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1948 Crosley Wagon: Vintage Mini Drag Car


There have been numerous Crosleys on this site and each has been unique in its own way, well here’s another. This Crosley, listed on craigslist in New Hampshire, was turned into a dragster in the 1980s. It’s hard to imagine a Datsun 1600 truck engine being very fast, but this is a light little machine. The original engine wasn’t any powerhouse, so the Datsun engine should add some serious oomph. It’s got a straight front axle in front and four link suspension in the rear. It’s said to have no rust anywhere. They did the mechanicals to get it driving and had the body media blasted and painted. You would just need to clean out the gas tank and replumb it to have it drivable. The asking of $3,600 seems like a reasonable price for this, but what would you do with it? Would you hit the dragstrip in it or make it a daily driver?


  1. Dolphin Member

    This one has a face only a mother could love.

  2. Blindmarc

    Money better spent getting it running, rather than the crappy paint job. Painted the dash but all jambs and hinges still red

  3. jaygryph

    reasonable price if they haven’t butchered it all up beyond the engine drivetrain mods, though, this looks like a product of the 70’s or 80’s rather than the 60’s. It’d really depend on when that small truck engine was produced to date the thing.

  4. Joey Gotts

    Its the same clunker that was posted back in April with a Earl Scheib paint shlab.


    • David Frank David Member

      Thank you for spotting this. Sorry, I should have looked closer at the posting in April and realized it was the same car. I wonder how many buckets of bondo it took to smooth it out.

  5. Dan h

    I agree with Dolphin. I’ll just say that front end is “interesting”……..ok, it’s ug.

  6. Howard A Member

    Arrrgg, you calls that a dragster? HERE’S a Crosley dragster.

  7. rusty

    “We had the Body Meteor BLASTED”

    thats gotta’ hurt…still it survived the Meteor shower

    but then again if its was meteor blasted on earth it would actually be called Meteorite blasted…boy wish they’d get it right on craigslist. hee hee

    could be worth it if the install is done well though I prefer my micros stock it was done a long time ago. So it was altered when no one wanted them so is fair game to stay a modified.

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Was still laughing about the “Meteor” (aka media, presumably) when I read your take….

      Scary ride I’d think. I suppose someone could always use POR in the interior, put in carpet, and raise the price again…

  8. Dave at OldSchool Restorastions

    I would narrow the rear axle, then remove the flairs……… ” Little Z’leeper”

  9. DENIS

    My mother always told me, “If you can’t say something nice, say nothing” so………

  10. sir mike

    nice for a daily driver but not with that straight front axle…on the street they bounce way to much and don’t corner very well…

    • Brakeservo

      All Crosleys had straight axles, just like an Anglia of the same time

  11. Rich

    I love statements like “You would just need to clean out the gas tank and replumb it to have it drivable”, always makes me wonder why they haven’t already done it?

  12. dalesdeadbug

    This guy has listed this thing on Ebay like six times but it never sells. He says it has no rust but in one of the pictures on the Ebay ad you could see holes in the floor. I recently bought a stock Crosley wagon that runs and drives for $1650 so I say he is way too high on the price. Seems like i would have gotten it mechanically sound before I put a mop and glow paint job on it

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