1961 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile Project

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Yes, that’s the correct spelling of this 1961 Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile. I never studied any Italian words or phrases before going there 2.5 decades ago and I had to look it up to make sure, it would have come up in the comments if I had misspelled the title. This cute little barn find can be found here on eBay in Houston, Texas. The seller has a $9,498 buy it now price listed or you can make an offer.

The Trasformabile, or transformable part of this Autobianchi is that the roof goes back in a sweeping sunroof configuration. I don’t think of this as a convertible but technically it is. It’s similar to Nash’s famous Rambler convertible that Lois Lane drove in the 1950s Superman TV show. Autobianchi also made a full convertible model.

This is a small car, very small. A microcar, in fact at under 10-feet in length. As a visual, here’s a quick comparison with my old ’66 Lincoln. The seller has included a lot of photos and in looking at the exterior photos a person might think that this car is a couple of weeks worth of sanding and then you’re ready for paint. Not so fast. Thankfully, they have included a lot of underside and detail photos showing the extent of the rust and there is a lot of it. A lot.

It appears to have taken in water as convertibles can do, especially when they’re sitting for decades without the top in place. The seller found it in central Texas where it had been sitting for 50 years and you can see the condition of the floors and underside – scary. But, they say that parts are available to redo those areas. This is a small enough car and they typically sell for a lot of money in restored condition so if a person could do at least some of the work him/herself it’s certainly doable. They also mention the rust on the rear seating area, ouch.

The seller has included a YouTube video showing just about everything on this car. They say that the “previous owners had the motor turning years ago in anticipation of starting the restoration but did not.” This is Fiat’s 499 cc two-cylinder with 21 hp. Even though this car only weighs around 1,200 pounds it still takes a full minute to get to 60 mph, about its top speed. A 1966 Lincoln it isn’t, but it sure would be fun to own one. Have any of you done extensive rust work like this car needs?

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    There’s a rear seat?????

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    • David P. Reeves

      Just like a Karmann Ghia or a Nash Metropolitan, I’m assuming its an upholstered self that was for dogs and small children.

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      • t-BONE BOB

        No. It’s a real rear seat, just not very big. Same as in a Fiat 500.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Without much legroom, but yes there would have been a rear seat.

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  2. Fred H

    .Small car with a big price.

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  3. Derek

    See those two wee levers behind the gearstick? One’s the choke, the other works the starter motor. Nice wee thing.

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  4. James HGF

    Exceptionally high BIN price for this ‘light weight’ high/low/no performance iron oxide dribbling version of US spec car. But a ‘make offer’ stab in the dark that shows little relationship to the BIN number might work for a..a..’em masochist looking for a wee weekend, two, or three project. Yes, tongue-in-cheek, it is.

    Wouldn’t you rather have an Autobianchi Stellina sports car with a big 600D 767 cc engine (343 examples) or the later 792cc ‘mostest’ engine late Series Stellina 800? Approximately 159 800s were manufactured for a total production run of approximately 502 from 1963 to 1965. The early cars were rated at 29 hp and the later 800’s at 31.5 hp. They were soon swamped by the new Fiat 850 spider. However, the Stellina based on the Fiat 600D platform was the first Italian with a fiberglass body.

    One for sale in the Netherlands for € 28,750 around $ 32,500 today:


    There are currently a few more for sale elsewhere.

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  5. Ralph

    Overpriced rust bucket, not even enough to get good scrap money for it.

    I think these are kind cute, but not to pay anywhere near any kind of stupid money for one. In reality its a novelty piece, a whimsical, but almost undriveable clown car.

    And stupid money would be anything over $4000 for a perfect one……..

    (I don’t care what one dumb persona has paid for one at auction….these were worthless for years)

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  6. Shawn Fox Firth

    How bout a hot rod ? – Honda GL1100 motor and some wheels ?

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      I’ve long said, a GoldWing motor would make a cool hotrod out of these mini cars.

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    • moosie moosie

      I have a picture of one that unfortunately I can not access, it is of this model car painted Black with red/orange /yellow flames with a blown big block Chevy with chrome zombie headers, it is wild, sorry I cant get into that file . But I betcha even with a Gold Wing Honda motor this would be unruly.

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  7. Chris in Clover

    I’ll not be as hard on this one as Ralph above, but it is a major project for the skilled restorer and I’d be surprised if that ambitious price is realized.

    But you never know. Look at the recent otherworldly prices for type II VWs.

    I would call this a “convertible sedan” since it has a folding top and solid roof sides. Cute little buggy.

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  8. Mike

    Looks pretty roomy inside for a couple dozen clowns.

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    • Stillrunners

      I want some of what he’s smoking !

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  9. ThunderChicken

    Long time listener first time caller, but what are the chances this weirdo shows up on barn finds and bring a trailer in the same week. Maybe I haven’t been watching long enough.


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    • Little_Cars Little Cars

      The yellow 59 on BAT is one I could see spending $$$ on. Right now, at $6100, seems a nice place to be and it looks like a WHOLE LOT more fun than this flower pot on wheels.

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  10. twistednipple

    Oh yes they have a rear seat. My brother and I rode in it all the time when we were very young as one of these was my mother’s daily in the early 60’s. My father grew so tired of it that he and his friend tried unsuccessfully to go out and flip it over by turning too sharply but only managed to spin….. yea, not so smart. Those were the days. Ohh! hey Ralph, I think I remember you, you used to yell at me every time I used to cut across your lawn on my bike.

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  11. Ralph

    Judging from your post, you’re a lot older than me grandpa, but go ahead and grab a fresh pair of Depends and your walker and head over and pay the seller $10,000 for this pile of iron oxide if you think its a good deal.

    Again, I’m not against the car, its cute, but $10K for a scrapped out ex clown car with flintstone floors is INSANE, but you know what they say about fools and their money…….

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  12. the one

    i can’t wait to find an old rusted out p.o.s. and ask a fortune for it on ebay! cause that’s america,buddy!

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  13. Todd FitchStaff

    What? No calls to “LS it?” Love the comparison with the Lincoln. Both are somewhat absurd in their own lovable way.

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  14. Leon

    I have never seen a more ugly car. Horrid. And that price? Deluded.

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  15. Eddy


    This is Eddy from the Netherlands.
    Is this car still for sale in the USA?
    The reason why i ask this, is that this car is offered to me in France. Only for € 3500,00 that is around $ 4000,00
    I found this car, and now i think it is suspicious. Because the seller wants me to mae a deposit of 20%.
    Can someone please help me.

    Thanks, Eddy

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