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1964 Pontiac GTO: Crusher Bound

1964 Pontiac GTO

You’ve got to love the idle threats made on eBay: if this damaged ’64 GTO here on eBay doesn’t sell for $13,250, it’s crusher bound! I find that hard to believe considering the local scrap yard will only give you a few hundred bucks and that’s a big spread between a few benjamins and $13K. Of course, in instances like these, if the seller lowered their price to a respectable number for a car needing complete restoration and accident repair, they might make out better than what Pick ‘N Pull will offer them, plus they’ll gain all sorts of new inventory space in that very cool showroom the car is currently stored in. There’s another piece of information in the ad that always makes me chuckle: “Before anyone says anything about the price….” – frankly, that’s just plain silly to include. It’s basically an admission of knowing the asking price is too high. But enough of my nitpicking; does anyone else think this fender-bender victim can be rescued for a fair price?


  1. Warren

    Wow, I would not even inquire on this one based on the attitude of the seller. I have sold vehicles in all kinds of condition on eBay and have never had the experiences of this guy. The seller may want to take the effort and get it outside and shoot some credible pics of the car if he (or she) is going to ask some decent coin for it. Spend a few bucks extra to get the supersize pics at the same time. This stuff is not rocket science.

  2. Tom

    I don’t think I would buy that car. Not because of the price or the rust, but because he sounds like a very angry man.

    • z1rider

      I don’t think Barn Finds should even dignify this approach to selling a special interest car. The free publicity only increases the chance that this cretin will get more than it’s worth. Go ahead, crush it. It will enhance the value (ok, very slightly I admit) of the remaining GTO’s.

      My vote would be for Barn Finds to resolve to never list an ad with irrational threats again.

      • Michael

        I so totally agree. Barn finds, I would like to not give any time, press or credence to ” cretins” like this. I unfortunately read his e-bay posting and so wish I didn’t . It has bothered me all evening the anger and arrogance of this low wattage idiot. I would have liked to have invested in this car but not at this price and defiantly not with this guy and his attitude. SHAME on so many different levels

  3. Barzini

    Typically, GTO sellers include the Pontiac Historical Society (PHS) documents that authenticate the car is a true GTO and pictures of the VIN plates (which would also back up the claim it’s an early production car). It’s probably legit but odd that they are not included in the ad.

    The angry seller ads usually put me off but this one – particularly the crusher threat – is amusing because it is so bizzare. I know some potential buyers can be obnoxious but responding in kind does not serve your own interests.

  4. Mike D

    I agree that the seller is angry/ obnoxious/sarcastic … If I don’t get $13K for it, I will send it to the crusher.. waah waah ! I agree with Warren, the seller should at least attempt to drag it out of hiding and take decent pics , not specific about how badly damaged the wreck was . the seller also says the car was repainted a different color, it must have been a poor job by the way the paint is flaking on the deck lid . if sending it to the crusher is the only other option, I’d say go ahead!! ( and, I like GTOs )

  5. George

    I think he should just crush it no matter what. That will show us. He might as well crush his nose also and spite his face.

  6. Rich

    I asked the seller for the VIN/Dataplate, we’ll see if he posts it. Other than his word, there is no real proof that it’s a GTO. For $13k I think he’s going to have to provide a bit more info.

  7. Justin

    The owner states that the original engine is included. Is that the engine and transmission sitting on the ground? All GTOs came with 4 barrel carburetors and the carburetor that is on that engine is a 2 barrel. Where is the picture of the other engine? I would like to know what I was buying before handing over any money! The price does go up if the top comes down but SHOW ME THE PHS DOCUMENTS!

    • Metoo

      Ask him those questions. I am sure you will get a response along the lines of “How DARE you question me! No soup for you!”

  8. George

    Wasn’t the 64 still a Tempest and the GTO was an optional package?

  9. OhU8one2

    What a perfect way to end the day I’ve had. The seller is an absolute idiot. You never run a ad for a rare car with threat’s! Your picture’s suck. You say you have 90 something percent of the part’s but still it’s a mystery if anything is missing. Do you even know what a 64 GTO hood even look’s like? With NO picture,we all just have to take your word for it. The car should have a two-speed automatic. Does it? And the A/C,is it factory? Your picture’ s just don’t tell the story. And with the vibe you project,along with the attitude,not many people will ask you question’s. It’s like we had to bother you or something. And my favorite line about NOT unlocking the door until you see cash! Let me enlighten your hick mind,these GTO’s were and are easily faked,and misrepresented and before anyone lay’s down the wad of cash your asking,they deserve to view the car without all the JUNK scattered around. So gather up some of your good ol boy buddies and clean your crap up and make the car presentable. A 64 GTO deserves that much. You have a car that is credited with changing the auto industry,and you have NO idea what’s so ever. Tell me about John DeLorean and Jim Wangers and earn our respect . Your not selling it to Stevie Wonder so man up! Your not going to get Barrett Jackson money for a bondo bomb. I wish you the best.

  10. JIm

    I sent him a message through eBay letting him know that I’d give him $1,000.00 more than the crusher. I love how he values the tires in the last pic but not the car. This is hilarious !!

  11. Ed P

    ooooooo! It has an 8 track player! You don’t see that very often! I think Jim has the right idea, $1k over the crusher price seems about right for this pile of parts.

  12. Rocco Member

    I want to read more about this classic.
    The auto. trans. bolted to the 2 barrel eng. is a two speed Turbine 300 that came in Buick, Olds, & Pontiacs until the Turbo 350 came out in ’69. It is similar to a Chevy Power-glide, but different.
    I seems he is defending whether it is a GTO to start with. Maybe it is a Lemans that his dad converted back when his other son bought it. It sounds like he’s saying the the 2 barrel eng. is the original one bolted to the trans. Maybe he’ll take some more pics that are clearer.
    Oh well, what an attitude.

  13. randy

    Ebay ad is down, guess he could not handle the fire he lit!

    • Metoo

      I am sure that the ad is gone because he had someone offer him a gazillion bucks for it. (sarcasm, off)

  14. Charles

    Maybe he decided to crush it instead of selling it? His ad was so ridiculous if it was almost funny.

  15. JW

    Sad but true there are people out there like this guy. Before the internet I’ve run in to a few guys who thought what they had was gold and you better not even touch it until you gave them your checkbook. Times haven’t changed that much just the way they do their disrespectful business.

    • Oldstuff 1941

      Sounds like we ran into some of the same people in our quest for these old rides… LOL… Usually when I ran into one of these types I would just immediately turn and walk away not saying another word,…unless I really wanted the car, truck, motorcycle,boat or whatever it was they were selling…

      It was a few of those times that I didn’t walk and decided to just tuff it out and try to connect with the seller and listen to the bullcrap,…that I got some really fantastic deals on some nice rare vehicles …Setting aside those ‘Few’ times,… the rest were a total waste of time trying to be nice and deal with the clueless….

      People like this individual selling the GTO >( I got a hint it might even be a woman bearing a hint of jealousy against her Dad and Brother)…who sound like they got saddled with the task of selling off an estate of a passed away relative, sometimes seem to develop this kinda attitude… Who knows?… but anyway… As Pontiac Muscle Fan,…
      I hope somebody was able to talk some sense into this individual and save the car regardless of the attitude. Any Muscle car that is not a total wreck and rust bucket is worth saving to me… We are in a time when it seems that the powers that be are wanting to eliminate every hint of history and heritage.

  16. DON

    seller was/is a total crazy idiot! , I hope he crushed it to get his 300 bucks at best.

  17. Chris A.

    I just hope he was sitting in the front seat with the $300 when it was crushed. Idiot. Speaking of crushed cars, the crushed/cube Christmas present Porsche that Paul N. gave to Robert Redford is/was turned into a sculpture art piece in Redford’s garden. Wonder what the famous Newman/Redford crushed Porsche art piece would go for at Barrett-Jackson?

  18. pursang

    The seller sure has worked hard to take all of the fun out of this. He sounds like the retired marketing director of a pet euthanasia service.

    Based on the obvious questions posted here, and the snotty answers, not worth the effort.

    • Jeff Staff

      Pursang, this made me laugh quite hard.

  19. David

    The seller is obviously angry for some reason, who knows…i see many ads poorly done, bad out of focus pics, very short description. This and rude people answering ads don’t make a good mix. maybe he should pay someone alittle money to put a better ad up, one with a lot of pics, avoiding this type of situation.

  20. St.Ramone de V8

    I was ready to bid, but if those bald mismatched tires aren’t included then I’m out…

  21. Tom

    Guess it is on it’s way to the crusher.
    “This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available”
    The guy still does not have a clue, but he has excuses
    “Q: So let me make sure i’m straight on this…you’re sure that if I show up with the cash (flashing it before i’m allowed to enter, you wouldn’t sell the car if i wanted the 5 JUNK tires that are shown in the poorly taken picture? You should be careful of how rude you are in the listing because as you can tell, all you’re getting are rude comments to the requests that your demanding. Maybe read all of the other listings(a few thousand) that are very polite and don’t get any “stupid” questions for the seller. Jun-24-15
    A: First off, for the whole “flash the cash”. We want to make sure the buyer is serious about purchasing the car. We don’t give “three hour tours” since this isn’t Gilligan’s Island, especially to people who aren’t truly interested in buying it. I am going to repeat what is said in the description. I am ONE person. I cannot manhandle the fenders in the “poorly taken picture” to get better pictures. I don’t have a place to put the “JUNK” tires in order to take better photos since this is a storage building. If better pictures need taken then the price will GO UP since I will have to hire help. Better yet, want me to just rebuild the car for you too? And again, I would like to state as in the description that I am DEFENDING myself. I can’t help that I sound rude. Apparently it’s the only way any of you will listen since most of you are questioning my attitude rather than actually being interested in the car. All I want is a little extra money for my family. “Don’t like it? Step on. ”

    Ask seller a question

    • Jeff Staff

      Wow. Just wow. I’m not the cheeriest person in the world but I practically have zeal for life compared to this curmudgeon.

      • Dickie F

        Moving right along…..

    • Oldstuff 1941

      As I mentioned in my comment to JW above,…After reading the complete EBAY listing, (whew! … it was an experience for sure)…These responses and the attitude for some reason convey to me that this might be a woman, who was tasked with selling off an estate of a dad who passed away…

      I have been buying, restoring and selling old vintage type cars since I was 15. I am 62 now. I have run into more than a couple of these type situations…They get frustrated with all the guys who come in with ridiculous offers and condescending attitudes and in turn, they get frustrated and angry…. It’s a shame too because usually they end up in a no better off position..

  22. Metoo

    Guy should have this at the top of the ad: “Being offered by “Mr. Total Douchenozzle” (“cause calling him the “bag” just ain’t enough)

  23. Jason

    “If better pictures need taken then the price will GO UP since I will have to hire help.”


    • Metoo

      “If better pictures need taken then the price will GO UP since I will have to hire help, because I’m a complete moron.”

      There. Finished it for him.

  24. Panjammer

    What a muppet! According to his feedback and bio, he’s a young kid in college using the proceeds of what he sells to fund his tuition. Hopefully he can sign up for course in customer relationship management 101, he needs it! His Ebay feedback as a seller though was all good surprisingly.

    You see similar posts on Craigslist all the time from “angry” sellers yelling about not wasting their time or threatening to delete any texts they receive because they want you to call only.

    Just don’t get some people.

  25. Wayne

    Jason, any item is only worth what the buyer will pay. I know they say there’s a sucker born every minute, but I think that time may have stood still for you.

    • Jason

      spockbones, is that you??

  26. John L

    I’m reminded of the old Car and Driver Magazine cover where they threatened to shoot a dog if the reader didn’t do something (I forget what, it was years ago)…..That didn’t go over very well either.

  27. Tom S.

    Reminds me of this.


  28. Chebby

    Step on.

    You’re twisting my melon, man!

  29. Bill Gillooly

    Wasn’t that “National Lampoon” magazine? The one that had a cover “If you don’t buy this magazine, we’ll shoot this dog.”

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