18k Mile One-Owner: 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ

The Pontiac Grand Prix went into its fourth generation of production in 1973 and would be quite popular. This is the era of the Colonnade styling that was employed on all of GM’s mid-size cars. The car would set its own sales record in 1977, one that would not be beaten. This ’77 Grand Prix is a one-owner car that’s spent much of the last 25 years in the lock-up, but it looks almost as nice as the day it left the factory. Located in Mukilteo, Washington, this solid Pontiac seems to need nothing and is available here on craigslist for $10,000. Thanks to our old pal, local_sheriff, for the heads up on this beauty!

In 1962, Pontiac added the Grand Prix as a personal luxury car to its roster of popular automobiles. While it would stick around in some fashion through 2008, the 1977 model year would be its best. Some 288,430 Grand Prix’s were produced that year, with the mid-range SJ (like the seller’s) coming in at 53,442 copies. A variety of engines were offered – from both Pontiac and Oldsmobile – but the 400 cubic inch V8 was the largest and found its way into 92,905 units (across all models).  That would be the motor in the seller’s car which may only have 18,000 miles.

For reasons unknown, it seems as though this ’77 Pontiac has seen very little use over the last 45 years. Instead, it was garaged and brought out only occasionally where it was regularly treated to a wash and regular maintenance. The motor and automatic transmission are numbers matching and perform as they should. T-Tops were added to the options list that year and this is one of the few (according to the seller) that was ordered with them. We’re told they’ve never been removed nor were their storage bags ever used.

Other than a few little parking lot dings, the body is said to be perfect, and the original paint shines up nicely. The interior looks like it has hardly been sat in, especially the back seat. This is a well-equipped automobile that has an 8-track tape player for which some sample tapes will come with the deal (that would seal it for me!). With the Pontiac having stayed in Washington its entire life, the title is as original as the rest of the car. And this is the first time I’ve seen a car listed for sale where the seller is happy to take gold as payment.


  1. Moparman Member

    Maybe the third time around will be the charm. This car was featured on 30 July with a price drop from its first listing! GLWTS!! :-)

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  2. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Wonder what the top of the driver’s seat tasted like when somebody bit into it?

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    • Will Fox

      LOL–just noticed that! I think there was a loop for the shoulder belt attached there originally.

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      • George

        There was a plastic retainer. Also looks like the belts were removed from the retractors

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  3. Shoeman68 Member

    Buyer Beware on this one! I spoke to this person, very unprofessional in dealing with a private sale. Offended I was asking so many questions.

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    • Tony Primo

      It would be nice if a few dozen of the readers called him up!!!

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    • MoragaPulsar

      Great, helpful comment. Thank you. Sure beats comments like ‘my brother had a blue one just like it’ : )

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      • TimS Member

        Some of us like the stories, even the short blurbs. We rode in, borrowed and experienced these cars instead of viewing them as our next flip.

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      • Mooguypan

        TimS Thanks for your take, I’d have to agree with you. By the way MoragaPulsar, I did have a blue one only with bench seat. Have a nice day.

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    • Greg B Greg B Member

      Did he say if the 18,000 miles are the actual miles?
      Did he say if the AC blows cold?
      What did he share with you?

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    • Bick Banter

      He’s most certainly tired of all the calls from those whose dreams are filled with malaise era colonnades!

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      • Steve

        Sorry but I believe the term “colonnade” refers to the fastback versions (like the Grand Am) and not the conventional square back models like the Cutlass Supreme and Grand Prix.

  4. CCFisher

    The first T-top Pontiacs were the 1976 Grand Prix 50th Anniversary Edition and the 1976 Firebird Trans Am Special Edition. In 1977, the T-top option was offered on all Grand Prix and Firebird models.

    @370zpp – the seat was probably torn when the seat belt bracket was pulled off.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Wait, are you saying that someone did not actually try to eat the top of the seat? . .

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      • CCFisher

        No, I’m saying they ripped the seat when they were eating the seat belt bracket.

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  5. Shoeman68 Member

    Didn’t pass the smell test. I would have loved to have grabbed this. Sounds too good, probably is.

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  6. 1959Buickman

    Something has to be seriously wrong with this car at that low price if the claimed miles are real.

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  7. Greg B Greg B Member

    One can read into his add that he could be difficult to deal with, and based on others that commented here it sounds like it. I went ahead and emailed him through Craigslist just now and will see how it goes. My main question is, and maybe someone that has spoken to him will know, is are the miles actual or is there another 100k to add to what the odometer shows?

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    • Joe

      In his ad, he said he would not respond to emails.

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      • Greg B Greg B Member

        He’s doing a great job of that. I emailed him my name, phone number, and he has my email address. Have not heard from him yet.

        Same thing on that older 280Z. No replies yet both adds are still up.

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    • Robbie R.

      Greg, this makes you wonder whether he really even wants to sell it? Maybe he told his wife that he would “list it” to get her off his back, but he is making it difficult (or impossible) to reach him. If he really did want to sell it, he should be willing to take calls, texts, emails, messenger inquiries, etc.

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      • Greg B Greg B Member

        Robbie, makes no sense since it is for sale. No wonder it’s still for sale. No follow up communication from the seller.

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  8. Steve M

    The ripped seats and removed belts undercut the overall condition – and make me suspicious of the other claims, frankly. This has been for sale here in the Seattle area for awhile and the price keeps dropping. Something is up here.

  9. Dan Hoeck

    I’ve talked with the guy personally on this a couple months ago and it’s definitely 118 k. I have extra pictures on condition that will prove it

  10. GTiDave

    I’d like to know how the belt guide got ripped out of the seat, and why the shoulder belts have been cut out. 18k mikes?

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    • Mikefromthehammer

      Nope there is only one of me.

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  11. bill ebbutt

    Seat looks rough. Under the hood it looks rough. A careful look at the rocker panel pic in the BF listing would seem to show a lot of wear on that orange paint, getting in and out of the driver’s seat, for only an 18,000 mile car.


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  12. Greg B Greg B Member

    The brake pedal looks like it could be 18,000 actual miles to me and the engine bay is not terrible. I was wondering the same thing about the seats though. If the seller calls me I will ask and hope that he is not a jerk.

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  13. Robbie R.

    Def something wrong here. Underpriced if it’s legit.

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  14. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Orange you glad it’s not brown?

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  15. W72WW3

    The SJ should NOT be considered a mid range model for 1977. 400 v-8, bucket seats and console STANDARD Equipment.

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  16. Howie

    The seller forgot, hey you kids get off my lawn!! I had a 77 years ago, and this has the T-tops.

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  17. JP

    I had one that I purchased new and they are great! The last of the real GPs!JP

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  18. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    The t-tops……. why bother ordering them if you’re never going to use them?

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    • Steve

      Because they let a lot more light in than a sunroof, and back then added to the resale value, everybody wanted them.

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  19. Komputer Koder

    Look at the worn carpet and tear in seat. Car has more like 118,000 miles.

  20. John D

    I like these but the seatbelts cut out could be a pia to source decent replacements, in the pic of the driver side rear seat looks like some cigarette burns likely from flicking the ashes out the window. I’d have to fix the seats. If The ttops don’t leak it’s likely because they never took them out. These were nice driving cars in the day. I as well don’t understand why you wouldn’t take emails or any type of interest from a potential buyer unless of course like previously mentioned he really doesn’t want to sell it.

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