Forward Thinking: 1966 Dodge A100

1966 Dodge A100

It would seem this seller has a thing for old odd trucks! Besides having this forward control A100 truck, there is a VW truck parked next to it and several other interesting rigs around it. This Dodge has seen better days, but it looks like a decent project. They have it listed here on eBay in Reno, Nevada with a BIN of $5k.

1966 Dodge A100 Interior

The forward control (cab over) design really is intriguing, but don’t ever get in a front end collision in one of these! I’ve had the opportunity to ride in on of these trucks and it’s an interesting feeling to be seated right upfront. I will note that the engine was quite loud and put a lot of heat in the cab.

1966 Dodge A100 Engine

Speaking of the engine, this truck is powered by a good old slat six! I know, it isn’t as much fun as a V8, but these are great engines for daily driving. They are smooth, offer decent torque and aren’t quite as hard on fuel as a V8. The seller notes that the engine doesn’t currently run, but that it turns over freely.

1966 Dodge A100 Truck

This truck has lots of dents, dings, scratches and rust, but being a Nevada car I don’t see any rust holes. The bed looks solid, but the tailgate clearly isn’t original. I would be tempted to just clean this little truck up, get it running and sort the brakes. It would look amazing will new paint, but I would want to use it to haul parts, lumber and tools. With new paint, I’d be too worried about scratching it that I wouldn’t ever use it. As long as there isn’t any serious rust, I would treat it with rust inhibitors.


  1. Geebee

    It is amazing, when you look at vehicles like these, how little regard was given to safety…..not really all that many years ago

    • Andy

      The VW Vanagon was still being sold in the US in the ’80s, and the 2nd generation Type 2 just went out of production a few years ago, and teeny tiny FC vans and pickups are still being churned out in Japan today! I drove a ’66 Microbus for a couple of years in the late ’80s, used to rest my left foot on the headlight shell. Dangerous? Yes. But if I could depend on a Microbus, or an American FC for that matter, and could keep it in high gear all the way to the top of a good sized hill, I might still be driving one today.

    • Rotag999

      Today we have DWD and defective ignition switch’s and Takata airbags i will take the old days with this van hands down if i could turn back time !

      • The Walrus

        Government doesn’t fix problems, it just rearranges them in a huge expensive game of whackamole.

  2. Chad-O

    $5k is pretty high for the V6 in this condition. Much more desirable with the 318 motor. Mileage between the 2 motors are not enough to really want the 6 banger.

    • Dave Wright

      There is no V6 here……….

      • Chad-O

        Yea. my concussion typo. I have a A108 van with the 318 and it’s pretty much a pig. I would hate to own one with a straight 6. Prices on the trucks are much higher than the vans but a non runner for this price…..pass

    • Andy

      It’s a straight, Slant 6, and it’s a legend in its own right! But this would be too much even if it had a 426.

    • Richard Gaskill

      Straight slant 6, not a V6. The slant 6 is a much better engine than the 318 and is more than adequate.

  3. Pontiactivist

    There is one of these sitting outside of Greenville PA. Such a cool truck. I like the Fords too. Thought about making a Chevy one once. And not a circuit I’m not a fan of those. I would use a van 90 mid to late sixties and custom it but make it look like a what if type of vehicle. A phantom as the street rodders used to call them. With a day 2 treatment ( mags, dual exhaust, straight six, 3 on the tree, or the 4 speed. Any factory color except red for me. Just make sure the whees compliment the truck,.

    But that’s if I had a big bank account and tons of ft the time. I dream more when I’m awake than at night. Lol

    • Rob

      Had the same ‘dream’ once Pontiactivist, ’bout 40 yrs ago, ‘n would have taken a bit of dream $$’s.. Use a ’64 or ’65 flat window van, with the factory no side doors (as side doors were an option), a Chevy or GMC, with the little quarter windows behind the front doors, wack off the remainder of the van above the belt line, move the rear forward, cut out a set of the double side windows and use ’em for the rear window, re-shape for rails, ‘n make a tailgate. Oh, ‘n drop a 327 in it.. Yeppers, I agree, ‘twould of been a kewl phantom lil’ truck :)

    • JCW Member

      So where outside of greenville. Being only an hrm from me would like to at least look at it.

  4. Rick

    Like the font Dodge used in the emblem on the door those years

  5. Howard A Member

    What, nobody wants to make a tribute to Bill “Maverick” Golden? When I see these, “The Little Red Wagon” is the 1st thing I think of. Truth be known, these were miserable vehicles to drive, and “cab-over” pickups fell out of favor as fast as they appeared. I wonder where they found the tail gate, as that’s usually the 1st thing to go on pickups. Rare vehicles, but I like a hood ( and a motor) in front of me. It’s a good thing it’s an automatic, as the column linkage on manual trans trucks wore out pretty quick, and many a driver, I’m sure, had to crawl under and free up the shift rods ( which are 4 feet long) I’d think seat belts would be paramount on this, as in a rear ender, you’ll be laying on the person’s trunk. Cool truck for a wheel stander, but not to drive( or work on. A friend had one, only a V-8, and it was easier to remove the whole “doghouse” to work on it)

  6. 68 custom

    Howard I was thinking the same thing. but this would also make a good beater as well.

  7. LD

    How about that trans selector on the dash! Seems so out of place, not sure when push-button system for MOPARs went away. Love the look of this shifter, great vintage look LD71 :D

  8. Car Guy

    When I was a kid, I always thought if the driver slammed on the brakes on one of these trucks, it would tip forward on it’s nose……..

  9. Neal

    A guy I worked for when I was in high school and college had a 66 panel van that he pulled the 273 out of and stuffed a “warmed” over 340 4bbl, 727 trans with shift kit. Oh , and a “5L mustangs beware” on the back bumper. Needless to say it was quite fun when he stepped on it and was steering to keep the back from passing us:)

    • Rotag999

      My Buddy did the same thing with next generation Van his even had the topper camper roof pretty quick surprised a few folks 4 sure. 340’s are great motor’s.

  10. Prowler

    All I see is wheel stander.

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