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18k Genuine Miles! 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1

It is hard to decide what is the strongest selling point of this 1973 Mustang Mach 1. Could it be the fact that it is so original? Is it the fact that it is remarkably well preserved, or the fact that it is a one-owner classic? Maybe the fact that the odometer shows 18,906 genuine miles is enough to grab your attention. Regardless of whether it is one or all of these factors, it is a classic that is now searching for a new home. The Mach 1 is located in Lakeland, Florida, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has made it to $25,600, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

By 1973, the production of the 1st Generation Mustang was reaching its end. The range had undergone some profound changes during its life-cycle, and it had become a bigger, heavier car. Many people will point to this fact as the reason that sales plummeted in a few short years. Where Ford had managed to sell more than 600,000 cars in 1966, by 1973, they were struggling to shift 134,867 vehicles. That wasn’t to say that the 1973 Mustang was a bad car. It just lacked the “hard-edged” appeal of earlier models. That didn’t prevent this Mustang’s owner from slapping down the cash in 1973 to take delivery of this Medium Bright Yellow classic. Looking across the vehicle, it shows all of the hallmarks of a car that has been treated with respect. The paint shines beautifully, with no signs of apparent flaws or defects. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and I can’t spot any evidence of rust anywhere. The exterior trim glistens in the sun, and the glass appears to be perfect. The Magnum 500 wheels and the rear window louver are both aftermarket additions, but they perfectly suit the Mustang’s character.

The Mach 1 has been garage-kept, and one look underneath the vehicle reveals the tangible benefit. I’ve lost count of the number of 1st Generation Mustangs that I have seen with rust in the floors, frame, and torque boxes. If I had a dollar for every one of those, I might not be rich, but I’d be on my way to having the cash to park something nice in my workshop. The Mustang’s underside is impressive, and there isn’t a spot of rust or rot to be seen anywhere. It looks like the floors might have recently been painted or sealed, but they still look structurally sound.

The Mustang’s interior continues the “wow” factor, with only a few minor flaws that are worth noting. There is some minor stretching of the Ginger vinyl cover on the driver’s seat, but it is in keeping with the vehicle’s age and the mileage claim. There are a couple of marks on the edge of the rim-blow wheel, but these are difficult to spot. Look past those couple of items and what you find is an interior that is not only in remarkable condition but is entirely unmolested. As far as optional extras are concerned, the Mustang scores air conditioning, a console, a tilt function for the rim-blow wheel, and an AM radio.

By 1973, increasing weight and tightening emission regulations were hitting the Mustang hard. For potential buyers, the days of a sub-16-second Mustang must have felt a world away. This example should work its way down the ¼ mile in 17.5 seconds. It is a numbers-matching vehicle that features the 351-2V V8, backed by a C6 automatic transmission. Adding to the “soft” feel of this Mach 1 is the inclusion of power steering and power front disc brakes. With 18,906 miles showing on its odometer, this is a classic that should have plenty of life left in it for its next owner. I’m quite surprised that the seller doesn’t indicate how well the Mustang runs or drives. However, if appearances count for anything, then the news should potentially be very positive because that engine bay is as clean as you are ever likely to find. There is an enormous collection of documentation that is included in the sale. This includes the Owner’s Manual, Warranty Card, Protect-O-Plate, a follow-up letter from Ford to the original owner, and a Marti Report.

This 1973 Mustang Mach 1 would appear to be something pretty special. As previously stated, sales volumes for 1973 were not high. These later Mustangs remained largely ignored for many years due to their weight and relative lack of performance compared to the earlier examples. However, they have experienced a resurgence as a section of the classic community search for a Mustang that will offer them a more “liveable” experience under regular use. Making this one more desirable is the low odometer reading, which appears to be verified. Bidding has been healthy but not particularly remarkable up to this point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it steps up a notch as we get closer to the end of this auction. This is one that could be well worth watching…or possibly bidding on.


  1. Chris

    That’s Elenore

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  2. Desert Rat

    Wow, what a great looking Mustang, it’s like brand new! I always liked this body style, not as much a 69/70 but still a good one. To me I can’t imagine wanting a Mustang in 1973 and passing on this and wanting for the 74 Mustang II. I would feel like I bought a cheap toy compared to the real deal, but sales wise Ford made the right move, but to me they ruined the Mustang for the next 5 years.

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    • S

      It was the reality of the times. Gas crisis, emissions regulations, insurance companies cracking down on muscle cars, safety regulations, etc. They HAD to come out with the smaller 74 model. It was just a new reality they had to deal with. Had they not done it, the Mustang would be in the history books, like the GTO.

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  3. Chris

    Goooooooone in 60 seconds (original Movie) except Elenore

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  4. Michelle rand

    Just as an FYI, this particular car has been for sale for around a year. I looked at it and found that the reserve was more than I wanted to pay. I since found a nice 69 Mach 1, a year I like better anyway. It has its issues, but I just didn’t want to pay the high price for low miles on a year that I didn’t love.

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  5. bob

    I live 20 mi from this car & plan to take a look at it. I believe this car has been for sale for quite a while.

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  6. Chas358 Chas358

    Clean. I love seeing low mileage original cars.


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  7. Jason Member

    The comment “It looks like the floors might have recently been painted or sealed, but they still look structurally sound.” brings up questions of whether this car might be just highly detailed. A real 18K car will be not be perfect and possibly look this good after 47 years.

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      Any time you see that kind of “undercoating” it has to make you suspicious. And they apparently did the gas tank too (big mistake). So what are they hiding?

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  8. Moparman Moparman Member

    Those are not Magnum 500 wheels, they look more like Cragar S/S. Also, the “Gone In Sixty Seconds-1974” Eleanor was Butterscotch, not yellow and no side stripe.

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  9. Jackie Hollingsworth

    Beautiful Mustang…..I love the style of the 1971-73 Mach 1.

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  10. JoeNYWF64

    It makes so sense why any pre cat converter Mach 1 should have single exhaust!! Kind of a disgrace to the name. Would one destroy the value of this car by putting on dual exhaust? Who would know the exhaust should be single? Not me. Maybe that’s why it has so low mielage. You won’t win many races with this car as is.

    Anybody know why mustangs ’69’-’73 have such a large protruding interior side panel where the rear passengers sit? A huge armrest? – that is not preferable to loss of hip room!

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      It’s a 2-bbl 351. That’s how they came, single exhaust. If it had the hi performance engine it would have duals. And no, you would not “destroy the value” by doing any reversible, bolt-on modifications.

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    • Neil O

      The wheel well is behind the interior quarter panel with the huge armrest. They could have made it a smaller bump perhaps but then it wouldn’t have been functional as an armrest but\\\and would have just been a useless bump.

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  11. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    “Medium Bright” Yellow. Either that’s an oxymoron like Giant Shrimp, or it describes me in a sunflower tee shirt.

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  12. Casey Andersen Member

    You can see that the engine compartment has been resprayed. There should not be black paint on the inner edges of the fenders. They should be body color with the bolts having their original plating unpainted

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  13. Troy s

    Nice looking, very good shape, the aggressive looking Mach 1 doesn’t follow through under the hood. I know it’s a good engine, power for most average drivers, just not exciting.
    I’m really liking those wheels.
    FMX transmission, I thought those were behind the Cleveland as the C6 would not fit, too big….hence the 351M which used the taller 400 block and could use the C6. I dont really know.

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