15k Original Miles: 1993 Ford Thunderbird Davey Allison Edition

On July 12, 1993, NASCAR driver Davey Allison lost his life in a helicopter accident. As a tribute to their fallen driver, Ford introduced a dealer-fitted option called the Thunderbird Davey Allison Edition. In the end, 1,500 of these vehicles were produced, and I really have to thank Barn Finder Pat L for referring this immaculate example to us. The Thunderbird is located in Wilmington, North Carolina, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner has set an asking price of $12,900 for the Davey Allison Edition.

The Thunderbird is a tidy looking car and was owned by the same elderly lady from new through until 2017. The current owner describes the condition of the car as being “like new,” and that is a reasonable sort of assessment. The panels and paint look tidy, There are no signs of any rust or possible accident damage, while the original alloy wheels also look to be clean and free of both curb strike and staining from brake dust. The Davey Allison Edition was purely a cosmetic enhancement package and brought no performance enhancements to the table for the Thunderbird. The external cosmetic enhancements included stripes on both sides of the car, along with a Davey Allison decal on the trunk lid. These are all present, and appear to be in good condition. This is a relief, because sourcing replacements for these items is now extremely difficult unless you can find a good vinyl sign specialist who is willing to try to replicate them.

The interior features of the Davey Allison Edition weren’t exactly designed to hit you in the face, but the items that were part of the original package are still present on this Thunderbird. They include a special plaque on the console, along with a set of embroidered floor mats, and a commemorative jacket (which is also included). The rest of the interior is pure Thunderbird, which includes lashings of grey vinyl, grey cloth, grey carpet, and grey plastic. What really saves this interior from being sombre and depressing is the fact that at least all of the grey is a pale shade. Having said that, the interior does look to be in quite good condition and would seem to be in keeping with the owner’s claim that the car has only covered 15,000 original miles. He doesn’t mention whether he holds any evidence to back this claim, so I guess that we just need to hope for the best on that score. The Thunderbird comes loaded with plenty of luxury goodies. These include climate-control air conditioning, power windows, power seats, power locks, power external mirrors, a radio/cassette player with a power aerial, power trunk release, and cruise which has the controls mounted on the leather wheel.

With no performance improvements, the Davey Allison was available on the 1993 Thunderbird, regardless of which engine the owner had chosen. In this case, it is the 5.0-liter “HO” V8, which sends the power to the rear wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Thunderbird was designed with a leaning closer to luxury than performance, but for a car that was relatively heavy, performance could be described as reasonable. The owner doesn’t mention how well the car runs and drives, but if the mileage claims are accurate, it should drive quite well. He does mention that the car has just been fitted with new tires.

This Davey Allison Edition throws up the question of just what such a car is worth. The first thing that I will say is that this is not the lowest mileage example on the market today. In fact, there are actually two cars currently on the market with mileages in the 3-figure area. However, those buyers are playing their cards close to their chests on price. The only recent examples that have come to market have been pushing up to and over 100,000 miles, and these have sold for anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000, depending on overall condition. What this also demonstrates is that values on these can vary wildly, and it really is a case of the right person wanting this type of car. It appears that the original elderly owner of this Thunderbird ticked plenty of boxes on the options list, so it is a really nicely equipped car that is in better than average condition. Is this a car that would interest you?


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  1. Ike Onick

    Yep. Nothing says “tribute” like a cheap-a$$ paint job and a few badges. Ford are truly compassionate corporate citizens. I’m touched.

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    • Fastwhlz

      You should be quite proud. We shall all gather around your grave. Unheard-of nobody butt-hole.

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  2. CCFisher

    Tribute, or shameful attempt to profit by someone’s tragic death?

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    • Ike Onick

      I’ll take “Shameful Attempts” for $1,000 CC.

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      • KKW

        Wow! I have a T-shirt with John Wayne’s picture on it, I guess some T-shirt company was trying to get rich off of someone’s death. Lol. Get off your high horses already, there’s been many products developed through the years as a tribute to someone’s passing.

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  3. dirtyharry

    As I recall, his passenger Red Farmer lived and recovered. Davey would have lived had he been wearing a helmet. I believe he died the day after the crash from his head injury. Davey made a bad landing and was not an experienced pilot, helicopters are unforgiving, especially close to the ground. Rest in peace, whatever the reason, it is nice to be remembered. This sure looks like a great find regardless of the tribute.

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    • Ike Onick

      And Ford was stuck with 750 “Red Farmer” Tribute Editions.

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    • Brian R.

      I saw one of these and have a photo somewhere of a car like this down at a Ford dealer either in Loris or Conway SC back in 92 or 93.This car is in Wilmington where I live also..cool deal. You never new what kind of vehicles are around you.

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  4. LARRY

    I remember when the crash happened. I also remember when Ford announced the Allison Thunderbird. People were devided then too. Some liked the tribute to Davey and some thought Ford was making money on his death..I think it’s a respectable tribute to a great driver and a beautiful car

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  5. JohnD

    Not my thing, BUT, could it be???? A car on here with low mileage claims that just might be legit??? What are the odds???

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      If you can get past the part where the elderly lady bought a Davey Allison edition with a 5.0 HO…the odds are good.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Being that was 26 years ago I would like to think she was a hottie, Nascar and Davey Allison fan.

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  6. TimS Member

    Wonder why nobody thought to make these before Allison passed? He was a big enough star that these would’ve sold well. An Allison-edition Super Coupe would’ve been a hot number back then and today too.

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  7. Will Fox

    So….a two-bit take stripe that used car dealers always slap on their offerings now constitutes as a “Davey Allison Edition”? Otherwise, all I see is a black T-Bird. $6K……TOPS.

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  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I have a 94 and it loves windy roads too, though mine has the 4.6 engine in it. Interior wise, about the only difference in layout is the steering wheel. In fact I was on a cruise with 4 C7 Vettes and a MB yesterday. I may not be able to accelerate as fast as the C7’s could but I could keep up with them in the curves (spirited driving but not all out so it was enjoyable).
    I expect this one would drive great but I’ll leave it up to others on the price whether it’s good or bad.
    I’m not a big fan of stripes but then again I pinstriped mine and like it.
    Personally I think the car looks pretty good.

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  9. Bakyrdhero

    I love these Birds, however that seems like an awful lot of money for one. Special edition or not the car is pretty ho hum.

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  10. CapNemo CapNemo

    I get it. Fallen driver. A little morbid, but I see what you did there.

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  11. Oregon_Guy78

    Did people really order cars in the 90’s? Everyone I knew growing up just picked from dealer inventory. I know one person who waited for the redesigned Crown Victoria but they didn’t order it.

    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      You bet your booties people ordered cars in those days. Ordered my first new car in 67 and my last one in 84, after that they got too costly to buy new so buying used. It was something special to order a new car, get the exact color and options you wanted, not what someone else had picked out. Things like how many Malibu Classics have you seen with a 350, 3 on the tree and bench seat? That’s what I wanted and what I got as a result of ordering it.

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  12. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I always liked these ‘Birds, they were good looking cars. While not a hot rod by any definition, it is instead a luxury cruiser designed to transport you in comfort and style. In my book, the few Allison add-ons don’t add any value unless you were a huge fan. The car is in great condition, has all the options most would want with a drivetrain that will give dependable service along with modest performance. I’d be in at somewhere around $7k but I would be tempted to remove the Allison bits.

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  13. CS

    Where are you guys coming up with $6K, $7K, etc? Find me another immaculate V8 coupe (of any kind whatsoever) with 15,000 miles on it for less than 5 figures.

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    Come one guys, do a little research. Or at least use common sense. You are saying that Ford thought of, decided on, developed, and produced this package all after Davy Died in July of 1993 and brought it to market before the end of the 1993 model year a month later? BF BS.

    This edition was planned, developed and built well before Davey died.

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    • Tim

      Along with the Bill Elliott addition that came out at the same time.

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  15. GeneB Member

    Order them? My roommate at the time, Don K. ordered a SuperCoupe, (supercharged V6), in the same color, and waited 3 months for it. He had a major tiff with the dealer because he ordered the locking gas door and the car was delivered without it. The dealer told him to “take it or leave it”, so he took it. Last time I visited him in Houston 2003, the car was in his garage and had about 1800 miles on it.

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  16. Del

    No. Not interested

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  17. W9BAG

    I had a ’97 that was very similar to this one, same color in & out, with the 4.6. Fully loaded, including roof. It was the best car that I have ever owned. The independent rear suspension made it a blast to drive quickly through corners. Great acceleration, and would lay long black stripes when nailed to the floor. I bought it with 81K miles, and sold it 12 years later with 182K, with very little maintenance required other than regular service. AND is would get 26+ mpg. This is one nice T Bird !

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  18. Cory

    The only good thing about these cars were the engines,the rest of the car was total junk. Also, good luck finding replacement parts !

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