18,500 Original Miles: 1988 Jeep Comanche

There are some vehicles kept and preserved as new for obvious reasons – collectability, Sunday drivers, limited utility – all of which works against the probability of a 1988 Jeep Comanche being kept in mint condition. Despite this, this example here on eBay has just 18,500 original miles and is well-equipped from the factory. The seller is asking $22,500 for this specimen, with the option to submit a best offer.

Still sporting its factory stripe kit, white-letter radials and OEM mudflaps, this Jeep Cherokee sibling comes from a legendary era in build quality and durability in the Jeep lineup. The presence of a pickup-bodied Jeep has been a major gap in the company’s lineup for years, but for 2018, a replacement is finally re-entering the market. Which begs the question: would you buy a new one, or pony up to preserve one of the best specimens on the market today?

This one is equipped just the way we’d spec it: manual transmission, legendary 4.0L inline six, four wheel drive. There are very few of these pickups still on the road, and even fewer in this kind of condition. The three-spoke steering wheel always strikes us as impressively sporting for a rugged 4×4, but that’s the beauty of the pre-airbag era. The interior is spotless, with clean carpets, uncracked dash and spot-free seats. By the way, thanks to Barn Finds reader Al G. for this find.

Let’s also mention the fact that the original owner of this Comanche spec’d it out perfectly: the aforementioned drivetrain, combined with the Positraction rear end and factory skid plates / tow hooks seems to indicate it was destined for a lifetime off-road. But it never happened, and since so many have been sacrificed on the altar of quarries and rock piles, it’s nice to see one so well preserved. The seller is accepting best offers, but I don’t think he’s too far off in his asking price. Find another one!


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  1. OhU8one2

    It never fails to happen,money is low in the bank and a vehicle on my list shows up. I’d be all in on this one. You just don’t see these ever especially like this.

    • Justin

      There’s a nicer one out by me. Practically flawless 60k original miles. Even has the chrome wheel inserts. I’ve personally seen how nice it is inside and out. He’s only asking 8k obo I believe.

  2. Todd Zuercher

    Wasn’t this one on here before?

  3. R.hernandez

    Wow.looking at that engine bay I’ve never seen so much rubber tubing going in every direction looking at every thing crammed in there you can’t even see the fender wells. I wonder if changing the battery i a challenge.other than that I’d rather have that jeep over any of today’s trucks!

  4. 408 interceptor

    If this Comanche is anything like my 97 “Grand” Cherokee Laredo 4×4 then it must be a POS, the legendary era of build quality and durability certainly is not 80’s and 90’s Jeep Cherokee’s.

    • Fred W.

      Surely that “legendary” thing in the original post is sarcism, right?

    • AJ

      ’88 was just an AMC rebadged as a Chrysler. I don’t know if that would change anyone’s opinion, but I would take it if I could.

    • Matt G

      The Cherokees, except for electrical issues, were pretty reliable in those years. The Grand Cherokees were not.

    • Kathy

      My last jeep 1998 jeep Cherokee sport had 349000 miles on it, when I sold it to a friend, who’s daughter drove it for another 2 years. The 1987 cherokee sport I had before that had 289000 on it. Ive had my 2004 now for almost 6 years. You can’t go wrong owning a Jeep.

    • JMB#7

      I had an ’88 Cherokee Laredo 4 liter 5 speed manual. Bought it at 125k miles, sold it at 265k miles. still had the factory clutch, ran great, and very little rust. It was used both on & off road. Definitely one of the best and most reliable vehicles I have ever owned. By the way, the 1988 was not a re-badged AMC. It still had the AMC logos on it in several places. Actually I had two 1988 Cherokees, and both had the AMC logos. I am currently driving a 2001 Grand Cherokee, and it is a very good vehicle, but the quality was much better on the 1988 vehicles.

  5. lawyer George

    Does it come with a twin? Cause it’s priced at 2 x’s what it is worth. Nice truck but Jeeps don’t bring close to what the big 3 chalk up.

  6. Dogfather

    I have a friend that bought one of these new back in the’80s . It was a piece of crap! I would not pay 20 dollars for that let alone over 20 grand.

  7. Hide Behind

    Had to be a flatlanders always garavex or SE in states as the o ly ones I’ve seen last few years was as ugly and beat up looking as friends ex eife.
    Still not too much over priced 50%, and all those hoses wires and smog tubes were always a pain in butt.

  8. Tom

    Third generation Jeep owner, my number 5 sitting on the carport and if this is the real thing… it will be close to the $ mark. Course this is coming from someone who’s owned way to many MGs and Sprites through the years.


    If they get 20k for that one I’m putting mine on eBay!!!!!!

    • Chuck

      Joey,nice front end update did you also do the dash / interior?


        I totally gutted it and everything came from a 98 Cherokee from wiring harness to the gas tank drive train and interior

  10. BillyT

    What a classic! Very nice! My Dad had one of these back in the late ’80’s. It was fun to drive. He traded it before I knew it and it was gone!

  11. Doug

    I’d go for the older one here – the new ones will have engines by Fix It Again, Tony, also known as Feeble Italian Attempt at Transportation or FIAT. I’m already hearing stories from unhappy Dodge van owners who have the FIAT rather than the Mercedes diseasels in them….

  12. Chuck

    Sweet ride ,maybe priced a tad high but a new truck is over 40 k.we have 3 xj’s and a mj with a total of about 950k on them all together so there’s no question of reliability.Those who complain of reliability must only know how to turn a key and not a wrench ,these things are stupid simple to work on when needed.

  13. JimmyJ

    Always liked these trucks especially the straight 6 with a 5 speed but no way for that kinda cash!

  14. CanuckCarGuy

    Buddy of mine had one new, back when we were both in the military…he drove it for 10 years before it gave up the ghost. Our Canadian winters and road salt got the best of it, but mechanically it was still sound. I have a 2014 Wrangler among my vehicle herd now, that I’d gladly trade for a modern version of the Comanche.

  15. Rustytech Member

    To those of you that call these a POS. Here’s some information to think about. There are more Cherokees from the 80’s and 90’s on the road today than Blazers, Broncos, and Explorers combined. Just changed the oil on mine today ( 1999 289k miles and no rust ) in PA no less. While it has had some electrical issues over the years, it has never left us sitting, which is more than I can say for my last 3 GM products. I love this, and have been looking for one, but I’m looking for a driver, so not interested in paying museum prices. I would peg this at $12 to $15k tops and I’m being generous.

    • Todd Zuercher

      I like the Cherokees and Comanches myself. How do you know there are more 80s/90s Cherokees on the road than Blazers/Broncos/Explorers combined? I would think that would take some pretty serious data mining to determine that.

      • AJ

        I can’t speak for numbers, but I sold my ’88 Cherokee Laredo this past summer. I had it since 2001 and it was solid. Apparently, I way under valued it, but it I see the guy who bought it and that Cherokee will probably do another 30 years.

  16. John
    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      And at $15K….

  17. whmracer99

    Had a 2WD version of this — was tough as nails and did things I should have never asked it to do (pulled a extended wheel base full size Chevy conversion van on a trailer 100+ miles among them). I thought it was a great truck but as with all the Cherokees of that vintage, it was a rougher/cruder ride than you can get today and the cab was pretty small. The 4WD Cherokees are highly sought by the off-road crowd and the Comanches bring even higher money but that crowd isn’t going to pay $20k to buy something to cut up and modify to go into the woods. I just don’t see the “collectability” of this so the price tag seems way out of wack to me. Agree that about $10k smells closer to reality.

  18. Chuck

    My daily driver is a 2001 Cherokee Sport with a rebuilt and slightly tweaked 4.0, TJ Rubicon rims and a 2″ lift. It gets crappy mileage but is dead reliable, has hot heat in the Boston winters and ice cold AC in the summer, and will go absolutely anywhere. These are great vehicles; much smaller than the huge modern trucks/SUVs and dirt cheap to maintain and fix. Not sure about $22k for this one, but with 15k miles it’s practically new, and what else can u buy that’s comparable at that price?

  19. James

    Pretty neat to see one in this condition. You can get much for that price today.

    • James

      What I meant to say Is you can’t get much for that today.

  20. Mike

    Too. Much. Money. Really???

  21. Bebo

    At that price I would just buy a new one. There’s nothing historically significant about it. I would pay about 8k at the most for a Comanche of nearly any condition.

  22. Lemmy

    I have three Comanches: 88, 89 and 90 with 800k combined mileage. Great trucks, the 4.0L is bulletproof with regular oil changes, only problem with the 87 and 88s is the Peugeot transmission behind the 4.0 but that’s easily swappable. The haters on here obviously know nothing about these trucks.

    • Lemmy

      But I do agree 22.5k is way too much.

  23. Mark

    The 4.0L engine dates back to the new 1964 AMC Rambler “Typhoon” 232 cid engine. It was a well proven powerplant that was enlarged and updated over the years, possibly one of the longest production engines powering everything from Ramblers to Wranglers. We had a brand new Comanche in 1986. Loved that truck but my dad decided to buy the stripper model. Would have loved one like this!

  24. Joey Patterson

    Yep that’s why I’ll never let my 3 go 89/98Comanche 95yj with TPI Corvette 350 and 2016 jku 6in lift

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      Quite the collection there Joey!

  25. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Auction has ended. Price:US $22,500.00

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