15k Mile Survivor: 1985 Chrysler Town & Country

Dating back to the 1940s, the Town & Country was Chrysler’s top-of-the-line station wagon for more than 40 years. In the 1980s, the T&C was a derivative of the Chrysler LeBaron, built on the Chrysler K platform. It was one of the last “woodie” wagons produced by the Auburn Hills company. This beautiful survivor from 1985 may only have 15,000 original miles on it and could easily be one of the nicest ones left. Located in Fraser, Michigan, this Mopar is available from a dealer here on eBay for $10,900.

The LeBaron Town & Country had simulated wood paneling down the sides as a tribute to the real-wood wagons from decades before. It offered a combination of luxury and functionality in a smaller package than its predecessors yet came with 70 cubic feet of cargo space when the back seat was folded down. It was powered by a 2.2-liter turbocharged inline-4 (146 hp) paired with an automatic transmission, sitting in a front-wheel-drive platform.

Mileage on this ’85 T&C is debatable as prior registration documents aren’t coordinated, but it could be as little as 15,000 which the condition of the vehicle leans toward. It’s the Mark Cross edition, which carries a higher level of trim even the Town & Country is noted for. The Cream Crystal paint looks great, and the body doesn’t seem to have any appreciable flaws. The fake woodgrain pieces aren’t perfect, but nice for 37 years. The tan interior is finished in leather that has an ‘80s look to it, with maybe just a few cracks here and there.

The car is said to run and drive great, so you should be able to hop in and go about anywhere. Only 7,700 of these wagons were built in 1985, so with the usual attrition for cars of this vintage, only a few hundred may remain, and how many of those could be as nice as this one. Wagon popularity is on the rise, so if you’re been looking to add one to your harem, would this Chrysler do nicely?


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    Wait! – Isn’t that Ferris Bueller’s Mom’s old car?

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    • jnard90 jnard90 Member

      Well done sir!

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      • DRV

        Call me crazy, but I think it’s worth the asking if it is as nice as presented. And first make sure the electrics are Al functional too

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    • Stevieg Member

      I believe it is!

    • Howard A Member

      Frank Sinatras last car,,,

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  2. Stan

    Best combo available in 85.
    The turbo and torqeflite from Chrysler. …roof rack and all.

    We had a lemon 🍋 2.8 celebrity Chevrolet wagon.

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  3. Dave

    I hated them back then. I’ve been told hate is a strong word. So, yeah, I still hate ’em. Front wheel drive, cardboard box styling, slow as hell, uninteresting colors… yuk

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Agreed. A K car, is a K car, is a K car.

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  4. NHDave

    Looks like this might be a Barn Finds re-run from December:


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  5. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Seller brags about “no reserve”…well yeah, when the opening bid is twice what they paid for it, “no reserve” is not exactly generous. Didn’t even bother replacing the a/c compressor.

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  6. flynndawg

    im old so what do i know, but ive heard a car was an extension of 1’s personality… not much personality here as with many cars, just a $hitbox point a to b vehicle, just my opinion…

  7. Steve Clinton

    I’ve always liked the K car wagons. Sorry.

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    GUYS , they were barely worth the retail them . They were the start of little quality Chrysler had to offer . I sold em they were ok .Remember Chrysler was getting back on its feet . Jess A .

  9. Geo

    One of the worse drive trains ever made. So it’s got that going for it.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      One of the worst drive trains – don’t think so – just don’t tell the ’86 GLH-T that I used to terrorize the “fast” cars of the day.

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  10. Troy

    $8,000 over value

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  11. Claudio

    I must admit that i am sometimes a hard head and i would need it if i showed up with THIS

    My friends would certainly give me a good beating …

    Working for a security company in the 80’s gave me the « pleasure »of driving brand new cars and these were awful

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      Compared to the imports . These were lacking in every sense of the word . Chrysler was barley a car . They ran, they were remade ramblers . Sorry the larger Chrysler were cars, Imperials < New Yorkers . If you lke this car thats kool but don't expect anything special, but a long ago era .

      • Brad460

        The imports were more mechanically reliable yes, but the material quality such as steel, fabrics, and plastics on these were superior. I own several 70s hondas, toyotas etc, along with several gm, ford, and even an 84 K car derivative and the upholstery in my 84 Chrysler is far superior to what was in any of my hondas.

        The domestics of this real were better in some ways and worse in others

  12. Lawrence Linders

    Does this have the voice-feature?
    My father in law’s copy of this car talked a lot,with alarming phrases such as
    “Your oil pressure is low. Prompt service is required.”
    “Your windshield washer fluid is low.”
    Many others too. Our favorite was
    “A door is ajar.” to which we replied “A door is not a JAR!”.
    With the car shut off, if you opened the driver side door and held down both switch buttons inside the door frame the car would recite every phrase it held.
    Naturally I taught that to the family toddlers so they could drive adults crazy by doing just that.
    Was the feature dropped in later models?
    The car was good for hauling three Boy Scouts with packs to camp, with a canoe on due to the flat roof line, but the rear end had less travel than my Honda 90.
    Plush seating, good stereo, processional handling.

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