1965 Rambler Classic 660: Stored Since 1983!

The seller tells us that this is a one-family owned 1965 Rambler Classic that hasn’t been on the road since 1983. Not only that, but it is showing only 20,800 miles and that it hasn’t flipped over! Whether you’re convinced of that or not, this inexpensive Classic is worth a look–the auction is listed here on eBay, and since the buy it now price is $2,799 and lower offers are welcomed, I suspect it will find a new owner shortly. It’s located in Door County, Wisconsin despite the auction listing stating New Mexico.

It is quite apparent from these pictures that the car hasn’t been removed from it’s storage location yet. We can’t even see what the front end of the car looks like, but this similar car from oldparkedcars.com will give you an idea. Not only that, but the seller states that there is one dented fender and therefore a replacement fender is included in the auction. Unfortunately, they decline to show us much of the dent unless the one on the right of this picture is all it is. If that’s it, I’d either live with it for a while or see if it could be finessed back out.

I’m hoping this is both the original paint and that it can be saved. Obviously it won’t be perfect, and your decision about the dented fender could affect how you proceed with the body, but in my inexpensive four door classic dreams, it comes out just fine and my local dent removal shop can straighten the fender without damaging the paint.

What’s this? Three pedals? An unexpected surprise! Although, unfortunately, early VINs like this car has don’t tell us as much detail as today’s 17-digit numbers, we can tell from this website that the J at the beginning of the number means that the car was originally equipped with the 199 cubic inch inline six, which was the smallest available engine. The interior looks like it might be ok, although by no means perfect, and if the mileage really is that low, who knows. Realistically, even with 120k miles it could be okay, right?

The 1965 Rambler Classics were marketed as the “Sensible Spectaculars,” which apart from the alliteration seems to make little sense. The styling is pretty clean, though, and the 660 was the mid-range car with some of the nicer features of the 770 model. All in all, if you are interested in a somewhat different four-door classic, this could be the find for you. Please let us know if one of you readers takes the plunge into AMC ownership!


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  1. mike D

    you’re making an issue about the fender, but, I would be more concerned about the roof! who knows what is hidden under all that ” debris” ? and, btw, wouldn’t consider a Rambler anyways :)

  2. Pat

    6 cyl, stick, radio blank plate, and I don’t see heater controls either…as basic as you can get…

    • Rodent

      I had to Google some pictures of another dash. Heater controls are to the left of the steering column, under the headlight switch.

    • olddavid

      In 1963, my Father bid on some damaged in transit Americans. He won the bid but had to wait six weeks for the paperwork. In early October, he went to pick them up, only to find they were destined for Hawaii and therefore had no heaters. For sale in northern Idaho. It took almost two months to get parts and equip them properly.

  3. Mountainwoodie

    Here we go again………….someone trying to flip a car without making the slightest effort to make it either presentable or viewable. Just lazy ……. but predictable.

  4. Howard A Member

    You know, we look at this in horror, but to be honest, this is how you find them. A good days cleaning, this would look like a different car. I doubt the mileage, as usual, but a great find. I agree, this was one basic car when ordered.

    • Sam

      Ditto Howard, that is how you find them. I think an automatic would have been a surprise. If I were the seller I would spend a day cleaning it. An AMC enthusiast will will buy…cheap fair weather driver. I’ve been to Door County this year…nice mix of old and new cars….usually high rollers out of Chicago with high dollar exotics.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Sam, 10-4 on the Door County. I heard, the “Schumacher’s” as in Electric and drag racing, have their “summer” compound there.

  5. Warren

    I just wish folks would spend the extra few cents to opt for the supersize pictures. Makes it easy to blow up and look for things like an Overdrive handle in or under the dash.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Warren, I agree, it’s always a let down if you can’t zoom in. Maybe the seller doesn’t want you to zoom in,,,

  6. Bill

    That’s maybe a $500 car. Ramblers are not highly sought after to begin with, with pristine restored cars brining maybe $7-8k.

  7. Nevis Beeman

    Somebody will be happy….lets just hope she goes to a good caring, new owner,
    and not altered to much, and used to be enjoyed !

  8. redwagon

    Gramps needed transportation so he bought the cheapest car he could. An AMC four door Rambler with a six cylinder and a manual on the tree. Oh by the way he don’t need no stinking radio either.

  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    Howard – spot on – sure it’s a Rambler, but the condition and where/how it’s found is the story – love to see it after a scrub

  10. jim

    A 4 door Rambler Classic. If it were a running and driving car in decent shape, it would be worth about 3k.
    A basket case like this… Not worth half of the Buy It Now price.
    Below pictured is my ’65 Classic, that was sold a couple years back. Mine had the 287 V8, was a two tone, ran and drove good, and in pretty decent shape. Took months and months to find a buyer at 3k.

  11. Scrapdaddy

    My parents bought a new 1964 660 Rambler Classic for $3500, I hated it, but when I turned 16 that was the car they let me drive. Did I mention the front seats folded down flat with the back seats! I loved that car. :)

  12. Allen Member

    ‘ Wish they had the right link to ebay. Forget “collectible”, forget “performance”, think “good”. These were really good cars!

  13. GP Member

    My 1965 Classic is a 550 model and does have a automatic, a factory push button radio and one ordered ash tray.( you could order two).

  14. hank

    My uncle had one—same color, 3 on the tree. Should have had a couple of the above pics with some AFTER THEY CLEANED IT UP. TOO LAZY.

    I’ve always wanted one of these, but can’t see enough of it to make a decision

  15. Speedo

    I bought a ’72 Skylark convertible from the original, elderly owner. It was well optioned but no radio. She said you can’t hear the radio with the top down!

  16. Robin

    My first car was the 63 Rambler 660. It was 18 years old and falling apart when I paid my $300. But I rebuilt that baby and loved it more than any other vehicle I’ve ever owned. If the Northridge earthquake hadn’t stolen it from me, I would still be driving that car. Wish I could purchase this one myself

  17. Paul Gray

    Always been a Rambler fan. Love my 64 Rambler American with Ford 5.0 engine and drivetrain.

    • 68 custom

      cool ride!

    • BMW4RunninTundra

      I would LOVE to see a few more in depth pics of your Sleeper!!! I would be willing to guess that there has been more than one or twenty jaws dropped once the finally caught up to you!!!

  18. Scrapdaddy

    Our 64 must have been the deluxe model, it had a v8, a/c and a chrome tissue box holder under the dash. it had a big R on it for Rambler, but I used to think it for my me, Ron. :)

  19. Wayne

    Speaking of “strippers”, I have a 60 Imperial Custom Coupe that has manual seats, manual windows, no air and…radio delete!

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