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1959 Chevy Impala Pond Find!


We’ve all heard of yard art, but have you ever heard of pond art? I know a classic car doesn’t seem like the best decoration to park in your pond, but it really stands out from other decorations for that boring old pond! This ’59 Impala has been stored in this seller’s pond for the past 15 years and has been a nice addition ever since! They claim it ran when it was parked, it was never smoked in and is mostly complete. They are finally ready to let it go to a new home, so you can find this numbers matching survivor here on craigslist in San Diego with a $7k asking price (algae is included). I think the asking is a bit high, you’d definitely be underwater! Special thanks to George A for this hilarious and presumably fake tip!


  1. flmikey

    …clean it up a bit, drop an LS3 in it, and you’re ready to go!

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  2. OA5599

    Looks like you’ll be under water on this deal no matter what.

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  3. hhaleblian

    Wonder how many guppies will bite on this? “Would make a great low rider”. It already is a low rider or a better put, a bottom feeder. Badda Bing Swish!

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  4. jcs

    Would make a great rat rod. Just look at that patina.

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    • rockribbedrushy

      You mean a Rat-fish Rod, don’t you?

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  5. kevin

    perhaps 700 dollars?

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    • rockribbedrushy

      More like 700 Confederate Dollars, non?

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    • Matt Member

      thats a little low, that algae is all original.. lol

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  6. Mike H. Mike H

    What do you suppose are the other two cars you can see in the picture? And why would you store your cars in the mill pond?

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I agree Mike. I think one of the other cars is an Amphicar. Almost looks like four cars in this watery graveyard. Maybe his version of an artificial reef ?

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      • Clinton

        The amphicar would be worth retrieving. Wonder if SeaTow would cover that lol!

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  7. Fred w

    Probably in better shape than the time capsule Plymouth fury!

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  8. Mike

    Ran when parked but the engine may be a bit flooded now.

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  9. John K

    Located just behind the old Bates Motel. Trunk won’t open.

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    • Tom Member

      John, don’t you mean “bait-s” motel ? !!

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  10. redwagon

    4 door. not worth it.

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  11. edh

    Pass, it’s missing the glass.

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  12. KO

    No dry rot in those tires.

  13. Alan

    It’s a ’60, not a ’59.

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    • Tom Member

      good eye. I think you are right

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    • Lilith Mourningstar

      yes I thought so too,
      glad to see others agree.
      well guys that could mean we 3 people are the last upon the Earth Wo DO Know Our Impalas!!! 😁
      We will always share that…. 😂🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😂

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  14. Mike

    The ride gives you the feeling of floating

  15. Alan Brase

    If it was a Bugatti, it would be worth millions. Yuk. Why would anybody do that?

    • David

      I was thinking about that lake Bugatti too!

  16. Daniel

    I have so many questions.

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  17. KO

    Clearly rode hard and put away wet.

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  18. Bobby Member

    I think it is a 1960.

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  19. That Guy

    Apparently it took Q a few tries before he got the submarine-car concept right.

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  20. Woodie Man

    Looks like some hillbilly humor to me

  21. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m kind of surprised that didn’t show up in the Lambrecht Chevrolet auction. It might have fetched a decent price…

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  22. Doug

    Don’t have to worry about “dry rot”!!!

  23. hhaleblian

    Seriously, I wonder if this isn’t a couple models in a diorama and someone is having a little fun. Just look at the scale of it. Can you imagine someone getting away with this in Cali? The EPA would be all over this guy.

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    • That Guy

      When I was a Boy Scout in the 1970’s, our troop took canoe trips down northern California’s Russian River every year. My favorite part was the piles of junk cars which were stacked three, four, and five high as reinforcements for the river banks.

      I imagine those are long gone now. It was a different world then. :-D

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      • Antonio

        Ah, the good old days. I remember those too

    • DrinkinGasoline

      SMP (Scale Model Products) later absorbed by AMT, did in fact produce a 1960 Chevrolet four door hardtop 1/25th scale model car kit (I built one and have one still in the box). SMP also produced Promotional models for some GM vehicles.
      This single photo looks like a diorama/hoax. Look close at the front brakes…they look like disc brakes. If i recall, they came with drum brakes. Seems to me they did a brake conversion on a model car.

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      • RichS

        If that’s a diorama, it’s a darn good one!

  24. Van

    My grandmother went fishing with grandad in a 60 Chevy. Grandad was never seen again. Don’t open the trunk I don’t want to know. I guess he’s still fishing.

    • Antonio

      Not still fishing, fish food

  25. MH

    Looks fake to me.

  26. Prowler

    I think someone is handy with photo shop

  27. Todd

    Will they pull it out of the pond for you at the time of purchase or do you have to go fishing for it ? LOL !

  28. TC

    Well, it does have fins….

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  29. JW454

    On State route 23 south just South of Waverly, Ohio is a creek running alongside the road. For about a quarter mile there are cars lining the bank placed side by side to stop erosion. There is at least 40 cars there. Some 40’s but mostly 50’s models. They are chained together with heavy chain and some are completely buried now. That may be what was happening here.

  30. Jeffro

    Wonder how hard it would be for the taxidermist to mount this? “Hey baby, guess what I caught today “?

  31. HY

    Kind of gives you that sinking feeling….

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  32. Lee

    The miles are under –Engine flooded–Maybe a couch

  33. Neil

    Obviously a joke. Possibly to see how gullible people can be. The most telling sign of the humorous part of this post is: “Never been smoked in ” That’s a HUGE selling point.

  34. earl

    i always said chevy made a great boat anchor

    • Paul

      I did hear Earl say that!….as he was pushing his broken down Ford to the Repair shop for the fifth time!

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  35. Kman

    They might want to check the trunks of those cars. They might find Jimmy Hoffa.

  36. Stephen

    they are model cars, look at the weeds on the bank for scale…probably 1/25th model car diorama

  37. Howard A Member

    Hmm, I wonder if the EPA knows about this? We can’t even have junk cars leaking all those toxic fluids above ground, much less under water.

    • Howard A Member

      Again, WHAT IS THUMBS DOWN ABOUT THIS POST? Anybody ever deal with the EPA? They have no sense of humor. I tell ya’ this thumbs down baloney is annoying me. I bet if we could actually see who made the thumbs down, it would disappear pretty quick. C’mon people, talk to me!

      • Noel

        I think a couple people missed the sarcasm and simply thought you were serious?

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Hi Noel, I have read Howards posts for a long time here. Naturally I cannot speak for him, but he rarely blows smoke. But I have to agree with him. I do not think it is sarcasm. I think the EPA rates right behind the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. I can sense he is kind of Jonesing from some of the negative thumbs down here. The thumbs down on my comments really do not bring me down, I open another Leinenkugels, have some more Limburger and onion on rye and move on. I do not know Howard, but because we are all kind of Brothers and Sisters, I hope he does not get mad enough to jump ship. He always has some good insight. I apologize on the long post so I will end it and go have another Leinies, take care, Mike. Oh, one more thing, as fudded up as this world is I would like to thank everyone that contributed. I got a got a laughs.

      • Howard A Member

        Thanks, you guys. Yeah, little too much coffee. I’ll behave. ( unless I get just 1 more thumbs down,,,,KABOOM!!). Just kidding, I know who I am, an old opinionated retired gear jammer, but I mean well. Have a safe day, all!

  38. Rockin' J

    Land yacht???

    Not what I’d call a dry California car!

  39. Peter

    Knowing the bullletproof reliability of these Chevs, all it needs is a good hose down and fuel tank drain and then its good-to-go!


    New technology, water ride! Also tied in with water-glide trans! Slush box? Hydro-slide? Ok, enough!!!

  41. Glen

    If this is a diorama, they are very good. Those weeds, and the water would be hard to replicate. The leaves at the lower right, look very real, as does the current in the water. It could be a manipulated photo, however. Or it’s real, and hoping some sucker bites!

  42. hhaleblian

    I believe it’s time to contact the seller. “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” may not fly. Anyone in this illustrious group have suggestions?

    • hhaleblian

      Flush em out flush em out buddy going to shut you down

  43. jeff6599

    Awwwwww you guys are all wet. The whole thing looks pretty fishy to me.

  44. steve

    Who’s the U boat commander??
    I love that line.

  45. Clinton

    But does the clock still work?

    • rockribbedrushy

      Twice a day it will tell you the right time, non?

  46. rockribbedrushy

    Call Brian or Christian

    And what shall we call them, eh?

  47. john C

    THIS automobile was ‘drifting’, however n0w it is between a rock and a hard place !!!


    Look in the back, you can see a Marlin and a Cuda.

  49. hhaleblian

    First we get moose then we get squirrel

  50. hhaleblian

    Buy a fishtank

  51. Alan (Michigan )

    April 1 was half a year ago…..
    Perhaps just getting an early start on the 2017 fool’s day?

    Then again, maybe trying for a “Best of Craigslist” nod?

  52. Rob S

    They really did put on good paint back then, still looks wet!

  53. Rolf Poncho

    Do a burnout and u get Smoke on the water

  54. Johnny Lightning

    Dinky or Corgi, sitting in a turtle terrarium.

  55. palser64

    I would have to see better pics of the interior before I go full asking price….

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  56. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Not aware of any ’59-60 Chevy Impala scale model of a post sedan (a promotional model would be too valuable to sink in a bowl of water), nor do I know of a 1/25 scale model of an Amphicar. I agree with some posts that cars were used as riverbank reinforcements. They did it here in Tennessee, but used crushed cars. That Chevy doesn’t appear to be doing much of anything where it’s positioned!

  57. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Dinky did make one of these in a small scale, as a police car and in pedestrian dress. PMC made a plastic model of this car as a dimestore friction model and promotional model in 1/25th but one would be a fool to douse any of these in a tank of water on a lark. Pity, I’m sure if this is a joke the jokesters will try and top their magic trick on Craigslist with something equally stupid.

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  58. Red'sResto

    At least you won’t have to vacuum out any mouse poop or acorn shells…

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  59. Ed P

    What??? There are no pictures of the engine or interior.

  60. MRE2ME

    It’s a 4 door-Meant to flounder!

  61. Srt8

    There’s just something fishy about the whole story

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  62. guggie

    I know of a 57 Olds in the same condition ,in a swamp , maybe someone can start a car pool !!

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  63. George


  64. BIG FISH

    Can anybody tell me what they think is in front of it. Looks like it has a hood scoop. And the red car looks like there’s a number on the side of the door. Dukes of hazard car maybe lol. They did jump across the water a lot.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Sorry BIG FISH, cant help on identification. But you do have the handle for the posting! Take care, Mike.

  65. Dave

    What is the car behind it in the deeper water looking directly at the camera ?

  66. James

    I’ll pay 7000 “clams” for it! But only if he’ll deliver to Canada!

  67. Antonio

    Apparently this was about as seaworthy as it was roadworthy

  68. BIG FISH

    If anybody’s interested I can send a relative (AKA) little fish to take a look at the under side to she how looks. You know there hiding something when they don’t show the under side. Looks like a little moisture may have gotten to it.

  69. Buckskin

    It looks like the one Barnacle Bill was driving.

  70. Al

    It is not a Chevy, It is a Ford Fairlane

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