1965 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible Survivor!

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There are times when tackling someone’s unfinished project can be fraught with heartache. At other times, it doesn’t seem so bad as a buyer can see exactly what they are getting themselves into. The latter scenario appears to be the case with this 1965 Impala SS Convertible. The owner describes it as a work in progress, but it now needs a buyer who is willing and able to complete what the owner has started. Located in Binghamton, New York, you will find the Impala listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding currently sits at $11,100, and the reserve has been met. I have to say thank you to Barn Finder Larry D for referring the Impala to us.

The Convertible is finished in Tahitian Turquoise, and the first thing to note is that it has some rust issues for the buyer to tackle. This is in many of the usual locations, including the lower fenders, lower rear quarter panels, and the rockers. None of this is bad, and most areas could be addressed with patches. The floors hold some good news, as there are no major rust issues to address. There’s a fair coating of surface corrosion but little, if any, penetrating rust. The news might not be quite as good with the frame. It looks like there might be some holes developing on the driver’s side, and there is evidence that suggests that there may have been a previous repair. It is interesting that the issues with the frame are confined to this side because it is also where the external rust is at its worst. The trim and chrome appear very respectable for a driver-quality car, while the owner includes a brand new white soft-top that is still in the carton as part of the deal.

Chevrolet offered several engines in the 1965 Impala range, and this car features the venerable 283ci V8. This should be squeezing out 195hp, which finds its way to the rear wheels via a 2-speed Powerglide transmission. The little V8 will be hauling 3,787lbs, so the ¼-mile ET of 18.7 seconds isn’t surprising. The list of work that the owner has performed is long, but there is more for the buyer to undertake before the car could be considered mechanically sound. He has replaced both the fuel and water pumps and has fitted a new dual exhaust with Flowmasters. He has also rebuilt the radiator, replaced most of the front end, and converted the car to electronic ignition. There are a few fluid leaks for the buyer to tackle and what appears to be a blown head gasket. A gasket kit is included to address this, but something in the transmission will also require attention. When the owner places it into Park, the vehicle will still roll. With the transmission pan gasket also leaking, the Powerglide will require some further investigation.

The first thing to note about this Impala’s interior is that it is original and unmolested. Nobody has pulled the original radio to fit an aftermarket unit, no surfaces have been cut to install speakers, and there are no additional gauges. It is precisely as the good people at Chevrolet intended, which can be a rarity in these cars. The interior is also acceptable if the buyer plans to retain the vehicle as a survivor. If they are seeking a pristine appearance, it will need work. The dash, wheel, and console all look pretty good, but the door trims and seat covers have seen better days. The carpet looks like it might be okay, but it is hard to be sure due to the quality of the supplied photos. Some gauges don’t function, so those will also need to be investigated. The buyer will need to spend some time and money, but the results should be worth the effort.

The Impala SS remains a popular classic, and the 1965 Convertible ramps up that desirability a notch. Values have avoided the downward spiral that has afflicted other classics since the beginning of 2020, but they also haven’t risen. Fully restored, this is a car that should easily command a price beyond $30,000 if it went onto the market. It needs some work to get it to that point, but the bidding action suggests that a few people can see that it has potential. It will take time, patience, and money to get it to that point, so it will be interesting to see if any of our readers will be willing to take the plunge.

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  1. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    A nice drop top.
    God bless America

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  2. Gregory

    You could get a six cylinder in a Super Sport in any car but a Chevelle SS

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    • ADM

      My grandmother had a ’64 SS, with the 230 six(The 250 came out for ’66). It was white with a red interior. Luckily, she only had it for about six months, because of electrical problems. She traded it back in, and wound up with the owner of the dealership’s own ’64 Impala SS convertible, with the 250 horse 327.

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  3. Mike Maue

    1965 Impala SS ?? My first car

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  4. Dave

    Identical to one a high school buddy had. It was running on five cylinders and couldn’t make it up the hill to my parents house but $50 bought a 65 station wagon with a 327. I towed it with my dad’s 67 F100 and an afternoon later we were high rollers!

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  5. Steve Clinton

    The more I read, the less excited I got. LOL

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  6. charlieMember

    For $11,000 you could do better.

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  7. cmarvMember

    Rougher than a cob , patched frame and all . @ over $13k they are very lucky sellers . I used to go salmon fishing in Binghampton NY , I caught some big fish but this seller has any one of mine beat a hundred times over . Wow .

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  8. Curt Lemay

    Het Chet. Your post is popular, but why? The Johnny Cash mention or the lament over lost union rights and associated lifestyle? I feel your pain fella, man I am glad I am old.

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  9. cb yeah!

    My favorite shape and design etc except I would prefer a stick – I had a red 327 65 ss basket case around 1995 and ex wife burned any pics I had. Sold it for 2x what I paid for it in 1999 like 3k lol as time goes on – as far as ex-wife It was worth it! lol I would love that car in great condition my life isn’t over yet!

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