Cheap And Unique: 1967 Opel Kadett Coupe

When the Kadett B was launched by Opel in 1965, it was met with enthusiasm by the motoring public. For the first time, a German manufacturer had produced an affordable small car that was capable of challenging the dominance of the Volkswagen Beetle. The Kadett was quieter and more refined than the Volkswagen, possessed handling that was more predictable than the Beetle, and offered significantly more space for occupants and their luggage. This made the Kadett an immediate sales success. This Kadett Coupe is a solid little car that would make a great project. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and is listed for sale here on eBay. It also represents an affordable project, as the owner has set a BIN price of $1,850, while the option is available to make an offer.

The Kadett has apparently spent its life residing in Arizona, and the benefits of this life are there for all to see. The body looks to be free of any major rust issues, although there might be a few small spots in the rear section of the rain gutter on the driver’s side. There are also a few minor trim pieces that seem to be missing, but the vast majority of the exterior chrome and trim looks like it would respond well to being cleaned. One area where the Arizona sun has taken its toll is in the area of rubber seals, with the one around the rear window looking particularly baked. Otherwise, it really looks like a fresh coat of paint would have the car looking pretty nice.

While the Arizona sun might be great for preventing rust and rot, it tends to wreak havoc on interior trim and vinyl. That is the case with our little Kadett. You can see strips of headliner hanging down, and the dash and door trims are pretty toasted. The seats appear to be original, but the covers definitely aren’t. Still, there are companies such as this one that can supply many components to replace those that are damaged or missing.

With 4-cylinders and a capacity of a mere 1,078cc, the engine in the Kadett is never going to be a fireball. However, the engine produces 54hp, and this does give the car a performance advantage over its rival, the Volkswagen Beetle. Power is then fed to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission, while the brakes are 4-wheel drums. The engine bay looks quite clean and tidy, although the engine itself has an accumulated coating of oil and grime. The owner says that the Kadett runs, but doesn’t specify how well. He also says that the car comes with plenty of extra parts, but doesn’t elaborate on what they are.

The 1967 Kadett is a pretty simple and basic car, and that makes it a pretty tempting prospect for someone to take on as a restoration project in their own garage or workshop. It is never going to be a car worth a huge amount of money, but a nice example can still fetch prices in excess of $7,000. Even a rough example can easily fetch $2,500. That should make this a tempting project for someone.


  1. Howard A Member

    Sure is fun seeing some of your old cars from the past again. I’m not sure the Opel Kadett was aimed at VW owners, I think that was the Renault. Since Asian cars were no threat, yet, I think these went after the British sedan market. Opels were good cars, I had several. I had a wagon like this, it was a tinny, uncomfortable, rattletrap, that I think I got gas once in the time I owned it. They made a twin carb model, that actually had some zip. Mine was a one carb, but there were not many cars that could beat me off the line, this car literally took the clutch dumping and power shifts to 2nd, by then the race was over, but tough little cars. I met a guy once, he knew I liked Opels, said, “I have an Opel Kadett in the garage, want to see it?” It looked like this. Needless to say, I was impressed,

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  2. Mario

    A Mazda13 b rotary with a manual tranny. That would make this little bugger fly

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  3. Tom Justice

    Anyone remember “Opel Kadett, the mini brut”

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    • Howard A Member

      Sure do, it was my 2nd Opel, a ’68. It was a fun little car.

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      • Little_Cars Little Cars Member

        That’s the one I parted out, a Mni-Brute, to build a better Kadett coupe with a manual tranny. Mine were both 1970s…liked the styling of the sail panel and pop-out quarter windows better on the later year. Sister had a 1970 wagon. My white 70 Opel coupe looked great with a red interior but no creature comforts — I learned to drive a stick with that car. Just last week, I purchased what is currently coming out of the Opel plant…a Buick TourX wagon. All in the family.

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  4. Tirefriar

    Unless you are going to do all the work yourself including refinishing AND have more time than money, then buy yourself a clean ready to go example and enjoy!

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    • Joe

      In ’66, I bought a new one exactly like this at the Biloxi, Ms. Buick dealer on the beach. Red, with solid red interior. I had them hang an A/C unit under the dash on the passenger side. My wife was 5′ tall but her knees still sat against it. Back then, I ran flat out everywhere. I think it would show about 87 on the speedo. Went to a parking lot autocross in New Orleans put on by SCCA. All I did was pump up the tires and turn the idle up. To their surprise, I took fastest-time-of-day. I put about 52,000 miles on it and only had to replace 2nd gear synchro. It was light and very manueverable. When I think of it these days, I’m thankful that I never had a wreck with it as it would have crushed like an eggshell. I think I paid about $2,200+ total for it.

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  5. Ted

    I’m with you on the engine update idea Mario, but I’d be doing a Buick turbo V6/T5/8.8/steel rims and dog dish caps. Lots o’ room to roll the firewall for the install then leave the interior and the paint as it sits and go hunting…he he he..

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    • local_sheriff

      Cool concept Ted, however there’s no need for such a heavy driveline to make this ol’ Blitzer move…Opel themselves made I-4 engines up to 2.4liter so it’s still doable with OE parts.
      Killer Kadett B and C models regularly pop up at trackdays in Europe featuring R1 or Hayabusa engine – or like this 400 hp Cosworth 16v by Engelund Racing.Not only will they move – they are corner carvers too…

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      • Brakeservo

        What you have shown is more Isuzu than Opel, but I ‘,spose they were also sold as Vauxhalls, Holden’s and influenced the Chevettes too.

  6. Brakeservo

    Was a guy outta Silver City, NM who had a whole field of these things not too long ago. Maybe still does, as I don’t think they’re high on the collector’s list . . . unless said collector is himself high.

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    • Little_Cars Little Cars Member

      There is a field of them in middle Tennessee as well. But the owner of the property is involved in the Opel club nationally so no peeking without his permission. National Opel meet was held in Nashville a few years back.

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  7. ramblergarage

    My sister had a 67 wagon and pounded the hell out it driving from PA to MO for college. It held up well. She eventually sold it and bought a Datsun 1600.
    Great little cars.

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  8. john manders

    my dealership sold these trade-ins for as low as 150.00 guiders back to 50 dollars at hhe time. I had loads of Kadetts of all sorts to strip an sell parts. for me they were dependable cars and drove some for many years. and making a profit !!!!
    they drove smooth and economical. Most came with the 1200 CC
    Happy driving for whoever buys this one

  9. Miguel

    A neighbor had a wagon version of this. The word that comes to mind is rattle-trap.

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  10. hatofpork

    I loved mine. Fun to drive flat out without exceeding the speed limit. Swallowed a lot of stuff, handled well and took a lot of abuse in stride. I’d consider this if it were closer.

  11. CFlo-Duder

    I bought the red car featured here and plan to revive it without changing much. Should be picking it up from Phoenix and transporting back to So-Cal within the next few weeks.

    I’ll do what I can to post updates semi-regularly, either on DailyTurismo or the Grassroots Motorsports forum, and @cflomoto_official on instagram.

    We race another ’67 Kadett “kiemencoupe” like this one in the 24 Hours of Lemons. Team is Black Iron Racing, @blackironracing on instagram. Lemons posted a story about our last race at Sonoma:

    Here’s to the plucky little Kadett!

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  12. handsome1987

    You can also find parts for your Opel Kadett Coupe at they are really great people.

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