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1956 Porsche Speedster Garage Find

UPDATE – Turns out the seller listed the car as a ’56, but it is actually a ’58.

The Porsche Speedster is coveted by collectors around the world and it is not hard to see why. With their cut down windshield and bucket seats, this is the vintage Porsche to have. They are rare and normally only show up for sale at live auctions, so you can imagine our surprise when we discovered this dusty 1956 1958 Speedster on craigslist in Los Angeles, California.

Ironically, the Speedster was not originally intended to become the high dollar collector item it is today. It was Porsche’s answer to requests from America for a more affordable racer. With all the cheap British sports car zooming around southern California, Max Hoffman saw an opportunity to move more cars. He was the sole distributor at the time so he had some pull with Porsche and he wanted a car he could sell for under $3,000.

To keep costs down, Porsche had to cut a lot of corners. A crude top and side screens provided minimal protection from the elements, the windshield was removable to reduce drag on race day, and those fixed back seats helped keep the driver in place through the corners. The dash was simplified and even the tach became an option. As a result of all this cost cutting, the weight also went down helping the Speedster become a favorite among club racers.

The black on red color combination is stunning, but we have no idea if there are any mechanical issues. The seller does mention that they also have a few other 911s they would like to sell, but it is hard to even notice them with this beauty in the picture. On the seller’s Facebook page, they comment that the car is worth $125k, which seems reasonable if there are no major issues. We are not sure how much of a “barn find” this Speedster really is, but who cares? We would not complain if we found this sitting in a garage down the street…


  1. WKU88

    I’d rather have the 930 parked next to it, but the Speedster would be fun to drive on Sundays…

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  2. Dr Joe

    Looked at the pictures and went to the son’s website. The Speedster is gorgeous, but it had an early 80’s respray, which, compared to boom time restorations could be sketchy. The 930 is meh.

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  3. Horse Radish

    looks like the Gucci loafer crowd has hijacked craigslist.

    ” Sorry if we didn’t return any calls…We have gotten bombarded… ”

    Yeah,…. right.

    I guess it beats the standard line for overpriced stuff: “Serious buyers only, don’t waste my time.”

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  4. TVC15

    Looks almost to good to be true

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  5. BradL

    First order of business…get rid of the cat.

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  6. Lon

    It’s like a scene out of the movie “48 Hours”! What a beautiful Porsche!

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  7. Craig Snazelle

    I smell a hoax.

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  8. Paul

    One word……DROOL! Im too young ( 41 ) to want the Speedster, although it is a gorgeous car I might add, but the 79 Turbo makes my blood pressure spike just looking at it! WOW! Why do I live in Illinois again? LOL

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  9. Hans Von Mehler

    Yes I agree, kill the cat!!!!!

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  10. dino7

    Seriously….I studied the “cat” paw prints in the facebook photo album. Looks like the “cat” had some help there walking all over the angles of the front fenders. Cats are pretty nimble creatures, but several of them defy gravity.

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  11. mikey

    Old Porsche’s are overrated. I tried to like them but I just never got it. On the freeway those engines sound like they are going to throw at piston any second, that is why I sold my last one……..couldn’t take that noise another moment.

    Yes, the seller is full of it………so many calls…….oh’ please. Maybe a couple, from old pot bellied men in Hawaiian shirts, thinking it will make them young and trim.

    Kill the cat……..for being a cat? hmmmmm…….. that’s just wrong…………

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  12. Bill Tyree-Sunbeam Auto Restorations

    What an awesome time we, as car guys, live in…to find treasures such as this and wonder why it doesnt happen to us when we are ready to buy one..love it! I hope the right person comes along and makes this beauty the car it deserves to be once again..perfect!
    Bill Tyree
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bill-Tyrees-Sunbeam-Auto-Restorations/337714530542

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  13. J. Pickett

    I’m sorry but I have always believed early Porsches especially Speedsters over priced. I know they are rare. but they are limited in usefullness. And extremely expensive to repair. It’s a nice looking car. But I agree the 930 does more for me.

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  14. Doyler

    Worst ad ever?

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  15. Anonymous

    looks like they left the garage door open when there was a brush fire close buy.

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  16. mikealwayswins

    That Speedster is actually a 1958.. I have the title to prove it.

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  17. Mark W

    the old sheetrock dust through the back end of a hairdryer trick = instant aged barn find.

    something stinketh here

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  18. Jesse

    Hey guys, turns out that the car is actually a 1958. The seller had listed it as a ’56, but has since updated the craigslist ad.

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  19. Justachevyguy

    Looks like talcum powder to me!

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  20. Bronco Dave

    Hoax, or genuine barn find should not matter. Don’t know why someone with these two gems would be compelled to fake a barn find..

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  21. Bronco Dave

    and yes.. the paw prints are a nice touch, but kill the cat…

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  22. Horse Radish

    @ Mark W

    You don’t think people are that wicked by now, do you ?

    I’ve seen flippers drag cars out of garages and swindling old widows out of their departed husbands pride and joy, but faking a barn find ?,
    maybe throw in a fake little old lady from Pasadena ?
    What’s next ?

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  23. Michael Jr.


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  24. Mikey

    My buddy and I are interested in both of these and have placed a call and text message to ‘Mike’ now lets hope to hear something back..

    These are both great cars.

    Let us see whats the heck happens….

    Good link on this one Jesse me boy!!!

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  25. Michael Jr.


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  26. Anonymous

    baby powder find

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  27. jhowell

    IMHO they should thank the cat for keeping the mouse population down. Cat footprints beat chewed wires, fuel lines, covertible tops, interior parts and lets not forget mouse nests.

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  28. joe

    $125K is too much for that car. You can buy restored non-correct engine speedsters in the $150K range and restored correct ones in the $200K range or less, so where’s the upside?

    More like $75K on a good day, because you are a boatload of cash away from a restored car.

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  29. John W

    Leave the cat alone. Have you ever seen was mice and rats do to a stored car? They love the insulation of the wiring.

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  30. Frank

    Purchased both of these cars.
    Very happy with the purchase.

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  31. joe lonzello

    Little old lady cars are real if your lucky. Bought a ’64 Chevy Belair with 28,000 miles from retired school teacher: $400.00

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  32. Frank

    Speedster was ’58 100% matching number car, panels , engine , tranny. Well stored and started right up with a new battery. ’79 930 original paint and 8700 miles. Both cars sat for 26 years in garage in SoCal. Very, very happy with both. Was going to sell 930 until experts advised not too. Original paint 100% original 930 with 8700 mi. rare find these days. Hope this updates everyone. Good hunting.

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