18k Miles! 1975 Pontiac Trans Am

We here at Barn Finds always appreciate a low-mileage survivor, and this ’75 T/A is no exception. For sale here on eBay out of Needham, Massachusetts, this documented silver beauty is in impressively good condition and has about two days left on the auction. Let’s hurry and check it out!

If you’re reading this, you probably know that the Firebird was introduced alongside the Camaro in 1967, meant to compete with the Mustang and Cougar. You probably also know that Pontiac was the sporty marque under the General’s command. I bet you also know 1975 as the first year with catalytic converters, a new rear window and nose, and the year before Pontiac’s 50th Anniversary!

Now then, let’s look closer at this superb example of a second-generation. The seller took some really decent pictures, and we are given a laundry list of facts and details. It’s silver over black, no T-Tops, and is motivated by a 400 with four-speed. It apparently has 17,800 original miles, and the seller has not only PHS documents, but a notarized letter from the first owner, attesting to that. There have been a few upgrades done, such as stainless exhaust and Edelbrock intake, but we’re told that the original parts are available with the car.  Also, check out that list of options on the paper! Air, tilt wheel, rear-seat console, power windows and locks, Stereo 8-Track, and the list goes on.

To be perfectly honest, I’m finding it difficult to accurately capture this car in words. It’s just so NICE! Not perfect, but nice. I get the “wow” when I look at the exterior, I get it again with the interior, and I get it a third time when I look at the engine compartment. It’s all just so clean. 

I would love to have this car, however my situation does not allow it. I hope that the next owner takes at least as much care of it as the previous two evidently have. It’s just so… NICE! How about you, what do you think of this silver survivor?


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  1. Daleone3

    How does a car that clean get rusty around the window ? Yes- nice car but take that rear window out and I bet your looking at some real money to repair, especially if water got in the trunk. Tough to figure? Parked under a leaking roof?

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  2. Rosco

    I agree. That corrosion around the rear window seems a little excessive considering the mileage and condition of the rest of the car. May want to give everything a good look over for that price.

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  3. Steve R

    I have a friend that kept his 71 Camaro Rally Sport garaged, he’d take it for a drive every few weeks and then wash it right before putting it away. It developed several similar spots of rust and warped the nose due to the metal substructure rusting. This was a California car it’s entire life, he was told by a friend with a show car, that pulling a car into a garage right after washing it is one of the worst things he could have done, especially if the garage wasn’t well ventilated. Another friend with a 68 Camaro, which his family bought new, and had always been garaged developed surface rust on every non-painted bare metal surface due to parking it in a garage with a dryer that wasn’t vented outside.

    It’s easy to make mistakes when storing a car. I doubt this car has been in the hands of knowledge collectors it’s entire life.

    Steve R

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    • Otis

      Not buying it. I have washed many cars and pulled them into my garage afterwards, some for over 40 years, and don’t have this problem, and I know they aren’t 100% dry. Have to agree that there could be more hidden issues.

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      • Rosco

        I guess I have also been blessed with exceptional cars having never experienced this. That aside, nice looking TA!

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  4. Troy s

    Again I look at the price of options and air conditioning is by far the most expensive. Nothing else even comes close.
    I’d leave the aftermarket parts on the engine so it performs better, throw a modern high flow cat on it if it doesn’t already have one, I mean an upgrade is just that. Low mileage cars like this are odd to me, I mean 1975 was a long £∆¢~ing time ago man! It’s nice, but cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed, or maybe I’m being selfish here. Cool TA.

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    I believe the steering wheel was replaced(why?) with a thinner later model one with the seam running around the entire exterior of the wheel. The proper steering wheel is thicker, smaller in diameter, with no seam around the exterior of the wheel. Why pontiac changed the steering wheel for the worst in ’77 is beyond me.

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  6. J_Paul Member

    Laughing that this car is in Needham, MA…while neither featured a ’75, “Smokey & The Bandit” and “Hooper” were both Trans Am-heavy films directed by former stuntman Hal Needham.

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  7. George Mattar

    No t tops available until 1976. Only Corvette and the 75 Hurst Olds had t tops in 1975. Very nice car, but the more you washed these cars and did not properly dry them with air, oh well they rusted. In 1986, I got a rust free 1970 GTO from California. Perfect sheet metal, but it had a dreaded and ugly vinyl top. Open the trunk and up under the lips you could feel crust and wet. All in all, this is a very nice car.

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  8. Adam

    Wasn’t ’74 the year for the new nose, not ’75?

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    • JOHN Member

      74 Was indeed the first year for the new nose, as well as the new tail treatment. 74 was the last year of the small back window also. My preference is 70-73, I had a 73 4 speed/AC car, but this one is nice.

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  9. Luki

    No 455SD.

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    • Art

      My first TA- a super Duty 455. Man, I wish I had that now.

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    • MoePoe

      There was no 455SD in ‘75, just a low compression 455. The 400 4 speed is actually a nice performer.

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  10. Kurt

    I bought one of these used in 1976 with 10,000 miles on it. The crankshaft broke at around 12,000 miles. Was fine driving in a straight line. Couldn’t hear the radio going over 60 MPH.

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    Who sells a car like this without detailing the interior? Look at those ugly floor mats.. nice car, but for petes sake, make the car look the money.

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  12. sparkster

    LOL , I was thinking the same thing as RH Factor. Why wouldn’t you detail the complete interior ? ? ?. I have a friend that wants me to put his Honda Crv on craigslist . He sent me pics and he hasn’t washed the poor car for almost a year. And it’s BLACK. Of course he wants the top money for it. Clear coat peeling on the drivers side. It’s a mess much like this TransAm interior.

  13. Jeff

    Cool car my friend hada 74 formula 400 that came into the volvo dealer ship as a trade in but was runnin a bit rough it seems that the cam lost a few EGGS. He as always put in a RACER BROWN THREE QUARTER GRIND cam. No vaccum for brakes or trans modulater. But if ya stayed on it long enough internal govener would shift. it had that beautiful twin scooop hood on it. AHH THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF MISSPENT YOUTH

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