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Barn Find Italian: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Ever since I bought my Fiat 124 Spider, I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for the smaller and more economical Italian sports cars. I just wish I had gotten into these cars a lot sooner, so I could have bought an Alfa Romeo before their values skyrocketed. I’ve experienced Spiders and GTVs, but I’ve never had the chance to try out a Giulia Sprint and is on my long list of cars to own someday! So when I saw this 1963 Giulia 1600 Sprint GT barn find that’s being offered here on Lap63, I just had to feature it! Special thanks to Jeff over at BoldRide for tipping me off to this one!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Right off the bat, I better point out the problems with this car. Obviously is has some paint and rust issues. Having dealt with Italian cars, I can vouch for their proclivity to rust. I’ve experienced it first hand with my Fiat, it’s so bad that if you just think about moisture the car will start rusting! Alright, so it isn’t that bad, but close. I’m surprised to not see more holes in this Alfa, as it has some extensive surface rust. If it’s left much longer without proper treatment it will likely turn into a giant block of swiss cheese. And if that isn’t bad enough, it is located in the UK, so I still won’t get to experience it first hand. Hopefully one of our UK readers will be able to go have a look at it for us and report back!

1963 Alfa Giulia Sprint GT

Now you might be wonder why I would want to own one of these if I already know how badly they rust. Well that’s quite simple really, I love the styling of these cars and their wonderful twin cam engine! So much so that I’d be willing to commit to the constant battle that is fighting off the tin worm. You see, when the Giulia Sprint was introduced, it was actually just a Giulietta Sprint with the new drivetrain from the then new Giulia Saloon. This gave you the best of both worlds – the incredible looks of the Bertone style Giulietta Sprint and the power and performance of the new 1600 twin cam!

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Engine

Speaking of the 1600 twin cam, here is this Alfa’s beating heart! Well I don’t know if this heart is actually beating or if it is seized at this point. It looks complete, which is a major plus, but it will likely need to be rebuilt. I love the sound and performance of these twin cam engines, but as with any twin cam 4 cylinder, there will be more components to repair, restore and maintain. At least these have a timing chain instead of a belt (like my Fiat). I really wish the seller offered more information about the engine and its current condition, especially with their asking price.

1963 Alfa Romeo Sprint Interior

As you can see, restoration work won’t be limited to the exterior and possibly the engine, but to the interior as well. It actually looks to be in pretty good shape overall, but it will need new seat covers and cushions. The door panels look salvageable and while the dash pad has some bad spots, I think it would be repaired. I really love the looks of this interior and screams ’50s Italian grand touring car!

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600

Yes, this Alfa is in need of tons of work, but it looks like a decent starting point if you really want a Giulia Sprint GT to restore. I’d love to have it, but besides the fact that it’s in the UK, it’s also way out of my budget. The asking price is a shocking £27,000 ($38,560)! I guess these cars have gone the way of the air cooled Porsche and will likely just continue to go up in value. I guess I will just have to keep enjoying my Fiat until I win the lottery! Oh well, I can always dream, right?


  1. Squealey Healey

    Push it back in the barn, build a nice coffin for it.. Then bury it with full honours.

    I’ve had 7 of these Sprints. They are the worst rust traps on the planet.

    This one would cost 3 times its value to restore properly and then you have a repaired, rusty car. If you want one of these you need to scour the deserts for one.

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  2. wynkin

    From Northern France – it will be rusty.

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  3. Todd Radke

    If you are now drawn to small Italian sports cars, try a Lancia Beta Zagato. They can be had for $500 – 5000 for perfect. Undoubtedly the lowest priced Zagato bodied (OK just the back half) car in the world. The Beta was the successor to the famed and World Rally winning Fulvia. Fiat engine but still mainly Lancia engineered. Remove entirely or replace the USA crash bumpers with Euro bumpers, add lowering springs and you have a car that is still raced successfully in hillclimbs and track days around the world. Buy an ’80 – 82 for the fuel injected engine. Rust is a problem but no more than any other European manufacturer that was duped by promises of high quality steel by desperate collapsing Russian steel manufacturers.

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  4. Zaphod

    Agreed. Giulia Juniors were horrid little cars, and this one looks to be in “British” good condition: POS. an anemic 1600 fed by one twin choke solex or weber. They used to be the urban woman’s commuter. Fragile front end, nautical handling, but they did look pretty going off the road.

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  5. Brian Smith

    The price on this one is staggeringly high given its condition. I’ve seen very good examples struggle to sell at $38,000 USD. If it was an earlier 750 swb car AND a Veloce model, then maybe it would get close to his price.

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  6. Olaf E

    Last March 14th I’ve send you guys this link:


    Problems with my email?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Sorry Olaf, we must have missed that one!

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      • Olaf E

        No problem Jesse, I really was thinking something was wrong with my emails to you. On the other hand, I’m not the only one submitting finds, wandering how many tips you receive daily.

        BTW, loved your April 1 stories and the comments, looking forward to next year!

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  7. hhaleblian

    I sold a rusted out shell with wheels only for $4k and scratched my head why someone, the buyer, was peeing in his pants with glee. Did I miss something?

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