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1947 MG TC Right from the Barn

1947 Mg Tc Front

This 1947 MG TC just got pulled out of storage and is currently being offered on eBay. The TC was the first car that MG began building at the end of WWII. It was essentially identical to the TB that MG was producing prior to the war, but it had a slightly higher performance engine and a redesigned interior. This particular TC is in original condition and should be easy to get back on the road. Find it here on eBay with a current bid of $10,100.

1947 Mg Tc Front Right Corner

We really like the postwar British cars, so we thought it would be interesting to compare this MG to the 1947 Morgan 4/4 we listed here earlier. From a design standpoint these cars are really similar, but the Morgan had a much more racked design that is a little sportier.

1947 Mg Tc Rear Left Corner

Both cars have beautiful flowing fenders and louvered hoods. One of the most significant differences between the MG and the Morgan lies in the construction and materials used on the cars. Morgan is known for its extensive use of wood for frame and body panel construction, while the TC is a more typical steel body on steel frame design. Each has its own set of pros and cons, but we would probably be more comfortable dealing with rust then termites.

1947 Mg Tc Engine

The engine compartment might be where you’ll find the biggest difference between these two iconic postwar cars. The MG is powered by a 1250 cc inline 4 with dual SU carbonators producing 55 hp. The Morgan is powered by a 1122 cc Coventry Climax engine which produces 34 hp. The MG is the definite winner in terms of power production, but given the added weight of its steel construction these cars perform pretty equally.

1947 Mg Tc Interior

The interiors of both cars are very simplistic, but we prefer the Morgan’s dash over the MG’s flat wood dash. The Morgan also wins point for being available as a left hand drive car, whereas the TC was never available as anything other than a right hand drive car. We would truly love to own either cars, but we have a feeling that maintaining the MG would probably be a little simpler.


  1. Merilyn

    My parents had a black MG TC in the 1950s in Queensland before I was born. Dad raced it and won some races.

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  2. Gus Ramos

    The T Series cars are all wood frame cars similar to the Morgan.

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  3. Frenchy

    I’m sorry but while the Body of a MGTC is steel over ash wood (like the Morgan) the frame is all steel unlike the Morgan’s wood / steel frame.

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  4. Carl Fritz

    Both TC and Morgan used same type of construction: Wood-FRAMED BODY, sheathed with steel panels, all mounted on STEEL chassis

    “WHAT is a “carbonater”? —- Don’t you mean “carburetor” ????

    TA /TB /TC all FAR more beautiful than that Morgan you refer to.

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