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1960 BMW Isetta: Microcar Obsession

1960 BMW Isetta 300

If you’re on the hunt for an Isetta, it may be time to acquaint yourself with this seller. Listed with an unmet reserve price, this 1960 Isetta here on eBay is one of several the seller has in his collection. Adding to the intrigue is that this particular car – the green one in the bed of the truck – is a British-built, Canadian market Isetta. For such a tiny car, it feels more representative of a United Nations powwow than a German-made curiosity. While the seller claims to have several more Isettas going on the auction block in the coming weeks, it’d be great to have a few more photos depicting the actual condition of the one for sale, which does have some rust issues that will need addressing. Is there one particular Isetta in all of the photos that catches your eye?


  1. JW454

    What is the point of showing pictures of all your stuff that isn’t included in the sale. LOL People kill me.

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  2. Frankie Paige

    I think the seller should always ask themselves ,if they were looking at the ad to buy, what would they want to see pictures of.

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  3. Tim H

    We are so funny. We want the seller to be knowledgeable about ads, pictures and condition of the car but completely ignorant as to the value. At least I do.

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  4. Richard Lewis

    I have to agree with Frankie. Pictures that are sideways and confused by multiple cars really reduce the selling potential. For anyone that is truly interested in restoring an Isetta I can tell you that all the parts are readily available but very expensive. It is completely possible to have $10,000-$15,000 in parts on an Isetta. The engine and some other drive components have to be assembled and reassembled by using an oven or hot plate so unless your spouse does not mind a bit of Castrol smell on the Thanksgiving turkey, you may want to pass on this one. The blue and white car is one I restored and sold at Barrett Jackson a few years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcRWxmJ0vXA

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  5. Howard A Member

    I think the owner is showing us the other ones, as they state, they will be coming up for sale in the future. Never cared for these. Pretty useless for American roads. In high school, many moons ago, a friend and his dad, put a snowmobile motor in one of these. We could hear him coming a mile away, in a cloud of smoke. He stopped bringing it to school, after a bunch of hooligans,( seniors, mostly) picked it up, and placed it on the steps of the school.

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  6. rusty

    Seeing a bunch of them often in the hands of one owner seems fairly common in USA as a lot were sold. [equates to goggomobil dart hoardes in Aussie]

    Seems many Isettas come up for sale quite often in US but still are keenly sought after which is amazing considering the numbers even far greater than our darts.

    Considering he might sell the others I dont see the multiple cars in photo as a deterrent..just a manipulating tool for seller or indeed buyer alike..”hey seller i like second car from rear..would you sell it to me?”

    I sold my Isetta in Aussie recently but they are very rare here so it is impossible to find a hoard. When I bought mine in the early 80’s it was said to be one of 12 known here but in recent years a bunch have come in from overseas so that is a lot higher..last i heard many years ago was 20 but to be honest i think a lot more than that now.

    No matter what, they create attention and are sought after and will always be due to the unique look of them…that will never change. [until our backs are against the wall in the next conflict..perhaps Martians or the Walking Dead..] not much can quell the lust for an Isetta nor the ownership of multiple micro cars where they exist in large numbers..such as Isettas in America and goggo darts in Australia

    Since reading this and other blogs on the internet it seems to me sitting in Aussie that an Isetta hoarde in US is common enough…though I am guessing goggo dart hoardes probably dont equate to you guys even to many micro car enthuiasts in US..but where ever a seemingly rare car is reasonably plentiful but unloved 20 years ago it will always have hoardes concealed away by lovers in the non lover days. As years progress, owners get older/retire/sick/die and the value rises too much on cars those hoardes appear out of the blue..

    love a good hoarde.

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