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1961 Chevrolet Impala 4×4!??

Love it or hate it, these types of builds always get attention. Long before the “donk” trend of the 2000s, people have been putting car bodies on 4×4 chassis. This 1961 Chevrolet Impala sits on top of a 1977 Chevy 1/2-ton 4-wheel-drive chassis. It was built in 1996 and has been a daily driver since then. It can be found for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $12,500. Located in McCloud, California, take a look at this ride and let us know what you think.

The interior is very nice and original looking. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of photos in the ad, but the seller says they will provide more if asked. Other than an upgraded stereo, there’s no information in the ad regarding the interior.

The seller says the car has been daily-driven for years, so it shows some wear. You can tell in the photo above the front fender is a slightly different shade than the driver’s door. The seller says they “redid” the front fenders and hood because of rust issues. I’d say this is a pretty fun car. It probably gets a ton of attention everywhere it goes and the buyer could put it back on a custom chassis if they wanted a nice old Impala. What do you think?


  1. Dusty Stalz

    Here come the ‘WHY’ comments.

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  2. sir mike

    Was there a real reason to do this???

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    • Chevy

      Maybe the owner likes classic Chevy’s but lives in rough terrain, judging by the pictures he probably does. driving a normal Impala would be hard.

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  3. Mark

    In the looks dept, I’ve seen far worse.
    From an execution standpoint, I’d say it hits the mark. Dare to be different and enjoy. GLWTS.

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    • don

      I agree ,and when it was built it was just an old 35 year old 4 door sedan with little value – remember back in the day when you stripped old sedans and wagons for their front clips and drivetrains for your coupes and ragtops ?

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  4. Robert White

    It’s a field car!


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    • ThisGuy

      What’s a field car?

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      • james malone Member

        A field car runs through the fields, droppin’ cow sh*t all over the place to make the lettuce grow.
        John :)

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  5. Dusty Rider

    Looks really cool and 61 is my favorite year for Chevrolet.

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  6. Bob S

    Looks good! I don’t care when this is done to a more door, and it looks like he has done an excellent job. At any rate, the trunk will hold most everything that you could put in a Blazer or and S-10.

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  7. Solosolo UK ken tillyUK Member

    Waste of a good body IMO.

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  8. 8banger dave Member

    Gotta say, the dashboards in these are my absolute favorite. I contemplated grafting one into my 63.5 Galaxie 500XL…

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Some people like the futuristic look of the ’63-64 impala dash.

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  9. matthew B steele

    I have never liked car x4’s generally speaking..but this actually doesn’t look bad ..i still would rather have both the car in original condition and the truck in 4×4..🙄..im boring

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  10. Sam61

    Like it..ditch the front bench for some SS buckets and console. Perfect use of the car for all the two too many doors crowd.

    I would probably take exception if this had been done to an Elcamino or 2 door wagon of that year.

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    • Tom Member

      Sam61, good comments. totally agree. I usually hate when this is done BUT this one….I think I like it. Again, good use of a 4 door.

      I don’t like it but it is like a car wreck….go by it slowly….don’t look at it….but I can’t help looking at it….don’t stare at it…..I can’t not stare !!!! Look away !! I CAN’T !!!!!

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    • Dave

      Well, you won’t see that done to an El Camino of that year because they don’t exist. I like it when these are done. Keep in mind that it is STILL ON THE ROAD

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  11. F Again

    Needs a set of tall skinny bias-ply snow tires and dog dishes, then it’s perfect.

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  12. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    For additional shock value, it should have been mounted on a Ford chassis.

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  13. David radcliff

    Shame to mess up a beautiful 61 that way!

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  14. Classic Steel

    Hate it…..

    This car is now so ugly that when someone ordered its production birth certificate with factory specs and included a current picture…it came with an apology letter from the General Motors current CEO which offered money to remove the branding logos 😣

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  15. Ray Wise

    Like that it’s a four door sedan, not hardtop. I like it!!!

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  16. Howard A Member

    I wanted to see where this would go. Naturally, it’s about 50/50. I’m with the “like it” crowd. ’61 Chevy 4 doors aren’t exactly gracing Barrett Jackson, and it’s different and well done. My grandfather had a ’61 Impala, so I like the car, and the 4 wheel spin seals the deal. Great find.

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  17. bill

    I like it! Has to be one of the nicest looking car body on 4×4 conversions I’ve seen and it was a four door anyways.

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    • Country Joe

      Bill, that’s exactly how I see it. It’s just a 4 door. No one is going to build a Pro Touring 61 Impala 4 door. I’m just happy to see it kept on the road.

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  18. AndyP

    I kind of like it
    When the frame and motor from the old one is gone
    Put a newer more reliable frame and engine under it
    Not all of us have millions but some have imagination
    Someone took old and crappy and made a daily driver to use, not a show queen

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  19. Bruce Jackson

    Okay, so what I want to see is the ‘77 Chevy 1/2 ton body on the 61 Chevy Impala chassis

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  20. MotorWinder

    Well I love it! A well done mod!
    But there again as another “car guy” pointed out … I like “vomit wagons” my 97 Boxster, and I like my 63 Poncho Rag top, and I like most any car …
    Bottom line, how could any true “car guy” not like a well done mod?

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  21. Meyer Ranch

    My dad built a 4WD 2 door ’63 Nova in the late 70’s on a International Scout chassis with a SBC. It was painted bright orange and I’m still looking for it! Mom sold it to a dealer in Washington state in the late 80’s. I’d love to have it back. Anyone know where I should start? I’ve tried, but haven’t been able to track a license plate or VIN number yet.

    This would be a good substitute, but my wife would kill me!

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  22. Glenn Schwass Member

    Great save for a 4 door. Perfect color and my favorite Chevy steering wheel…

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  23. chrlsful

    these cars (even the color?) were so ubiquitous (was it in every suburan/ urban driveway) that when I saw it I wuz immediately ‘back in the day’.

    U guys would hafta C a civic or corolla…

    Anyway, no departure or approach angle, suspect lill to -0- articulation – but 18 inches of ground clearance is enuff to get ‘back in there’ for some privacy w/a rod, some beers’n friends for – my fav – a bon fire’n some guitars. Like others I wish it wuz a car’n a truck (back pre-’96) but this could B nice. Defiantly give’em the thumbs up if goin by. Even hop in if offered. Just wouldn’t purchase it.

    Score nother 1 for Montana !

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