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1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS 4-Speed Convertible

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. What, a Charles Dickens novel? No, this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. It is a genuine SS with a 350 CI engine, four-speed manual transmission, RS appearance package, and wait there’s more, it’s a convertible – the best of times. Its condition? The worst of times- it needs a lot of help. Let’s objectively look it over. This SS/RS equipped Camaro convertible is located in Scott City, Kansas and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $6,500, nineteen bids tendered so far.

The first year Chevrolet Camaro SS was equipped with the first-year Chevrolet 350 CI V8 engine, a motor that a friend of mine, who claims tongue-in-cheek, has probably outnumbered the number of people in existence.  Finding a car similar to this example shouldn’t be difficult, the production numbers were substantial:

  • Total 1967 Camaros: 221K
  • Total SS Models: 34K
  • Total RS Models: 64K
  • Total Convertibles: 25K

How many were assembled in precisely this example’s configuration? I couldn’t narrow it down but it stands to reason that this is not that rare a find. Nevertheless, they don’t seem to turn up that often.

Now for the “What happened?” question. The seller does not state specifically but this Chevy appears to have been parked outdoors, for an extensive amount of time, with its roof in the lowered position. The upholstery and door cards are destroyed and the floor, as well as the trunk pan, has started to dissolve. The seller states that the speedo cluster is not original, not that it matters much at this point; the instrument panel looks unusable. The inside is truly a sad state of affairs; this SS was even equipped with optional (U17) auxiliary gauges. Yes, the original Delco radio is in place but the overall deleterious condition of this car has dampened my enthusiasm. BTW, that steering wheel looks like it was boosted from a Chevette – I suffered the ignominy of owning one of those horrid little dog carts and spent more time behind a similar wheel than I care to recall.

The original engine in this convertible was a 295 gross HP, 350 CI V8 engine; the seller is clear that this is not the born-with motor and it is a non-runner. And he doesn’t claim it to be a 350 CI motor for that matter. Additionally, the shifter-less Muncie four-speed manual transmission is not original either. Of note is the still installed, original 3.55, twelve-bolt differential – they are getting harder and harder to find and their marketplace values reflect their desirability and scarcity.

The exterior of this Chevy, on first blush, looks fair, but doing some digging can make one change their mind. The front clip and doors show as usable, or repairable, but the quarters, rear roll pan/valence, and trunk lid tell a different story. The seller’s description is pretty accurate, “Car needs restored or use as parts. VERY rusty condition and will need extensive repairs if restoration is chosen”. Succinctly stated! And I hate to think of this car going the parts route but that may make the most sense. Without details beyond the accompanying images, severe corrosion looks to be affecting more than just the floor pans on the underside. The convertible top frame is in place, and that’s good to have, but the fabric top has dissolved. Other observations include what looks like the vacuum-actuated headlight-door mechanism residing at the wrong end of this Camaro, in the trunk. Also noted is the presence of the frequently missing, convertible only, vibration dampers. The dampers, all four of them, were placed two under the hood and two in the trunk. They are replaceable but expensive.

This would be a very nice ’60s muscle/pony/convertible ride to own, I know that I would enjoy it. But what would it take to make this Chevy road-worthy again? Without a ton of investment, I fear it’s too far gone to be viable. What do you think, worth the challenge?


  1. Vegaman Dan

    Just quick browsing online and it looks like about $1500 to replace the sheet metal on this vehicle. Maybe up to $2K, and there are some package deals with shipping that make this doable. Yes, it’s going to add several thousand dollars, but really, for the effort, this isn’t bad at all to have good strong metal to work from.

    Interior kits with seats for another $1K.

    With all the bits and pieces, assuming mechanicals can be sorted out locally, you’re likely looking at $4500-5K before paint. That really isn’t bad for this vehicle. It’s very doable. But then you might find a better base to start with too.

    Are you willing to pay essentially $10-12K for a kit project? It’s not out of line, but it sure is daunting to look at initially.

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    • robert semrad

      Your estimates are too low….considerably so.

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  2. bob allen

    I thought I was smart when a couple of years ago, I went into a 55 and over community in Seal Beach, Ca. In one of the stalls, I saw a ’67 Camaro SS/RS 350 convertible. Same color combo. I thought I was tricky. Found out who the owner was. Original owner. He said, yea, I’ll sell it. $35k

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    • Flmikey

      So….did you buy it?

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  3. CCFisher

    Hello, Dyancorn?

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  4. Little_Cars

    What’s that steering wheel from? A 1980s Chevette? It’s sad to see the first year, first gen Firebirds and Camaros looking so roached out but that’s what we are mostly going to find 50 years on. This is typical of what we would see at the back of some tote the note lot as a manager special when the cars were ten years old and ragged. “Need it gone by the end of the week. Make offer.”

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  5. smokeymotors

    If you have 30k+ and have the need to do this I say go for it! in reality at 65 years old time is worth more than money to me, I did restorations and saw many being done, after three years of spending and fighting everyone to keep working on it ( engine guys, interior guys, convertilble top guys sheet metal & paint guys ect…) you can come to the point you just don’t want to wait, and spend anymore, at least with this car you can find and buy alot of the parts new, (not that they are going to fit) so if you find the right people to keep going at it fine!

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  6. Frank

    Had a friend in my first year of college that had a 67 RS/SS 396 convertible. It was the white with blue stripes Pace Car colors with a blue vinyl interior. It too had the 4 speed and was a great car. Hitched rides with him often, but bummed that he had this beautiful new car. Lost track of him after Freshman year, a d next time I saw him, he told me he’d wrecked the car…meanwhile, I was driving a 68 Falcon!

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  7. Charles Sawka

    The parts are available but without #matching anything you’re never gonna get your money back. Lotta $$$ to make a good Pro Tour.

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