1958 MG Magnette: Any Potential?


This Magnettte is listed on craigslist in Washington, Maine for $1,500. There’s no powertrain and not much interior. There are inexpensive MGB bits that should work, so perhaps this might be worth consideration. These are rare in North America but still not worth much when restored. There are several cars listed from this same place. What do you think the car facing it might be?


It is a mess inside, but it appears there are seats and they might be usable with a good cleaning. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult to hunt down parts.


Is there enough left of this to restore or is this just a parts car? Would you go with MGB running gear or would you add something more modern, reliable and American? It will be interesting to see what our readers think.


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  1. Dave Wright

    Maby 1500.00 if it was complete

  2. Bruce

    I have some lenses and other small items for these..Good to know they are still out there..

  3. Bruce Joslen

    Facing car might be a mk 1 Jaguar. Those Magnettes are a nice looking car in two tone. Nice drivers as well. Simple to maintain.

    • CarNut from Winnipeg Member

      Agree with Jag. Headlight hump says Jag to me.

  4. healeydays

    When attending British car events I’ve noticed that these cars have a cult type following. Cute little car, but it will cost alot more to restore than it will ever be worth, so it would be for the love of the car that someone would do a restoration on this car.

  5. RayT Member

    I really like Magnettes, and always have. Don’t care what their book value is, but would bring this back to full wood/leather/shiny glory. To make it easier to get on the road (and almost surely more fun to drive), I’d bolt in every MGB running gear component that fits including suspension and brake bits.

  6. Dutch 1960

    The best part of these is the beautiful wooden dashboard. It is missing on this example, so “parts car”, all things considered.

  7. scott

    If there is enough room for a v6/auto, why not drop one in. As for the dash. I’m sure that there is someone with a pattern for that. Tiger maple veneer?

    • Dave Wright

      Too much effort, unless it is a car from your family, when complete better looking cars can be bought for the same money.

  8. Mark S Member

    I think if it were mine I’d go for a full restoration. Wood work on the dash and interior would not be a problem for me, in fact being a wood carver the wood parts of this car would be the most enjoyable part of the resto. No the dash would not be stalk but rather it would be covered in carved flowers most likely roses. As for the drive line I would be very tempted to plant an inline six probably a 230cid Chevy with a 4 speed tran the rest of the car would remain stock.

  9. Dan

    Looks like this one was already someone’s parts car.

  10. bcavileer

    Looks like a Mark2 to me next to it.

    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      Looks like a reasonably rust free version, I’d restore it with a few mods, newer engine if old one was beyond repair.

      Dual carbs and overdrive, maybe wires.

      Jaguar is a MKI unless they removed the light pods on the fenders.

  11. MGSteve

    to whoever ultimately buys this: After purchase, look up North American Z Magnette Registry, and you will find a wealth of help, parts, interchange ideas, great guys and advice. This car is worth saving.

    • waynard

      I agree, this is worth saving. I’ve always wanted a Magnette, but, Lordy, no more projects. Please, someone out there save this car.

  12. rob pearcey

    It’s too expensive to save this , it’s a parts car at best , worth about $500 as it stands.

  13. Bruce Best

    Unless there are interior kits for the seats the expense of the interior alone would make this too expensive to save. As for the MGB replacements for engine, transmission, brakes and suspension is perfect valid to keep up with modern traffic.

    These are not really small but they feel that way, but the handling is not up to current standards. Wonderful curser though.

  14. Mike

    Yup, car facing the MG has to be a Jag – MkI or could be a 120/140/150.

    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      It’s a MKI, look at the other picture, the hood/bonnet is up, no grill attached, can’t be an XK.

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