1957 Plymouth Fury: Bramble Beaten

Plymouth Fury

Sometimes, I just love a good basketcase. This 1957 Plymouth Fury here on eBay is all kinds of ugly and looks well past the stage of being restorable, so you have to take pleasure in the way nature is clinging to this car’s remaining sheemetal. When cars are clearly unearthed after years of being buried in the brush, I always wonder what the owner must have thought walking past it to get the mail. “Huh,” he might muse casually, reminding himself that a full-size car is being overtaken by wildlife. Of course, some of these vehicles are inhabitants of large estates where the owners (or former owners) have little interest in the car and it’s put up for sale – hopefully for someone else to restore and enjoy. Whatever happens next, outdoor storage in a dark forest in Washington State is not a good approach to preserving a car for future generations. What are this Fury’s chances at rebirth?


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  1. Chris Buchaniec (@CBuchaniec)

    just watch the movie christine….,

  2. roger

    I like it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. memikeyounot

    That’s really sad, especially when it was last registered just 11 years after production. I wonder how cars get abandoned like that.

  4. Ed P

    Slim to none. These were beautiful cars when new, but they rusted as fast as the paint dried. The paint may be the only thing holding this car together. This car has so much rust it is only good for parts.

  5. Tom


  6. MikeG

    Well it looks better than I would if I’d laid in that spot since I was 2 yrs old!!!

  7. Charles


    This one faired better than the 57 that Tulsa placed in that time capsule.

  8. mike d

    I was going to compare it to the Tulsa car, this one is way too far gone , If it were in better shape I would have a problem with the Odometer .. too many like numbers

  9. don

    sad that someone let rot away, it may be able to be saved, rare to see that both carbs and intake are still in place. bidding over 2k, so someone wants it pretty bad.

  10. Dave

    This was a very cool car at one time, it looks all those Washington winters have taken their toll on this old Plymouth. The interior looks like it was something to see at one time, with the pushbutton automatic. I like how the seller states the rear window is loose ! The duel quads with little chrome breathers sitting on that intake would have looked pretty cool to. I think this car would need everything replaced and then some !! too bad !!

  11. Fred

    This could be the star of “Christine II” (if Christine had been left in a forest to rot rather than crushed into a ball of tin at the end of the film). In the sequel, Christine rises from the ashes (or the rust) as she is lovingly restored by Jason Krueger, who has taken on antique cars as a hobby after a long stint in prison for manslaughter. All is fine until he takes the restored car to a show, where an elderly man remarks that he sees bondo in her quarter panels. Her radio lights up, Earth Angel starts playing and all Hell breaks loose as seen below.

  12. Fred

    Christine II

  13. grant

    Lol I came to see how many Christine references got made. Since nobody’s mentioned it I’ll be the nerd to point out Christine was a 58 not a 57. Not too many Fury’s made though, most of that body style were Belvedere’s so someone will likely take this on. Personally I have always thought these had better lines than the Chevy did.

    • The Walrus

      Finally. Glad someone said both things I was meaning to. People like the Chevy because it’s conservatively flamboyant. But, it would appear you are in the same camp as I am.

      Exner > Earl

  14. don

    after looking at all the pics, I am surprised it did’nt split in two when put up on that lift, pretty bad rust! still cool car and I if still lived in Wa state I’d buy it and take a chance on fixing it. :)

  15. George

    Just push it around the junk yard. It will restore itself to original…

  16. Abarthbill

    I’m very sad seeing this. We bought a new ’57 Fury for my mother. These were the hot car at the time. A muscle car 7 years before the GTO, Big Chrysler V8, small Plymouth body, 2-4s,Cam, Gold aluminized strip on the side, Cream exterior and beautiful Tan interior.
    Hey Mom can I take your car tonight? Never lost a drag race in 2 yrs.
    RIP ol’ Gal

  17. That Guy

    I would actually be rather terrified to stand under that thing when it’s on a lift. No joke; it looks like a Darwin award waiting to happen.

    But it’s probably worth the current $2K bid just for parts.

  18. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I never really noticed, but 57 and 58 Furys sure look the same! You could make a convincing Christine replica out of this one. There is a local car here in Pensacola that’s claimed to be a movie car, windows are very tinted, looks like one that comes up if you Google it. I like the style, but not better than a 57 Chevy, although I would take a 57 DeSoto, much neater looking than a Plymouth. Heck, I would take this one, just to make a Christine.

    • Brendon

      Yes, the cars are similar, and can be made to look like the other year, but there are many small differences between the two. As an example, here are a few off the top of my head:

      – front fenders are different- they have different brackets welded in for holding the lights. Yes, can be modified and externally are the same.
      headlights/ bezels
      – lower valence
      – 1957 had “plymouth” in front, 1958 has it in rear
      – 1957 has a sailboat emblem in the grille, 1958 has a “v” (v8 models)
      – front fender spear trim different
      – side trim kicks up in ’58 on qtr panels
      – interior patterns differ each year
      – I think the front seats differ, too…
      – rear view mirror is relocated closer to the driver in ’58
      – taillights are different/ reverse light relocated to center lower rear bumper in ’58

      I’m sure there are more

  19. Brendon

    This car can be saved, is worth saving, and by the right hands it would be. As an example- check out this thread of a ’59 convertible that I’d argue was in worse shape come back to life:


  20. blindmarc

    As “don” said, surprised to see the intake & carbs still together.

  21. geomechs geomechs Member

    I wonder what is more rusty? This car or Miss Belvedere?

  22. bassboy99


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