1963 Corvette Project for $2,500

1963 Corvette Project

Who here wouldn’t love to own a 1963 Corvette? If the current values have kept that dream out of reach, here is your chance! Well, sort of… The seller claims to be cleaning out the shop, so this Corvette, or what’s left of it, has gotta go. Find it here on eBay where it’s listed for $2,500 or best offer. That doesn’t seem too bad until you realize there is only a frame and part of a body here.┬áThere is no VIN tag or title either, so I’m not exactly sure what you could do with this ambitious project. Any bright ideas?

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  1. Desi

    Land fill?

  2. JohnD

    Listing ended because, get this, item was lost or broken. Truer words were never spoken . . .

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Wow, I have never seen that listed as a reason. Very fitting though!

  3. don

    no vin/title, probably stolen car at some point of its life, since listing ended. ­čśĽ

  4. jim s

    seller has 455 items for sale on ebay right now. if this had a title and VIN it might be worth some money.

  5. hhaleblian

    Well, an original Warhol will nick you for 6 figures. At $2500 it is cheap wall art?

  6. Chris

    I wonder what would make a bad project car if this is a good one as claimed by the seller. I have a bag of bolts and a wire tie in my shop. Is that a good project car?

    • JW454


      Are any of the bolts stripped? I might be interested. What color is the wire tie?

  7. DT

    I bet someone bought it!!

  8. Arthur

    If the chassis and suspension could somehow be salvaged and modified, it could be used as the basis for either a Corvette Grand Sport replica or a custom project. All that would need to be done is to apply for a new VIN or title.

  9. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    DT could be right. Maybe somebody needed a frame to replace a seriously rusted one. How many Split Window frames can there be sitting in garages gathering dust at this point? This one might be better than the one some Split Window owners have even if, as the seller says, it “may have scratches & other imperfections”.

  10. michael ponsano

    When I see things like this I wonder. ” watcha do wid the uter stuff thatsa sposta be thar?”

  11. Dan h

    Uh….yeah….it’s cool, I’ll pass…

  12. Barry

    $2,500.00? I would not give 25 cents for this.

  13. dj

    I would call this a mistake. You know the frame is rusted out and you’re basically buying a little fiberglass. Stay away. Far Far Away.

  14. Nichael Rogers

    To me the comments typify the current generation who are skilled of mouth but aren’t sure which end of a screwdriver to hold. The frame will have a number and any parts are what you don’t need to buy to “restore” the car.
    This has been going on for valuable cars for decades–you DO need something to identify that it started out as a car of value, there have been BUGATTi ROYALS and D Jags” restored” sometimes from bits of the same original “confirming” that they all started out as a D Jag. and now claim to be the restoration of the original one!

    • Arthur

      What kind of number would it need if it has no VIN?

  15. Hoby

    The frame is worth what an original 1963 owner would pay for it.

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