$1,895 Goat: 1968 Pontiac GTO

The value of something is always relative, and just because something is rare doesn’t mean that its value is high. With that being said this cheap GTO has seen better days, but one mans trash is another mans treasure right? Not quite a roller, this Pontiac project may have some worth to someone, or perhaps for those that love a challenge, this could be your next project to get back on the road. Whatever your choice would be, this GTO is offered for $1,895. Check it out here on eBay out of Lakewood, Pennsylvania.

Originally a 400 V8 automatic car, this GTO has been stripped, but there is always a positive side to something right? Well the frame looks straight, and the firewall of this tub looks decent with only minimal surface rust to be found. Also there does not appear to be any rust or rot around the frames. There is no drive-train whatsoever with this car, and it will certainly require some special work to get it transported to its new home.

The upper portion of the body is in decent shape, but the lower portion of the quarters, rockers, and floors are rusty. They say anything can be rebuilt with enough money, but I have seen worse off cars brought back to life. Although not the ideal project, this could be a project for someone. Who knows, maybe a hot rodder has a more creative idea of what to do with this GTO? Would you revive this Pontiac?

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  1. Thomas Cotrel

    Without the numbers-matching drivetrain there is no originality and therefore no intrinsic value to the GTO badging. I’d probably be able to source a Tempest shell in better shape for less. I would then build out a GTO clone.

  2. T Mel

    $1,900 for two pieces of glass and rear side-marker lights? Umm…no thx

  3. Dovi65

    What’s with these sellers .. the pair of Mustangs for $20k, and this for $1900?C’mon folks .. wake up; what you’re trying to sell is worth less than the price of the classified ad.

  4. BarnfindyCollins

    I always wanted a Judge and regret not trying to buy the clean original dark green GTO that was in a carport of folks I cut grass for as a teenager. Somebody got a nice car for $2,000.

  5. Sparkster

    $1895 with or without the cinder and wood blocks. That may be a deal breaker for me.

    • Steve A.

      LMFAO!!! 😂😂😂
      I’m SO tempted to ask him that on eBay!!!!
      Maybe if more and more people started telling these dreamers that their OUT OF THEIR MINDS, prices would get back to being realistic. You know, pre-Barret-Jackson.

      • Dovi65

        Possibly, Steve A, but I doubt it. These dreamers will hold on to that rusting hulk of a GTO, or those gutted Mustangs, until all that’s left can be swept up into a dustpan.

      • Steve R

        The dreamers are the ones that are buying these cars. The sellers have time and room, they throw the car online and wait. Someone with big eyes will eventually make an offer.

        Steve R

  6. jdjonesdr

    You guys know what I always say: “People in Hell want ice water too”

    This is a car stripped of everything of value and now trying to sell the shell. I’m surprised they left the rear side markers.
    They should be paying for someone to carry it away.

    • Tom

      Correction, “Rusted/Rotted Shell”

      Unless the VIN says this car is really special, I believe there is a point unfortunately to put the paddles down and call the time of death.

  7. JamestownMike

    Not sure PA is a good place to buy a shell?? Someone might save it because IT IS A GTO!…….IF IT HAS a clean title, vin and cowl tag! Looks like it was a green exterior/green interior car originally.

    • JamestownMike

      Seller states (yes, they responded in all caps), “NO TITLE ,I CAN GET ONE FOR $300 IT TAKES 2 WEEKS”.

  8. Steve A.

    Worth about 10% of his asking price.
    ANOTHER Barrett Jackson viewer obviously. 😂😂😂

  9. RayZ

    Looks crusher ready to me.

  10. jw454

    Sad…. just sad.

  11. Sparkster

    Steve A. let me know if he responds to our question. I’m sure he’ll want $300 for the cinder and wood blocks. Also let us know if he uses all CAPS.


    $300 on a good day.

  13. JW

    I think drugs are taking over the car hobby.

  14. 421 Poncho!

    Looks like it was a parts car for a another project and stripped of anything useful … and STILL a parts car, NOT a resto project!

  15. Tyler

    Jeez! I’ve given away better stuff than that.

  16. Sparkster

    Is this is what they call a RUST – O- MOD ?

  17. Troy s

    Really just a big pile of junk here with two front tires, maybe back in the eighties it would have been the basis for a street stock circle track racer, or maybe not.

  18. Superdessucke

    This wreck would be this man’s trash. Actually, thinking about it, that’s an insult to my trash.

  19. Rube Goldberg Member

    Well, shot, yes, but worth it? I mean it is a very sought after car, not like say, oh, IDK,, a 1970 Toyota Corona for example,,,kidding, kidding. 🙂 Certainly nothing someone would put back on the road, there’s plenty of nice one’s already, and all seem to bring mid-$30’s, but if someone needs a 1/4 panel, or top, be a shame to scrap this. I don’t think this is too far out of line.

  20. AMX Brian

    This is a good cheap buy for someone who wants a real GTO and is okay with it taking 20 years to restore. If they just had to have a GTO and are good with bodywork and parts scrounging or they know a few people who are.

    Or It is a great restomod candidate. You can use whatever drive train you want, add whatever options and interior touches without ruining an original GTO.

    Or grab a rotted 60’s-70’s Chevy/Pontiac 4 door and swap over as much as you can. Slap on some cheap fenders etc. and drive to your job at the autoparts store.

    • JW

      Sorry I have to disagree, way too much $$$ to spend on a classic most young people who have the time are not interested in and too much time to spend for us old folks who are interested.

      • Rube Goldberg Member

        Ehhh, what’s up Doc?

  21. KKW

    My Lord, people, this pile wouldn’t be worth messing with even if it was free! It’s a parts car that has no parts left. It’s on life support, pull the plug, and put it out of it’s misery.

  22. PatrickM

    You guys have said it all. I have always maintained that if your going to keep a car, them keep it nice. If you’re you’re gonna sell it, then get busy and sell it as soon as possible. Absolutely floors me.

    • Steve A.

      Here here!

  23. Jose Delgadillo

    If you have a Tempest or Le Mans sedan with rear end damage or can find one for cheap, you could piece together a “real” GTO. Just be prepared to add a lot of sweat equity. Nothing wrong with that. That was a cheap shot about the guy working at the auto parts store, a lot of those guys are real car people.

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