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1,700-Mile 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Pace Car

Update 8/21/20 – This dusty Camaro has been relisted here on eBay. How high will it go this time around?

From 7/13/20 – During the 1993 model year, Chevrolet released the fourth generation of the Camaro muscle car, and also during that year, it became the pace car for the Indianapolis 500. Barn Finds reader Patrick S. stumbled upon this 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Pace Car here on eBay, and it is an extremely low mile example of this limited edition Camaro.

This Chevrolet is available in Chico, California with a clean title. The original owner of the vehicle passed away in 2000, and the vehicle remained dormant from then until now, when the seller purchased the vehicle from the wife of the said owner. Regarding the condition of the vehicle, the seller has “decided to leave it in the barn find condition,” so the next owner will need to give the exterior and interior a thorough detail, as well as address the engine, which the seller has not attempted to turn over “because there’s 20-year-old gas in it.”

Despite the layer of dirt, there’s no denying that the exterior of this Camaro is in good shape. The body and graphics have no issues, and as one can expect, the undercarriage is very clean and rust-free. Additionally, Chevrolet only manufactured 633 Camaro Z28s with the Pace Car Edition trim.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find a very neat interior theme, which matches the outside of the car. Everything is original and in good shape, though the seller admits that there is a dirt stain on the driver’s seat, and they recommend that a professional should remove it.

The high-performance Z28 model was the only Camaro to receive the Pace Car Edition trim, and the drivetrain on this model consists of a 5.7-liter LT1 V8 engine, which pairs to a 4L60 automatic transmission to drive the rear wheels. There are only 1,797 miles on the drivetrain, but as mentioned earlier, the seller has not attempted to turn the engine over due to old gas in the tank.

At the time of publication, bidding is at $5,100, and this is a no reserve auction. Would you revive this limited production Camaro?


  1. PaulG

    Not sure how you determine that the exterior is in any shape with the storage conditions it’s in.
    Sad that someone didn’t have the foresight to at least put it on jackstands and purchase a proper car cover…
    At least it’s a no reserve auction, I hope it stays priced below 10K

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  2. Steve R

    At least it’s a no reserve auction.

    Steve R

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  3. Maverick

    Pull the running gear for my vintage camaro.

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    • Gnrdude

      Are you a Moron? This is a Low mileage Vintage Special edition Pace-CAR there’ plenty of Wrecked 4th gens you could do that to. This one should be Saved & preserved.

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    • Dusty Stalz

      I disagree only for the fact that it’s an automatic, not because someone might think it’s a particularly desirable or special car. The first thing I thought when I saw it was parts too.

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    • Steve R

      Besides this car being too nice for that fate, there is a reason LT1’s have been replaced by LS engines as the swap of choice.

      Steve R

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  4. Frank Sumatra

    How much is a cover?

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  5. Greg Davis

    The concept of not washing and detailing the car is so played out by now. Just admit you don’t want to put any money into the car since it’s a quick flip. No one buying this will benefit from 20 years of dust.

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    • Mike

      The seller was probably worried sick about all the dust that was blown off while towing it on the back of the flatbed.

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  6. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Swing and a miss on the pace car graphics that year. And that interior…

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    • Mitch

      Swing and a miss? It was a grand slam home run 27 years ago.

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      • Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

        At 600 Some odd cars built I wouldn’t exactly call it a home run. Demand doesn’t seem to be that high then or now. I’m a fan of 4th gen F bodies, but the pace car is ugly IMO. That’s all. I don’t think the 98 Vetter pace car looks all that nice either. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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    • Steve

      Looks like a paint can blew up in the inside, hideous then, worse now.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Yep, there is certainly an A** for every seat, and mine would be fine with these. Funny, when I saw the interior photos, I immediately liked the upholstery treatment. Very unique, certain to bring out a polarized set of opinions.

      This could be a very fun car to own. Radwood, here I come!

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    • Rev Thomas Huckelberry

      At least it’s not purple with yellow wheels.

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      • Robert Wiggins

        The official color was Radar Blue.

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      • Douglas Threlfall Member

        Called that the “Joker Edition” Pace car…

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    • Angrymike

      Exactly, this is a major flop !

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  7. H5mind

    My brother wrenched on motorcycles in a shop for years. The worst “Just make it run” cases were the bikes coming in which had sat for years with gas in them. The worst you can do to any complex machinery is not use it and store it improperly.

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  8. Dennis

    They have one in Hemings with 700 miles for 24.5k.

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  9. KEVIN

    That interior screams 90’s cool

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  10. Superdessucke

    Eeek, I hope the radiator and brake hoses aren’t in the same condition as that right front tire!

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  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    This would probably win an award at only one show – Radwood.

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  12. Thomas Benson

    Bought one of these on a lot in 96. owned it for 20 years. Sold it for 7,600 with under 50k on it. I liked it but it will take a special buyer for the car. It is a love or hate it vehicle.

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  13. Bob Mck

    Wish I could bring it home..

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  14. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Sold through at $16,650.

    Seems reasonable for an essentially new car, but if someone wants to drive it instead of put it on display, there will be several thousand spent on getting it ready to do that.

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    • Douglas Threlfall Member

      Is now re-listed on eBay yet again and it’s bid up to $10,300

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  15. Stan Marks

    There was no excuse, to show this car, in filthy condition.
    Put a hose to it, for crying out loud.
    I personally liked the red T-Bird next to it.

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    • walt

      Blue 69-70 Charger on other side blows up my skirt

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  16. Tracy

    For gods sake wash the damn dirt off of it! No matter what some of these idiots say, the dirt is not collectible. This crazy trend must stop. “Leave the dirt on it” “its only a barn find once” Come on give me a break! WASH IT!

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  17. CCFisher

    Most ’93 Z28s are automatics. I bought one new in April, 1993, just a week or so after they hit the dealerships. Mine was a 6-speed. A few weeks later, GM put a hold on the 6-speeds for some reason (never had trouble with mine), and there were none available for months. I paid full sticker for mine (first, and only time I’ve done that), $18,993. Eight months and 12,000 miles later, I sold it back to the dealer for $20,000 because they had a long list of people waiting for 6-speeds.

    ’93s had unique yellow instrument markings and were not available with t-tops.

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    • Chad

      Actually they made lots of 93 pace cars with t tops. Not very many hard top pace cars.

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  18. Joe Backer

    New Seals on the motor and trans along with new filters. Needs a bath just to know how bad the paint is. Morons think they’re smart by covering up dents and scratches with storage dust. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had hail damage.

    My used car had dust all over it. Tell tail sign with the two large dents on the hood. I washed off the roof. Dent city.

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  19. Todd

    Relisted? It was a no reserve auction, I’m thinking seller has a few friends playing bid up and one of them was high bidder.

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  20. JMB#7

    Did it spend half of its storage time sitting with the hood open? Way too dirty under that hood for 1,700 miles? As for the paint & interior… No I don’t like it at all, and I did not like Disco or Leisure Suits or Automatic Transmissions either. My intention is not to offend anyone, but to each his own.

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  21. mark

    the scariest thing is the rodent path across the rad support. probably needs an entirely new wiring harness….

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  22. Karl

    I must say if I were selling this car and the body and interior were in as good of condition as it’s said to be this car would be fully detailed in every way inside and out! It’s ridiculous to just say it’s being sold in barn condition! Why start a car sale with nothing but question marks?

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  23. MKG

    Why not at least wash the car? Ugly steering wheel…..

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  24. DavidL Member

    Ooooh, a pace car. I’m underwhelmed. Unless it’s the real pace car it’s just another regular 90’s Camaro w/ a different paint job, i.e. a marketing angle. Pay for it what a good condition ’93 Camaro costs, wash it and drive it. I can’t see anything that makes it a collector’s item. Do people even care anymore? Please, I’m wondering.

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    it be great to own.. extremely low miles.. I would get it running and drive the hell out of it.. Cars need to be driven.. not be parked.

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  26. DavidL Member

    Exactly. This is a travesty. Just drive it like Camaro’s were meant to be driven!

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