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1963 Ford Falcon Sprint: Ready To Soar

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

Before the Mustang came out, the Falcon was the lightweight Ford to have. Initially it was only offered with an inline six, but halfway through 1963 they introduced a new trim level, the Sprint. With the new option came a V8, bucket seats, and all the necessary upgrades to handle the extra power of the V8. Falcon Sprints are quite rare and finding one in nice original condition is unheard of these days. This example is claimed to be entirely original with essentially one owner (what ever that means) and has been gone through to make it roadworthy. It looks to be in great shape, but could use some detailing under the hood and in the interior. If you have always wanted to recreate the thrilling ’63 and ’64 Monte Carlo Rally with your own Falcon Sprint, this one can be found here on eBay in Red Hook, New York


  1. Vince Habel

    These are as much fun as a Mustang. Just a different dress.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      From what I understand, it is also lighter than a Mustang. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at them though.

  2. RayT Member

    Always loved these! I can remember one being raced in California Sports Car Club events when I was a wee lad, and its performance was pretty impressive. I’ve wanted a replica of that car — it was gold, not white — ever since.

    The price seems a bit steep to me, but then I can remember when similar cars were available from used-car lots for three-digit prices. I’d keep it pretty much as-is today, though in past times I pondered Cobra engine mods and wondered how (or if) a four-Weber manifold would fit!

  3. Metoo

    The craigs list ad is a bit much in the way of hyperbole.

    “Other than a little light surface rust underneath this Sprint is as it rolled off the assembly line in February of 1963.”

    Only if the assembly line process consisted of dipping the engine in a well used grease pit then throwing a few shovelfuls of dirt on it before giving it the seal of approval. If I saw a engine compartment like that in a showroom, I would be out the door. And I think this car is WAAAAAAAAY overpriced. The Falcon that was shown here on the 18th with a start asking price of 4200 was a much better deal if one were to buy it and stick a few grand into it (nowhere near a 20k total). Opinions may vary, and this is just mine.

  4. Dolphin Member

    I can remember the car mags carrying stories about the Falcon Sprints that competed in the Monte Carlo rally back around ’63. That was a winter rally, and US-made cars just didn’t go over there and compete in any rallys back then, especially winter ones. They were pretty much races on public roads in bad weather, so it was a pretty big achievement that Ford had with the Sprints back then. I think I have a brochure that Ford put out about the Sprints competing in the Monte somewhere in my files.

    But as Ray said, $20K is a lot for a Falcon, so you have to really want a Sprint to do this deal, as nice as the car is. The alternative for me would be a ’65 or ’66 Fastback with a few needs. They look better and are appreciating assets that you could justify putting money into.

    As much as I like what the Falcon Sprint started, I’d rather go for a Fastback. But this Sprint definitely deserves someone to care for it and bring it out to Show ‘N Shines so people can see it and maybe learn about Ford’s success in Europe back then.

  5. Rancho Bella

    I would very much would like to bring the car back to SoCal. I have been looking for a ’63 Sprint in white with a 4 speed for a while. This fits the bill perfectly. I have contacted the owner.

    But, the ask is to much, the engine bay looks horrible, the shipping would kill me.

    Damn………………and what Dolphin wrote.

    • Rancho Bella

      I forgot. The engine is supposed to be black, it isn’t. Also the 260 had 164 h.p which won’t tear up the asphalt but these can be made to do better. Remember, the 260 was in the first A.C Cobras

  6. jim s

    it is $20k to start and with a reserve so this is going to be costly. it does have some work already done but still needs more. the sprint is a nice car but falcons are not bring mustang money yet or are they. great find

  7. Joe

    24 minutes left and zero bids. Too pricey.

  8. Ric Parrish

    We had a ’63, but the six. It was absolutely bullet proof, if we had kept it I imagine it would still be running.

  9. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    If you can live without the Sprint roofline, the V8, and the four-speed…. Well, there’s a ’64 in Arizona for $6,500 here on craigslist. I would still hold out for a Sprint myself, but PaulG sent in the link to this one and it does look like a good find.

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