1966 Mustang Fastback: 1 of 7,889

1966 Mustang Fastback

I think sometimes people get a little too caught up in production figures. Take this Mustang Fastback, it really is a great garage find with lots of potential, but I think the seller might be putting a bit too much emphasis on the idea that it is one of only 7,889. I’m going to guess they got the Marti report and saw that number, so now they think the car is worth more than any other Fastback. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the options list on this car, but I’m not sure I would pay significantly more for this car over one that lacks power steering or the visibility pack. Options like A/C on the other hand, I might just be willing to shell out a little extra for (it’s been 100+ here in Boise)! I am glad to see it’s being offered without a reserve, so that the market can determine what it’s worth. This pony car can be found here on eBay in Pompano Beach, Florida. Given its current location, I would want to check for rust, but overall this car looks like it would make a nice driver! So do you think production numbers really matter on a car that they built over 600k of in one year? Let us know what you think!


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  1. Doc

    Commenting on the 1 of 7889 Fastback. My Dad was the General Manager of Quillen Brothers Ford from 1968 to 1983 and I’ve owned many, many, early Mustangs, but I have never heard of the “visibility pack” . Does it exist ?

    • MReitz90

      The Visibility Group was a package that gave you 2 speed wipers, a remote side view mirror, and a day/night rear view mirror. I know in 65 it also gave padded sun visors, but I think that became standard in 66

  2. JimS

    “Luxury ” Mustang? Give me a break.it has a lot of parts but wrong color, motor etc. Nice basic stuff but DON’T over do.

  3. Al Member

    I could understand 1 of 6 like a Royal, 1 of 12, 1 of 50 even 1 of 250, but 1 of 7889 isn’t what I would call really rare.

    • JW454

      As quickly as these rusted into a pile of dust 1 in 7889 after 50 years could be kinda rare.

  4. Dolphin Member

    I’m glad for this seller that he has what’s probably a worthwhile Fastback, and I hope he gets enough from this sale to help with his health problems, but……

    The seller says he values originality, but this C-code car has a modded 351 Windsor and big wheels installed, so a big chunk of the originality is already gone. But lots of people like resto-mods these days, so maybe it won’t matter. What would matter to me would be the four floor/trunk pan areas that have rust holes in them, and they would make me want to go over the underside very carefully.

    There are nearly 50 bids, so people seem to realize that these fastbacks aren’t getting any cheaper and are stepping up. If the bidding doesn’t look cheap right now I’ll bet it will next summer, so I can’t blame them.

  5. TBall

    Concur with Dolphin on the addition of the 351. Additionally, I’d like to know where the market is for $50-$60k “Plane Jane Mustangs” is… While fastbacks are desirable and becoming more and more ‘collected’, don’t see numbers that high, don’t see the warranted extra promotion of a 1 of 7889 with an altered drive train. Not that I mind it, my ’68 fastback sports a tweaked 351 and T-5 – opting for drivability over “museum piece”.

  6. Dave at OldSchool

    LOL …” 1 of xxx” regarding options is rarely a big deal, unless it applies to the Engine Option…….. like if it had the rare 427 SOHC motor….( ie a 426 Hemi, Chev 409, etc)

  7. JW

    Too many issues with this car and seller for me, now are all of us car people sick & dying, it seems the health excuse is used quite often in the ebay / craigslist ads. Not saying it can’t happen but geez I thought we were all so much healthier today. Anyway I would pass on this one as I hate those extended shackles on any car.

  8. Fred

    The seller claims to be 70 but writes much like an 18 year old spammer (copies and pastes his “rare 7889 made” sentence over and over)along with smart aleck things like “go watch your collector shows” . Buyer beware.

  9. David

    Rare huh….yeah, you and every other person with an ad on EBay selling a car, a barn find….it’s a nice car, worth looking at.

  10. Al D

    Still trying to understand how the 351W (not even made until 1969) could be ‘the original to the car’. It was built a 2bbl 289 (dirt common). Only the 289 HiPo ‘K-code’ engines were VIN stamped, so there is NO WAY to verify a 2bbl 289 to be the ‘original’. Decent looking car, but what a bunch of BS to wade throuigh. Way too much emphasis on the options. 63B indicates the deluxe interior as factory, but the rest could have been easily added over the last 49 years. Only documentation would prove that. Getting into some tall money for a resto project that carries a less desireable color code IMO.

  11. stevee

    “One of 7889” only means something if its exactly original, what is on the tag or build sheet. Its not “one of 7889”, its one of 400,000 that got modified! Spend $5,000 restoring the paint, and another $5,000 restoring the engine + whatever else under the hood needs replacing. Then, tackle chassis + the interior… Sure hope someone tackles it, tho!

  12. Grant

    There were about half as many 66 fastbacks as 65s so they do go higher.

  13. Magstar67

    I’ve owned quite a few early Mustangs over the years all based on what engine they had. In my opinion the only thing I look at when considering value and “rarity” is what engine it had originally, followed by transmission and original color. Those items are easy to verify on these cars, any other option is immaterial to me personally. Any fastback or convertible is worthwhile to own.

  14. blindmarc

    Well it isn’t ‘springtime yellow’ anymore.

  15. Rocco Member

    It’s just a Mustang.

  16. Mark B. Morrow

    As far as I know there are no Ford records of production by option combination for Mustangs prior to 1967 so there is no way to account for really rare 1 of 1 cars. The 7889 Fastbacks equipped with the Deluxe “Pony” interior accounted for about 22% of all fastbacks, so it’s not particularly rare.

    Ray Miller’s “Mustang Does It” lists the rarest body/interior style as the ’68 Deluxe – bench seat Fastback Model 63D with only 256 made. Even the Deluxe Bench hardtops from ’68 and ’69 were far more rare with 853 and 504 respectively

  17. RIC Parrish

    It looks like it has the high performance engine insignia on the fender, if that were real and the engine were around some where, that would make a big difference, or if it is
    one of those cars, build the correct engine for it, it would be much more valuable


    First of all, people that right articles about Mustang stats, or any other old car, that don’t understand or know the facts, drive me nuts! I enjoy all old cars but I don’t comment or try to knock down another car or it’s history if I just don’t know the facts. There is NO Marti report for a 66 or earlier Mustang available. There just isn’t.

    If it’s a genuine “deluxe interior” fastback it is one of 7889. That is the next rarest Fastback one could purchase next to a Shelby. Only 35,698 Fastbacks were built in 1966. Only 112,777 Fastbacks were built in 65/66, total cars built (coupe, Fastbacks and convertibles) equaled 1,167,019. Do the math… Not even 10% were Fastbacks and of that number 13,665 were deluxe interiors… So less than .012% were deluxe interiors…

    To Mustang guys these numbers are pretty rare… I’ve owned 1, I wish I had it back. To own any old car that was less than 1% made, yeah I’d say it’s RARE!

    Corvettes 65/66 = 18,144 coupes produced

    So at the end of the day, they are rarer than the “fancy” Corvettes during the same time.

  19. John

    its an original 1966 yellow car that happens to be blue and has an original 289/271 fender tag but happens to have a 351 Windsor with a lot of hot rod parts. And it has some original Dayton wheels somewhere but currently has some deep dish reversed rims which it needs because it’s original suspension has been raised a few inches in the back and you can get it a bunch of original new sheet metal really cheap somewhere and you should buy it now and restore it later. Have I got most of it? And it sold for $17 large even though base models are going for 50 or 60 thou.

    No. Just no.

  20. Chris A.

    Was the visibility option the dealer installed plexiglass windows that replaced the fastback rear vents? I’m thinking the Shelby/Hertz GT350H had them.

    • Al D

      The visibility option package was a LH remote mirror and a day/night mirror, that’s all.

      • Rocco Member

        You are correct sir.

  21. Shilo

    It is a bitzer. Wrong engine, wrong color, wrong everything. So to say it is one of 7000 something is silly because not much original is left. But the “old school” seller wants us to save everything original. Run away from this car do not walk.

  22. Larry

    Didn’t ya’ll notice the duct tape going down the right side of the fastback window, also looks like rust between the bottom of the window and the trunk. Like JW454 said they rusted out rather quickly. I wish the new owner good luck, hope he can bring it back to it’s glory.

  23. MikeW

    Not rare, but it is desirable. I’t just not worth what he wants for it. Maybe he’s just testing the market on ebay. Mark and TP are right about Ford throwing away the first 2½ years of records. So no Marti report. Well it sold, so someone wanted it. That’s what they are going for, I just hope the buyer doesn’t get stung with a bunch of rust. Winning bid:US $17,101.00
    [ 69 bids ] https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/info

  24. Brian

    I shows sold for $17,000! What schmuck, for that kind of money you could have bought a nice one with some originality. A 351 and a repaint in a non-original color does not make it more valuable.

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