15k Mile Survivor: 1987 Dodge Daytona Pacifica

The Dodge Daytona was a front-wheel-drive sporty hatchback produced by Chrysler from 1984-93. It was built on a platform derived by the K-Car which helped bring the company back to solvency in the 1980s. This upscale version called the Pacifica has a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and less than 15,000 miles. It’s being offered by a dealer in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and here on eBay where the bidding has reached $3,750 but the seller has set a reserve.

Dodge Daytona’s received two styling updates, first in 1987 and again in 1992, before being replaced by the Avenger in 1995. The Daytona was named after the famous NASCAR racetrack in Florida. With the restyle in ’87, the Daytona received pop-up headlights and an optional Turbo II intercooled version of the 2.2-liter Chrysler K engine, along with a heavy-duty A555 transaxle and Getrag gears. The engine produced 174 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque. When a Daytona Pacifica was ordered, the buyer got a higher level of trim inside and out compared to the standard Daytona. The gadgetry on the car was a little ahead of its time, including a digital instrument cluster and a 12-button trip computer.

The Daytona Pacifica has been compared to Chevy Camaro Berlinetta which, too, was flashier than the car on which it was based. Dodge sold about 7,500 Pacifica’s in 1987 compared to total Daytona production of 33,000 units. However, as Daytona sales rebounded to 66,500 for 1988, only 4,750 Pacifica’s were built, indicating that demand for that type of sports hatchback wasn’t there. As such, Dodge renamed and repurposed the Pacifica as the “ES” for 1989. Later, it became a minivan!

As a dealer-offered car, not a lot of its history is given in the listing. We’re told it’s a one-owner machine with a clean Carfax report and has seen limited use since new. The odometer reads under 15,000 miles and the car presents well for being 34 years old (though the driver’s seat looks dirty). It comes with alloy wheels, rear louvers for the windows, and even a sunroof. The seller says it has an automatic transmission, but the shifter gives it away as a 5-speed manual, which would be more in line with the image of the car. Online sources don’t place a premium on the resale value of these autos, so $5,000 might be top dollar.


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  1. rbig18

    I think it was a well kept car but don’t believe the 15K claim. Seats just too dirty. How do these early digital odometers roll over? Can the computer/ECU just be reset?

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    • Gary

      I agree. Too dirty inside, still nice though. Where is the engine shots? That would be telling. And a stage 2 turbo? I recall that only being an option on the Shelbys. If it is a turbo, either a standard 2.2 turbo or maybe a 2.5 turbo. Better yet, might be a 2.5 with out a turbo, though looks to be a pretty high end car as at least a lower entry level turbo. If it is one, it should say on the door right below the drivers window.. That tape stripe is not factory, dealer installed? Maybe even this, the selling dealer. Either way, I don’t like it.

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      • Ryan J

        turbo 2 and stage 2 are different. anything after 87 is turbo 2.

  2. Milt

    Solid Radwood entry right there.

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  3. Mark

    Would be a great car for the rear wheel drive V8 conversion kit. A few are available for about $5k.

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  4. Abi

    ZERO feedback eBay seller wants you to believe the 5 digit odometer hasn’t rolled over without giving a shed of proof

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    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      Visit the eBay listing, and review the free CarFax that is available with a click.
      No details from the first 19 years/12.5K miles, pretty consistent as a garage queen should be after that.

      I think they expect $12K or so….Someone might actually pay it.

      EDIT: Eh, boy, was I off. The car is listed on their website for $18,900

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      • Abi

        I think the carfax confirms my belief it rolled over. 9 years is plenty of time for the odometer to roll over, and why at 13k would you need :
        Spark plug(s) replaced
        Blower motor replaced/repaired
        Spark plug wires replaced
        Distributor cap replaced
        It looks good on the outside simply because it’s been garaged.

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      • Brandon Go

        White lettering on the turn signal looks pristine, as do the most of the white lettering on the controls. It was hard to get an 80’s car to 50k without some wear on those.

        Brake pedal also looks like it has minimal lower right corner wear. Gear shifter isn’t “polished” from >100k in use.

        Interior is dirty, but not indicative of 112k.

        Regardless – it’s not worth anything close to what they are asking.

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      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        At 13K…? Perhaps we see things differently, but when tune-up components are 25-30 years old, I would think it appropriate to replace them, no matter if there were essentially zero miles on them!
        And the blower motor… quite likely seized after an extended time of not being used?

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  5. Paul

    head gasket? did one years ago in less than an hour

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  6. G Lo

    I don’t believe the odometer either. These can be hacked and reset-security on the odometers and electronics in general from back then was nonexistent. If there are ample maintenance records and DMV records and tax records to back it up, I will believe it. Otherwise-no. Having said that, I owned an ‘87 Daytona blue Pacifica. First thing I did was ditch the rear louvre. Got really good fuel mileage and was decent handling for a fwd. nobody taller than a toddler is sitting in the backseat.

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  7. Mag
    • DayDreamBeliever Member

      GREAT documentation find!

      Barn Finds readers are awesome at digging up pertinent information. The dealership would be hitting a Home Run at the price they ask on their website. My original guess @ $12K would seem to give a reasonable profit, and maybe be near what someone interested in the car would actually pay.

  8. Skate

    LOL. Back in the ’80s the motorheads called these things Turbo Twinkies. Even Carroll Shelby was in on the marketing hype. His cred took a nose dive with the cubic inch crowd.

    A $300 ’68 Cutlass beater with a transplanted big car engine was our weapon of choice for showing the Turbo crowd who was boss. The Buick Grand Nationals, however, gave us a run for the money.

  9. msheiner Maxwell Sheiner Member

    Decent looking car but those Chrysler interiors oh, how horrible!

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