift kit? Hello 13’s. Play around with the cam timing and you can get a bit more out it as well.

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      • jwzg

        Just realized this is a speed density car, so the cam is a bit hotter than the ‘90-‘91 versions. These things could run hard.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Found this listed on Autotrader for $18,800. Beautiful car with all the bells and whistles you could want at the time. Always liked these, I thought they were pretty sporty for a Lincoln. No idea if the price is fair but compared to the cost of a new Lincoln, it’s probably a bargain.

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    • jerry

      when was the last time you got into a lincolin continental collector series! you pull out the rear seat and look at the wiring mess back there I spent 2 days with a small wire brush and baking soda cleaning green rust off wiring connectors , the real estate lady that owned this thing got dolled up to show a million dollar house went through a drive in car wash , the sunroof and all the windows opened and she came out of there like a drowned rat! she told me fix this pile of junk and I am getting rid of it! last ford I will ever own!

      • fran

        Ha! Thats nothing to our 2017 Honda CR-V, we cannot take a trip without the cruise failing, the headlamps failing, road noise, rotten sound stereo, and the dash goes out BLACK! This was our first Honda and it is our last!

  5. kevin

    These cars, especially the LSC version looked good when new and maybe look better today in a sea of look-alike angry grill vehicles. I had one for a short time in the early 90s as a company car. Felt a tad heavy, but a good cruiser and what else can be said about the 5.0. The Mark VIII which followed was a let-down IMO. Ford had a good run with the Mustang, Thunderbird and this. Have not seen one of these in a long time. I wonder if two door coupes will come back at some point?

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  6. Gord

    mustang in a tuxedo… so “most” fox body stuff works but… good luck finding any parking brake stuff (discontinued)… nice handling car otherwise… i have a ground fx kit for one still need to sell (car long gone)

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  7. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I think Jeff’s commentary is spot-on. I agree this car is under-appreciated to a degree. I also agree it looks good, the understated yet sporty look has aged well. I like the dark red/dark red combination.

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  8. msheiner Maxwell in St Petersburg, FL

    Looks very nice but I concur, problematic. Instead, one looking for a sporty, luxurous but very reliable 2 door should consider the 89 MK3 Toyota Supra or the Z31 Nissan 300ZX both offering NA or turbo.

    American cars of the era get bashed all the time. To be fair, they had some very nice designs (the Taurus and especially the wagon version is my favorite) but the bean counters (corporate greed) did not allow for proper investment in drivetrains, engines or interiors.

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  9. Mike N

    I had a lot of problems with mine First the overdrive then the the rear air ride This was in the mid 90s

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  10. Michael

    Had a friend that worked for a Ford dealer. He made the same comment Rodney Dangerfield made in one of his comedy bits. These car’s had more mileage on them going up, and down on the repair lifts then driving them on the road. There were exceptions to that rule, but not to many. They were great car’s for a family push on a Sunday.

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  11. Barry Traylor

    The grill makes me think it looks a bit like a Rolls Royce.

  12. RobF

    My uncle drove one of these every day from LI to the Bronx, every single day including snow. I dont understand why people say they were unreliable? Basically the same drivetrain that powered cop cars and livery cars that would routinely crank out over 2-3-400,000 miles.

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  13. Del

    Hagerty values car at 9300 bucks.

    Maybe add 1000 more for low mileage

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  14. Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking car. I find this way more attractive than either earlier Lincoln Mark series of cars, or even current cars by Lincoln.

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  15. Andrew Franks

    Thank you Jeff, I’ve always liked these cars.
    I am an enemy of auctions because I know that if you win in an auction you are the only person in the room who thought the car was worth that much money.
    Call the Seller and tell him you don’t play around with auctions, you are a willing and cash buyer right now, ask him what he wants for the car. If he/she is not on another Planet regarding price, buy the car right then. If greed has its sweaty hands on your Seller, then forget it, and move on.

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  16. Tom Mc

    I had a black Mark LSC for a company car new in 1984 when they first came out. Mine had the 2.9L turbo diesel which they only made through early 1985 due to lack of sales. I was able to drive it over 900 miles on a single tank of gas! No power on take off, lots of black smoke, but performed very well on the interstate.

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    • Zapp

      One of my instructors at college had the Continental sedan with the BMW turbodiesel, as your company-provided LSC did. At the time, it was the quietest and most refined diesel I had ever encountered, and I looked forward to the day when diesel engines like the Lincoln’s would be common.

      According to wikipedia, only about 1500 of the Continental diesels were sold. Even as a Ford enthusiast, I would have had some major concerns back in the day about the ability of an average Lincoln-Mercury dealer to properly service the BMW powertrain.

  17. George Mattar

    What a beauty. In contrast to today’s ugly over computerized garbage, this is a great find. Love it.

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  18. Robert Woodward

    I remember there was a body kit for them called the “GST”. It was manufactured in West Palm Beach, FL. It really made the LSC look pretty sporty.

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  19. Bill DeBlasio

    No one is questioning the 14,900 miles? Is everyone slipping in their old age? :)

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    • Zapp

      I was wondering about the mileage when I saw the worn side bolsters on the driver’s seat…

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