1957 Citroen 2CV For $2,500!

1957 Citroen 2CV

About 10 years ago I remember seeing one of these. It was parked in front of a strip mall and was painted up with Little Caesars Pizza logos. It was an effective sign, but one day it disappeared. Up until that point, the car just seemed like an oddity to me. I’ve since learned that these little French cars were actually something special. They may not be fast or even beautiful, but these Citroens are unique and well engineered. The seller claims that this is one of the earliest 2CVs imported to the United States. It has been in their possession since 1998 when they bought it as a restoration project. That never happened, but they did store the car inside all those years. The seller is throwing in an extra engine so you can decide if you’d like 2  or 4 horizontally-opposed cylinders. It’s located in Hinton, Iowa and is listed here on eBay for $2,500 or best offer. Let’s just hope that doesn’t wind up at a pizza joint!


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  1. don


  2. Chris A.

    don, you’re not going to pass anything in a 2CV. Actually if maintained they are pretty much bulletproof.

    • Horse Radish

      Go racing in a 2 chevaux….

      These are pretty unique and useful cars on windy country roads in France , but for straight line driving 70mph this isn’t it.

      Here is an example HOW to drive these !

  3. francisco

    Here’s a website for Citroen lovers:


  4. Dave Wright

    Probably the biggest piece of junk ever made. I once traded a carton of cigarettes for one and that was a mistake. When they were in accidents in Europe they would send a street sweeper to clean up because there was not enough left to move with a wrecker. A motorcycle is safer, at least you don’t have all the small sharp pieces of tin to shred your body.

  5. rogerowen

    Exactly the same year as the one I owned in the early 1970’s. Brilliant car! Only vehicle that I could throw into a roundabout at full speed! (pedestrians used to watch in awe as my trusty steed rolled alarmingly – but without a wheel ‘lift off’. 425cc, ‘suicide’ front doors that used to pop open on hitting a bump (interesting exercise pulling the door back against the wind)!, But that car got me everywhere!!! Later models were plagued with thin metal construction leading to premature chassis failure (galvanized replacements easily available).

    To ‘Cut to The Chase’ would I be happier in a Ferrari? …………………….NAH!

    • Philip

      Citroen Had a competition once 360’s at 50 mph and if you could turn it over , they would pay you !8k 360 x 50 they were brilliant little cars abet the flimsy body the box chassis and suspension were its high points

  6. jim s

    lemons race car maybe? might be able to resell the NOS parts.

  7. seth

    look at all of those red columns added to the structure to hold up the floor above

  8. Domitype

    With two working engines it might be possible to put them both in – Citroen did that with later 2CVs to make a 4 wheel drive version. Syncing the two engines might be tricky. http://www.carscoops.com/2013/07/twin-engined-all-wheel-drive-citroen.html

  9. MikeH

    These are actually quite rare in the US. This is the 425cc “ripple bonnet” produced from ’49-’60. Later models had the “big” 602cc engine and a different bonnet. I see the auction has ended. The car may have gone back to Europe where they are more appreciated. Citroen produced more than 8.8 million 2CVs and variants. I am currently restoring a ’56. An absolutely amazing car from an engineering standpoint.

  10. taxijohn

    The US probably never really understood these, but they are great little cars, simple to work on, everything available, nothing much you cannot do yourself & once you’ve rebuilt it cheap to run.

  11. Dominique

    …thèse are indeed great cars! I happen to own 3… One in Illinois, my everyday car when I’m there, one in Az that I drove cross country to the Grand Canyon this past May, one in France that I use to tour Europe with…..never had to call o tow truck! Mine are the later models with 602 cc motor. The one offered is way too high for the condition!

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