1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Barn Find

The owner of this 1958 Chevrolet Impala convertible says they have owned the car since 1976. It was placed in their grandmother’s barn over forty-five years ago and hasn’t been removed since. The drivetrain including the engine and transmission is missing along with the radiator and front seat. It can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of over $57,000. That seems like pretty strong bidding to me, what do you think? The seller says they haven’t pulled it out of the barn yet, but have gone over it and there doesn’t appear to be any rust. Located in Vancouver, Washington, you’d think the Pacific air may have gotten to the car over the years. I guess we’ll see when it is finally removed from the barn.

Unfortunately, there is only one photo of the car in the ad. You have to use your imagination a little bit when trying to picture it dusted off and cleaned up. The Impala name was introduced in 1958 and featured some pretty dramatic styling updates from the year before. The “fins” that adorned a large number of cars from this era have been slanted, which gives it a unique look. The fins continue down the quarter panels, slanting inward and wrapping around the taillights, which is an awesome look.

The quad headlights were another fairly dramatic change from 1957. You can almost picture ’57 front fenders that have been squished and widened to accommodate dual headlights. Overall, these are awesome-looking cars and it appears that this one is going to sell for really strong money. Do you think the ’58 is due for some love after being somewhat overlooked for its shoebox cousins?


  1. Big_Fun Member

    I guess that Powerball winner from Illinois hit the ground running!

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  2. Obo

    $57K? Wow, we’ve just entered the Twilight Zone.

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  3. Luki

    Bidders are hoping its a 348 and if not they get to turn it down. Or by the vin number they know what it is.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      All the VIN tells you is if it was born w/a 6 or a V-8.

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  4. Stu Hunter

    Looks like the guy has deep pockets. So much unknown to reach 57k

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  5. JohnD

    That much money, 109 bids???? Smells worse than the barn.

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  6. TB

    Somebody has money to burn.

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  7. Brianlambert Brianlambert Member

    I would be highly suspicious of shill bidding on this one

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  8. gaspumpchas

    yea john D many suspect bids on there. 57 large and its still in the barn?. Helped a bud restore his 58 conv in this color, sea foam green, 10 yr resto, built and installed a 348. no idea about the mill, or what that dirt floor did to it?? Seller seems honest and straightforward. He said he wont bring the car out until its sold and the new owner can look it over. How can he decide if he wants the car without seeing the worst parts? Good luck- they only made 2800 of these.

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    • Sparky

      Chevy built 56,000 converts in ’58 (Bel Air & Impala combined) : no way was the Impala convert only 2800 units alone.

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      • tiger66

        Seems like you are saying there were both Bel Air and Impala verts in ’58 but the Impala was part of the Bel Air series that year and all the verts were Impalas (Bel Air Impala convertibles). There were no non-Impala verts. Impala became a separate series for ’59.

        No way this car is worth anything near the bid.

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  9. Rw

    50k + Gangsta please

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  10. Bo West

    It would take a sucker to buy a car based on a front photo only. Vancouver Wa doesn’t have salty air, but rusty floors from tall grass is a common issue for the area. If the seller is really a seller he’ll take it out and take more photos. Rodent damage is also common. I also don’t see that kind of value in a incomplete car in this area.

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  11. Todd J. Member

    April 1st comes around more than once a year, it appears.

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  12. Homer

    Big ask with no drive train. I was born in 1939 and still have my sanity. I put it on my watch list on ebay just to see where it stops.

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    • Jim in FL Member

      “engine, transmission, radiator, driveshaft, and front seat are missing”
      Along with all the missing ancillary parts these major components require, it’s more than a Big Ask…..I say it’s a Big NO!

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  13. Bill West

    $100k to restore for an investment total of $160k for a car worth $100k. Not a shrewd investment…

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  14. George

    The vin listed suggests a v8 210 series 1957 Chevy built in Los Angeles

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  15. Joe Haska

    Let me get this straight 57 thousand dollars, for a car that possibly needs a 100 % restoration and it could be worth a Hundred grand plus. The car is in a barn and there is only one picture and you can’t really see the car. OK , and when you get there, if it doesn’t have an engine or transmission the seller has one, I assume thats extra. Seller states in his ad, he hasn’t done this before and not actually sure how to do it. Am I the only one that sees a problem here. I have done this before, not exactly this way and I think, I will pass, although it could make a great story.

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  16. Mike

    Bidding is up to$58,000 for a car with one pic and not much of a description, shill bidding is a big problem on eBay.

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  17. RichardinMaine

    Obviously at least two people want it REALLY bad.

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  18. Greg

    57 G’s for that, Hey got a rusted out Dodge truck for 25G’s if that money is burning a hole in their pocket

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  19. MOTRV8D

    You guys are obviously missing the added value of the barn picture. That has to account for a lot, but what a lot of… I dunno. SMDH

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  20. Bob McK Member

    It sure would be nice restored. What do you think? Somewhere in excess of $100K to do it right?

  21. Daral

    A Barrett Jackson wanna be ? I want to see many more pics. And clean it up first

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  22. Daral

    A Barrett Jackson wanna be ? I want to see many more pics. And clean it up first ! Not bidding til I see more pics

  23. Yooper Mike

    I totaled one of these hitting a pickup truck headon in July f 63. I had my drivers license for two weeks. My Pops got a check for the car for $775. I still have accident sense photos.

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