38k Documented Miles: 1961 Ford F100 Pickup

What a neat truck: just 38,000 original miles with the kind of wear and tear that only comes with years of gentle use. The truck comes from Montana, which has clearly helped to keep the body in excellent condition with no significant rust of any kind. The seller notes it was left parked for 10 years but still managed to fire up after some Marvel’s Mystery Oil was poured in and the plugs changed. The F100 features the desirable short bed and looks ready to enjoy. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $7K and the reserve unmet.

The modern wheels are the only real obvious deviation from stock, and I’ll allow it since they look so good. The short bed is the preferred look, no matter the make and model of the pickup in question. The seller notes that the history of the truck is quite interesting, as it was used by a farmer who towed it behind his grader while grading local roads – which means some of that low mileage was accumulated simply by being in tow. Aside from the seller, it has had just one family owner.

The interior presents extremely well, and the seller notes the floor is the only place where there’s any evidence of rust. The floor mat captured moisture below it, but even in looking at the gallery photos with the mat removed, I just see trace elements of surface rust. The list of mechanical improvements is quite long, as the seller wanted to use it as a daily driver for his son in the fair weather months. However, with the acquisition of a 4WD F250, the RWD F100 is now for sale.

I suspect bidding will go quite high for a survivor like this, but if you want a more affordable alternative, check out the long-bed F100 we have in the Barn Finds Exclusive listing from the large Georgia collection.  This F100 looks far worse than it really is, and the paint is quite nice underneath the coating of tree grime it currently sports. These Ford F100 pickups are likely only going to go up in value, so give me a yell if you’re looking for a vintage truck project.


  1. KSwheatfarmer

    This is a well above average condition unibody, especially in the lack of rust department.And this is what patina looks like to my eye.Might be time to lose the tow-bar mounts,unless the next owner wants to use it as a work truck which I doubt will be the case.Agree with Jeff, those wheels do look good on this model.As I’ve posted before,I have one of these only with much more us than it should have had to endure,not many pickups survive 50 plus years on the farm.

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  2. KSwheatfarmer

    Use not us on the above comment! Oops!

    My F-100,next on the list for revival

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  3. Matt R Member

    Big 1960 – 1966 F100 fan here. Don’t mind unibodys. This is a nice one. Not a lot of rot and a 4-speed too. I’d prefer a big v8 to the straight 6 and a 3 dial dash filled in but I’m being picky. I live near farm country in Northern California and you can still nab these cheaper than eBay. Last fall I looked at a 1964 F100 with a 368 dropped in it with a Hurst floor shifter and glass pack exhaust. It was a hoot. Very clean except for rot in the bed. He wanted 5k. My wife freaked out because money was tight at the time. I pushed hard but made a deal with her if I didn’t buy it I was taking half our tax return to put in a fun car fund. She said yes. Our tax return was huge this year due to withholdings and some other moves. I came out ahead. The search is on.

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  4. Howard A Member

    It’s a nice truck, but again, I don’t buy the 38K mile part and their zoom pictures always tell the tale. Thanks to this site, we see what a low mile truck is like occasionally. I’m convinced these people just don’t know what a low mile vehicle looks like and this ain’t it.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Pulled this one out of a junkyard near Levittown, PA. Should have left it there, wound up putting a cab that was supposed to be from Arizona, but alas the cab spent sometime underwater. Anyhoo- its done, 302 auto.This is a before shot!! Love these trucks!!

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    • Lance

      It was from Arizona. Arizona, New York.

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  6. KSwheatfarmer

    I just read the E-bay ad on this pickup, I think the mileage claim is legit.

  7. RoughDiamond Member

    That is one cool early 60’s F100. I think the Seller has done a great job with the presentation. The Seller said “The gentlemen documented all the maintenance in a book that we found in the glove box, that’s how we know the miles are only 38,000 and not 138,000”. He would have done himself a favor if he had included some pictures of this documentation in the listing.

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  8. firemedic2714

    It even gas the hard to find tailgate. Short bed, unibody, and a 4 speed. Insert V8 and have fun!

  9. Chinga Trailer

    I don’t believe the mileage claim, but it’s good people make up these stories, it let’s you know how much to trust everything else they say. Which is to say, I have never bought a “low miles” car as I know better.

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    • Howard A Member

      Thank you. I doubt it has 138K, but speedometers broke or were disconnected all the time, and the documents are nice, but like you say, we’ve seen enough low mile vehicles here and a lot of work has been done, making it perfectly drivable, it’s just not a low mileage truck.

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  10. Tony S.

    I really like this truck, my first p/u was a 1966 F-100 long box, 3 on the tree with a V8. I have a 1960 F-250 long box now, str8 Six with 4speed. The stated mileage makes me raise an eyebrow and remember the wisdom of the phrase “buyer beware”, predicated by P.T. Barnum’s “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

  11. John Taylor

    I like that but the floors look like they will need some attention due to the rust there. It would be a great resto body off project.

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