18,900 Original Miles: 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

This beautiful 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme has an incredible odometer reading of just 18,900 original miles. Representing the third generation of the Cutlass Supreme lineup, these big body coupes weren’t particularly exceptional at any one thing other than offering acres of personal space and cosseting occupants to the point that it felt like you were literally floating down the road. Nice ones are hard to find today, although not terribly valuable. Find this survivor Olds here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $14,900 and the option to submit a best offer.

These cars had clean lines with simple, curve-free sides and a nicely angled back window that gave the otherwise inoffensive design some personality. Cars from this era were so frequently seen with stripe kits and other decals that I’m almost taken aback by the simplicity of a single-color paint job with color-matched wheels and chrome bumpers. The seller notes this Olds was a one-owner car until two years ago, and that it has remained in Homestead, Pennsylvania, since new – from the day it rolled off the lot, it never left town.

You perhaps see the careful and limited driving history most clearly in the interior, which features a bench seat that looks like it’s never been sat in and a crack-free dash that still presents as-new. In fact, the only way you would necessarily know this Oldsmobile has seen any on-road use is due to the soiling of the armrest on the driver’s door panel, which is a fairly typical side-effect of human oils making contact with vinyl surfaces. The seller notes that the next occupant will enjoy functional A/C and a tilt steering wheel, along with an AM/FM radio.

The Cutlass Supreme was optioned with a posi-traction rear end, which should help keep the bread-and-butter 350 four-barrel puts its power where it needs to go. Of course, with a car this big, I can’t imagine ever wanting to get it sideways to the point that the limited-slip comes into play, but that’s just me. The seller notes that despite being a northern car, the factory rust-proofing underneath has helped keep it in one piece. While this ’77 Cutlass Supreme is a time-warp specimen, I have to wonder how many enthusiasts want to pony up the cash to own one. Would you?


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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Seems like these were in every driveway in the 1970’s. This appears to be a very nice car. I remember seeing a lot of these in black with T-tops. I like the 77 cutlass.

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  2. Bakyrdhero

    Very nice car. That armrest is really letting down the interior though. I would try to source a new one or refinish the existing before asking that kind of money for a 77 Cutlass.

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  3. Stevieg

    A little bit of Bleechwhite will clean that armrest right up.
    Cool car, although I don’t recall this particular shade of red on these. I remember what they called “firethorn” red on these. I do recall this shade on older ones, so maybe special order? Either way, very clean car. It still has the rear bumper, so not a “buttless Cutlass” lol.

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    • Will Fox

      I think that armrest is actually going to need a re-skin; the white dye is actually worn away. No matter; I’d definitely do it. This Cutlass is sweet!

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  4. Craig

    This was my first car. It was dark brown. Had a corvette (auto) transmission in it as I blew the original out. It could chirp second gear – fun for an automatic.

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  5. BarnfindyCollins

    Wow that white interior pops! I like it. We had a ’73 Grand Am back then with a white interior. Miss that car. Everyone knew someone with one of these back then as they sold 500,000 of them a year. This one looks like it’s been resprayed a brighter color. Paint looks like code 75 but data plate says 72.

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  6. Mike D

    This was the best selling car in the USA in 1977.

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    • ccrvtt

      632,755 is one figure I found for 1977 production, so yeah, there were a LOT of them.

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      • Will Fox

        Same year Olds produced their millionth Cutlass–a burgandy one with a white landau top. It’s in the Olds Museum in Lansing.

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  7. irocrobb

    I remember how badly they rusted. Most of them in my area were not road worthy by 1985 or so. But they were a comfortable cruiser and I do like this one. Had a 1979 downsized version and it was a great reliable car.

    • Chuck

      The rear bumpers in particular rusted away. I remember seeing people driving them with a 4×4 wood bumper.

    • Brian K.

      Agreed. Here in Boston, these cars rusted though the bumpers and the cancer right down the lower doors. The rust belt was not kind to these cars

    • bone

      Wow ,you had a 1979 and it was reliable ? In new England the 1978 and up mid size GM cars had a very short life – most had the anemic and junky 231 V6 , cruddy plastic interiors , and the rear frame rails rusted so badly the rear bumpers would come off ,taking the rear frame pieces with them . That being said ,the 1976 and 1977 Cutlass coupe and Buick Regal coupes suffered much more then the their 1973 -1975 sisters. Something about those quarter panels held water badly and they really rusted on the tops of them from the opera window back , and the rear bumper reinforcements dissolved , so you would end up seeing a lot of these cars with a board for a bumper on the back . I worked at a junkyard in 1985 to 1987, and people were always calling up ,looking for a good rear bumper for these (which we never had) .

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  8. edselbill

    While this looks like a very nice car, I have two observations..

    1) This phrase in the author’s write up makes me wonder if he/she knows what a Posi-traction rear end actually means.

    “I can’t imagine ever wanting to get it sideways to the point that the limited-slip comes into play”.


    2) For a car that is supposedly all original, including “Original Paint”, it has an awful lot of overspray on things that contradict that claim. (Door latch post, data plate, inside fender, etc.)

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    • Ralph

      Knowing anything about cars is not a prerequisite for writing for this site as I have observed for a few years now…..

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  9. Bob McK Member

    If I had the space, I would bring this one home. My Mom had one. I still have the radio that was in it. Maybe someday I will need it.

  10. JD Herrera

    I had a ’77 white vinyl top over blue, buckets/console. Beautiful car but I remember the heater core developed a leak at 68,000 miles.

  11. w9bag

    My Mom had a ’76, Silver, with Burgundy cloth interior. She had a matching Landau vinyl top installed. It was a joy to drive and be seen in. I really like these cars. Olds really goofed up (IMO) when they went to the new body style in ’78.

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  12. Doc

    Len Casillo, GM designer really loved the lines of his design & project autonomy on the Colonnade styling was given to Oldsmobile. Plenty of articles recalling his work on this era Cutlass and its subsequent later sales conquests in the US. 1976-1977 , This was the #1 and #2 best selling car in total sales volume.
    The restyle of the nose with the waterfall grilles, the slab side cleaned up the dated scallop look and the rear smoothed out to the best they could from the awful rear 5mph req for bumpers.
    Not one designer at GM wanted to deal with the huge absorbing bumpers mandated in that era , but the stylists did the best they could given the circumstances.

    code 75 is correct for this vehicle year , red .

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  13. MonteCutlass

    Resale red?

  14. Marcus Howard

    I have a 76 cutlass supreme brougham and I’m try to find a rear passenger axle for it that bolts to the brake back-in plate with a push in Barron on it. Would anyone know where I can find one

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