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1965 Corvette Sting Ray: Wrecked And Parked


This yellow 1965 Corvette here on craigslist was wrecked and subsequently parked in a garage in the ’80s, where it has remained ever since. Equipped from the factory with side pipes and a manual transmission, it’s at least a desirable configuration despite its dilapidated condition. The seller makes no mention of whether the car is a numbers matching example, but he does have a title which should make things easier for the next owner. The wide rear rubber may be some indication that the car has been altered from stock in other ways, as these were nothing but a cheap muscle car going into the late 70s. I love the color combo of yellow over black and always thought side pipes were a must on the Sting Ray, but the $25,000 asking price may scare most project car-seekers away – unless you have an interesting trade the seller can make money on.


  1. JW

    Got to laugh as he admits his consideration of trades as long as he makes money. This would be a nice Corvette to own but they are very expensive to restore and with this one wrecked it could cost considerably more. No Thanks !!!

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    • Tom Member

      For sure,Great cars but this one will put you in the poor house,Been there to many times with these

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  2. Rick

    Gotta love the rare car! Rare car! In that condition, yes they are….

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  3. Rick

    $25K is pretty strong

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  4. Charles

    Rough 52K miles.

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  5. grant

    He’s willing to take a c-2 project as partial trade for his c-2 project?

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    • Dolphin Member

      That’s seller’s doublespeak for ‘I don’t want this yellow busted up p.o.s. around any more, but if someone wants to give me more than it’s worth I’ll take it’

      especially, as the seller said, “if I think I can make money on it”.

      After all it is a pretty rare ‘Vette, because according to the listing it runs on diesel.

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  6. Jim

    1. It is an AO Smith body which means it did NOT come with side pipes from the factory.
    2. The notation of a rusty frame and rust in the door hinge pockets would rule the car out for a reasonable restoration. Cheaper to buy a finished car.

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  7. Bruce E

    Wants 25 grand and can’t take a picture with a $300.00 camera…(not that I can’t see this is a mess…) fuzzy pics don’t do it for me, kind of like wadded in a barn with no REAL pics. Come on guys, you want to SELL it, show us what you got…

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    • Barry T

      You could take better pictures than these with a $75.00 dollar camera.

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  8. dogwater

    Its worth about 10K

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  9. the chucker

    $25K….the price of regret.

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  10. Steve

    I’ll take two scoops of Nope!

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  11. Tom Member

    I love barn finds! Interesting, informative and a bit of comedy! By accident does he mean tornado? I feel like we are missing a picture of this vette upside down in a corn field after a E5 twister. Can’t you just picture a tree branch sticking through that hole in the door? the paint on it looks like it saw some 150 mph winds with a cow flying over top of it! Buy this an you will feel the sting of this ray!

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  12. 64 bonneville

    seller list 327/365Hp. if memory serves me well the 365HP was the fuel injection model of the 327. This has a carb and no ignition shielding. With the amount of fiber glass replacement, along with the semi-gutted interior, at most a $5K car, if you are very drunk and high on illegal substances, and Bill Gates is funding the buy.

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  13. PRA4SNW

    He should keep it because it is going up in value.
    After all, it has the “Very rare!” 327/365 diesel fuel option!

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  14. Jeff Staff

    Thanks for the great commentary guys – might explain why the car is still available. ;-)

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