1966 Lincoln Continental: Storage Orphan

1966 Lincoln Continental

As I looked through the photos of this 1966 Lincoln Continental project here on eBay, I noticed a familiar sight: storage lockers in the background. You know, those handy storage centers that seem to be popping up wherever there’s a vacant lot. Without fail, after they’ve been there a few years, a few vehicles begin straddling the fence line, pushed out of their enclosed storage unit cocoon, making room for old TVs or bureaus or who-knows-what. This Continental bears the scars of a weather-beaten exterior but the interior is surprisingly clean and pleasant in appearance, which makes you wonder if this car was once a bit more treasured than it now appears to be. Of course, the next question is if this is a case of an owner with too much stuff or a vehicle left behind when the storage unit fees went unpaid. The seller does not explain whether the car is currently running, so is a $4K Buy-It-Now a fair asking for a straight Continental with some major unknowns?


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  1. Metoo

    A neighbor of mine has a beautiful 65 white Continental. Drives it occasionally. He said parts are getting pricey for it. He used buying a water for over 100 bucks as an example. Love the suicide doors on his.

    • Karl

      I assume you mean waterpump. Consider this: my sister-in-law drives a Toyota Tacoma 4X4 with the V6. The Toyota dealership claimed that the waterpump was starting to leak and needed to be replaced. They quoted her $750 to replace the pump. I consulted my mechanic, who I trust, and he quoted between $550 and $600 to replace the pump if it needed to be done. Compared to that, a hundred bucks for a ’66 Lincoln waterpump that you can probably replace in your driveway is a bargain.
      Incidentally, the waterpump that the stealership claimed needed changing right away months ago has yet to leave any coolant on the driveway.

      • Ed P

        If it is not broke, don’t fix it. Close the hood and move on.

  2. jim s

    the chevy truck in the background sure is interesting.

  3. Ed P

    I love these suicide door Lincolns. The interior is nice and I don’t see anything unfixable on the body. But if the engine will not start $4k is a lot to chance.

  4. Bryan

    The 462 MEL in this Lincoln has been out of production since mid 1968, so I could see some of the engine parts being a little pricey these days (plus it wasn’t as popular or as numerous as the big blog FE family).

    I see the front right fender is damaged. Is it true that the front fenders on these unitized Lincoln’s are welded on?

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