1967 Intermeccanica Torino Spyder

Italian cars are known for voluptuous and elegant styling, but typically not for reliability. To solve the dependability issues and make their cars more appealing to the American market, one Italian manufacture had the brilliant idea of stuffing an American built V8 under the hood of one of their cars. The result was Intermaccanica’s Torino. This garage find 1967 Torino Spyder can be found here on eBay.

The car was discovered 2 years ago by the current owner. It was found in a garage, where it had been parked since 1980. They purchased the car with the intent of restoring it to its former glory, but as most stories go, life got in the way. After letting the car sit for another 2 years, they have decided to let the car go in hopes someone else will be able to restore it.

Intermeccanica installed Ford’s 289 cui HiPo V8 into the Torino, giving it both power and durability. This engine was rated at a respectable 271 hp and gave this Italian plenty of power. This is the same engine found in K code Mustangs and is much sought after. This engine proved so strong that it was used as the starting point for the Shelby GT350.

The interior is believed to be the original and shows signs of regular use and age. Most of the upholstery looks salvageable, but it appears the wood steering wheel is damaged. This interior is very Italian. Until you notice that the four speed manual transmission lacks a gated shifter. There were only 92 Torinos built, as part way through production the name had to be switched to Italia to avoid issues with Ford’s Torino.

This car cleaned up well, but still needs some work to be looking its best. The car was repainted once by a previous owner, but wasn’t the best quality and should be redone. Also, the front of the car was damaged at some point and was poorly repaired. Getting it show ready would be a big project, but given how solid it looks could probably get away without a full restoration. Prices are climbing for these early cars, likely because of the 289 HiPo engine and the name change. Restore it or leave it as is?


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  1. Roy Smalley

    Leave it as it is; clean it up and go for it.

    Long time Omega owner.

  2. Dolphin Member

    These are very scarce, and came near the end of unfortunate series of car and business events that kept coming to grief, financially. The idea of putting a high-HP US engine in a stylish European body should have worked, but the company didn’t survive.

    This one looks pretty good, which makes the seller’s last sentence (“One of my businesses is Italia Reproductions so I am very familiar with the cars.”) harder to understand. Why not restore this Italia if you bought it for that purpose and have a business that builds reproductions of these cars? Could be a distress sale….

  3. scot c

    ~ i’ve been an Intermeccanica fan since late ’50s – early ’60s with the Apollo,etc. that the company, greatly evolved, survives today is beyond incredible. presuming the current seller is willing to accommodate the successful bidder i feel a brief visit to;
    will reassure skeptics this is a tremendous opportunity. necessary parts should be no challenge.

    • Barn Finds

      Are you the owner of this car Scot? The seller mentions that they own the same company you referenced to for parts.

      • Scot Carr

        ~ For some reason I overlooked your questions, guys. I was not [am not] the seller. I just love this early Italian/American mash-up. I wish that it were my own.

  4. mikey

    I don’t find the design to be inspiring. It looks as though someone removed a FHC top and installed a vert top from …………something, not sure.
    I know…..it reminds me of the kit cars of the period.

  5. Chris

    Back in the 70’s, Revell Motors in Syracuse had a red one of these for sale that looked like it had gone through a rough life. Same black interior as this, and about in the same shape. It was early ’72 and they were asking $5500+ for it. When you looked closely, the build quality wasn’t consistent, the interior materials didn’t look that good, but the body panels fit well. The wheels were identical to the current car and just didn’t look right. The top fit was a mess and the style was like the removable Vette hardtop. To me the entire design was vaguely like the 68 and later Vettes, but cleaner. Restored, this could make a nice reliable, easy to maintain unusual cruiser. Could be a nice car. Is the Torino/Italia from the same company that later made the non-Porsche Speedster replicas?

  6. Ron Robinson Member

    Yes, after production of the Omaga, Torino, Italia, and Indra, Intermec switched to making one of the best Porsche Speedster replicas. At some time they moved to Vancouver, BC, I believe. Not sure if they are there now or SoCal.

  7. Ron Robinson Member

    Yes, after production of the Griffith, Omaga, Torino, Italia, and Indra, Intermec switched to making one of the best Porsche Speedster replicas. At some time they moved to Vancouver, BC. Not sure if they are there now or SoCal.

  8. Stacey Siegal

    I have a 1967 Intermeccanica Torino, #5 of 64. It’s in orig condition. Where should I sell it? It belongs to my husband’s estate.
    Thanks for any/all help.

    • Mark Reber

      Stacy, I can’t imagine you’re still looking to sell your Torino, but if so, I am certainly looking for one!

  9. Scot Carr

    ~ I had notification of this comment on my inbox but now it is not here! wth?
    Author: Stacey Siegal
    I have a 1967 Intermeccanica Torino, #5 of 64. It’s in orig condition. Where should I sell it? It belongs to my husband’s estate.
    Thanks for any/all help.

    Stacey, you came to the right place. These folks can help you find a serious, qualified buyer. I look forward to reading the story and I am sorry for your loss. Scot

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