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1953 Nash Rambler Deliveryman: Never Seen One


When this 1953 Nash Rambler Deliveryman popped up here on eBay with active bidding and the reserve unmet, I immediately began digging for more information on this funky variant. But there’s some deja vu at work here as well, since Chevy tried to recreate this vehicle with the modern-day interpretation (or was it an abomination?) known as the HHR. Like all attempts to imitate the original, the effort fell flat and the model was later discontinued. This little Nash actually still has windows behind the slab-sided panels that convert it into a miniature delivery van, and it looks very original in the photos. While the design is considered most iconic in Metropolitan form, I’m surprised by how well it translates to a mini cargo carrier. Of course, it’d be hard to resist the urge to customize and convert it into the baddest mail truck in town! What would you do with this rare Rambler wagon if you owned it?


  1. David C

    My older brother’s first car was 1953 convertable ( it was rough, but cool) that was 1965. I’ve never seen one like this before. I’m thinking Pro-Street! Very cool car.

  2. RayT Member

    I’ve always liked the sedan, covertible and station wagon versions of these little Nashes, but have never seen a delivery wagon in person. Did see several in a movie, though. Part of the 1952 Grade-B flick “Loan Shark,” starring George Raft, was set in a large commercial laundry, which had a line-up of these little gems as delivery cars. I can barely remember the film, but do remember the cars….

    This would be fun to restore! While I’ve seen other Ramblers with Chevy small-blocks in them (one of which looked absurdly stock, right down to “Nash” logos on the 283’s rocker covers), this is rare enough to keep original.

    Looks like at least one person is interested enough to run the bid up. I hope it’s a BF reader who keeps us updated on his project.

  3. sir mike

    now that is just cool…

  4. fred

    I’m seeing street machine versions of the regular wagons at car shows on a regular basis. Never knew this version existed, it has to be ultra rare.

  5. tedd

    Im curious as why on the Nash they made the fenders lower?

    • thomas schweikert

      fuel economy

  6. David Frank David F Member

    Rare? Must be. If you check Wikipedia, you’ll see this same car pictured, and it’s in the same pose, with a different background! If you google Nash Rambler Deliveryman, under images, you get the same picture! Several sources say there were only 9 produced in 1953. No wonder we haven’t seen one! Could this be the last of the breed? It’s the only example I can find without windows.

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  7. pontiactivist

    I love it! Being a drag guy I was gonna say street rod or gasser it, but I have never saw one of these. Would be a really cool shop parts chaser. Basically restore It with some periods style graphics and enjoy the looks and comments.

  8. jim s

    drove a sedan version of this and found it very hard to keep up with the steering which had too many turns lock to lock. i hope it does not get hot rodded but will need some upgrades to make it safe to use as a daily driver. great find.

    • Ed P

      Power steering was rare in this era. The big steering wheel and all those turns were needed to keep steering effort reasonable. You got used to it.

    • thomas schweikert

      needs a necker knob lol

  9. Capt Doug

    There was the station wagon version of this parked out back across the street in an old parking lot at my families home when I was growing up in the 60’s – and the owner had some Metropolitans, HenryJ’s, Kaiser Frazers, and Studebakers parked there too – we all used to wrench on our cars/hot rods in my driveway every weekend and we tried to buy one of them to make a Gasser out of but he wouldn’t sell anything to us.
    When I came back from College one day they were all gone and my Dad told me they were towed and sold for scrap.

  10. francisco

    During my (’70’s) high school years,I had a ’65 Rambler American with 6 cyl,, three on the tree. Challenged my friend who had a new Mustang, in a street drag. Dusted his doors. I still bring it up, much to his consternation and denial. Damn. Good times.

    • thomas schweikert

      i test drove a 76 gremlin automatic 232 six cyl it would spin [probably] 1 tire for blocks

  11. Woodie Man

    Driven by Lois Lane’s creepy younger brother, Chester, Meanwhile Lois is driving the vert below

  12. Woodie Man


  13. jeff

    im the owner of the deliveryman love all the likes here is a pic of the inside

  14. Ed P

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