1967 Maserati Quattroporte: For the Brave


Old Maseratis must be one of the most dangerous cocktails of looks and sounds ever made. What I mean by this is these rarely inexpensive projects are so tantalizing due to their gorgeous looks and 143 mph-capable V8 powerplants. I’m sure even some of the most financially-astute individuals can throw away years of sound financial practice when a car like this 1967 Maserati Quattroporte here on eBay comes up for grabs. Despite the temptations the Maserati might inspire, it’s a massive project with a full interior and exterior reconditioning needed, not to mention whatever mechanical restoration is almost certainly required. The automatic transmission kills some of the fun as well – with a manual, this might be more of a risk worth taking for the Maserati fanatic.


  1. DON

    run away!

  2. RayT Member

    The seller is, I’m told, a restorer, and not an inexpensive one. My first question to him would be: how much would you charge to restore this car? I’m guessing the quote would be in the low six-figure range, at least.

    Is a QP worth that? Not on the market, so you’d have to really, really want to own one to justify a car that appears to need, at a minimum, some major metalwork on every exterior panels, plus a new interior and, assuming the total neglect of the visible bits carries through to the drivetrain, lots of expensive mechanical work.

    I’d suggest rolling this one into a corner and letting the rot complete its work.

    • Horse Radish

      His only choice : sell the head aches after picking it up cheap with room for profit.
      The trouble starts with the next owner……

  3. Kwms

    Cut the body off and locate a Fiberglas replica body of the birdcage Maserati. Build a tribute car instead. This one is too far gone and not that valuable. Sell what’s left for parts.

  4. Dan h

    Ha-ha! Just restoring the Boranni wheels alone would gobble up the avarage Joes budget.

  5. Dolphin Member

    RayT is right. Kurt Tanner is a long established high end restorer, and this poor QP is not worth what it would cost to restore it even if it was given to you. That’s likely why Tanner is selling it on Ebay and not restoring it or auctioning it at one of the high end auctions. I suppose eventually the values would catch up to the resto cost….maybe.

    These are very elegant 4-seaters and are well worth having if you don’t need the sportiest version Maser from back then. The 4-cam engine is a beautiful sight when clean and running well, but not cheap to rebuild.

    I saw one of these driving on the road this summer and it looked terrific with a mature couple dressed for the occasion on a sunny Sunday afternoon. If I were going for a 4-seater I would pick a QP over a lot of other cars of this vintage for their elegance and rarity if cost were no object. Given that cost would be no object,
    I’d make sure it has a manual transmission.

  6. Howard A Member

    How does a hood get rusted like that? Must be pretty thin metal. These were some pretty nice looking cars, this one, not so much. They have some nice cars in the background. TR-4, big Healey, maybe a MGC, TR-3, couple TR-4’s inside. It’s up to 5g’s, so someone is interested. http://motorbase.s3.amazonaws.com/pictures/auctionlots/724453260/1761935316/fs_266.jpg

  7. OKCPhil

    This car is for sale on Hemmings for $37,500 which seems like a lot for the condition it’s in. Maybe as a parts car you might get that money back but I’m not certain. Good luck to the new owner whatever they plan to do with it.

  8. Tom


  9. Wayne Thomas

    Only good as a restomod so not worth the price asked. It’ll sit for a long time before anyone jumps in to that moneypit.

  10. alan

    Looks like a Miserableroti.

    • Horse Radish

      ….rotti !

  11. John Forsman

    The Italian word Maserati means ‘hand grenade’ in English.

  12. taxijohn

    Is it worth it? No, but given the money would i do it…probably. I don’t believe there was ever a better looking 4 door, personally i would rather have one of these than the impractical sports cars.

  13. Harry S

    Odd, the front seats look pretty good. They are exactly like the ones in my ’68 912.

  14. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    The tires have air in them. THAT is lol.

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