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1964 Ford Falcon Sprint For $3,600!

1964 Ford Falcon Sprint

For the past couple years I’ve secretly pined for a Ford Falcon! Yes, I know the Mustangs are essentially the same, only more desirable. I think what’s so appealing about them to me is the fact that they don’t look overly sporty, yet they are just as capable as their Mustang sibling. With the right upgrades, this Falcon Sprint could give any Mustang or Camaro a run for its money, all while looking quite civilized and mature. Oh and did I mention that you can pick this one up for just $3,600? That seems like a lot of fun for the money! Find this Sprint here on eBay in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri.

1964 Ford Falcon Interior

So it isn’t all sunshine with this one, although there might be some light shining through the floors. The seller admits it has some rust issues that need to be addressed.

1964 Ford Falcon Engine

It also has engine problems, but no word is given as to what might be wrong. The claim the original carb was professionally rebuilt and that the engine does turn over. Hopefully it just needs a tune up! Being a Sprint model means it’s packing a V8, but it is a 260. I hate to admit it, but I would be tempted to swap it out for a 289 with a 4 speed! With that combo, you’d have one mean little Falcon.

1964 Ford Falcon Sprint V8

This one is going to need quite a bit of work, but I think it would be a good project! Whether you fix it up and leave the 260 or you upgrade it with a 289, you’ll have a fun car that you just don’t see that often. If this one was closer, I’d be seriously interested in it! How about you?


  1. angliagt

    Could be a great deal, If it’s as good as the ad sounds like.

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  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    It’s not one of the big dollar early models – but a worthy contender – I’d have to see it as to the level of preservation/modding – weird fisheye photos – dunno where that’s going- seller appears frank

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  3. piper62j

    This model and the 64 Fairlane are my favorite light weight body styles.. I’d keep the 260 (numbers matching) and do a full blown overhaul to hype up the horse power.

    Better inspect this one yourself before laying down any $$$.. Seller seems distant on the cars’ true condition..

    Good project..

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  4. Howard A Member

    I’ve always liked Falcons. I think I had a few in my day. Falcon’s were some of the hottest sticks out there, especially, the Sprint. ( not the ones I had, however) I’m sure many Sprint’s ( and non-Sprint V-8 Falcon’s) dusted most Mustangs of the day. I had a buddy that had a ’63 Futura 2 door, 6 cylinder, and got a ’64 Sprint, and put everything from the Sprint into the ’63. THAT was fun car. He trashed it, of course, wrapped it around a telephone pole, or something. I remember, it had terrible rear axle hop, and needed some sort of traction bars, but it must have had the right combo drive train, because even stock, it went pretty good. I didn’t really care for the ’64 styling, but they were nice cars. BTW, Josh, I love your optimism ( although, it’s very annoying to us pessimists) but this is going to need more than a “tune-up” ( unless your idea of a tune up is taking the motor apart) Cool car. Well worth it.

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    • tom schweikert

      my friends 260 powered ragtop 3 speed would get wheelhop in 2nd gear

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  5. Ben T. Spanner

    My college roommate had a 1964 Falcon Ranchero with a 289 4 speed. It was red on red. A very nice running vehicle.

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    • Barney.G

      My ’64 Ranchero, I got it in Austin, TX while in exile from New Orleans after Katrina.

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  6. Larry K

    I prefer this body style over any Mustang or Camaro out there.

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  7. Fred Hill

    This car has some very hard to find rare original Sprint bits, like that faux wood Sprint steering wheel and what looks like original saveable upholstery inside. Having had a ’64 the same found for $800 in not even quite this good original condition I restored, I can say this is a must-buy car for those wanting Shelby GT-350 roots and performance when set up right and what to me, is just nearly as interesting car with Monte Carlo Rallye Heritage. Very Cool… WANT !!

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  8. BOP_GUY Greg Member

    Love it! I’ve liked these for years and have watched as they’ve gone up in value as of late. I think I’d put in a 289 4v and a four speed tranny and enjoy it!

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  9. Paul R

    Neat little car!
    Needs a 302 or 351 Windsor to replace the anemic 260. A 5.0 fuel injected mustang donor with a 5 speed would be a nice option also!

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  10. stillrunners

    Owned two 64’s both convert’s one had the 260 swapped in and the other was an original 260 1 owner – both bench seat auto’s…..

    see that dash……see that steering wheel trim ring…..take the center horn button off a 65 Mustang steering wheel trim ring….and you’ll see that Falcon Sprint horn ring….

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  11. Mike Reese

    Always wanted a Falc since I was a kid..

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  12. Snotty

    Wouldn’t have any reservations, bumpin up to a 289 or 351, absolutely a 4spd. Only thing I don’t care about these cars is the grille. Much like the 65 comet which has a cooler grille. with all factory instrumentation,Oil,Temp Gas and Alt. gauges instead of idiot lights.

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  13. tom schweikert

    needs a 327

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