Conversion By Roadrunner: 1967 Volkswagen Camper

Roadrunner Conversion

People sure love these old VW buses, especially when they are in camper form! Most people think of Westfalia when they think these, but there were actually quite a few companies that performed the conversions. Roadrunner was one of them and according to some people, it was among the best. Either way, the last few owners really loved this bus. It was parked for about 20 years, but the seller claims to have spent over $5k making it roadworthy again. It seems like a good choice if you are looking for a classic camper that can be used right away. Find it here on eBay where bidding ends tonight.


  1. Chebby

    It’s a beauty, but I’ll enjoy looking at the pictures much more than I would enjoy dropping 5 figures to grind over the Grapevine at 26mph. VW price to value ratios are insanity.

    • Alan Brase

      Sure, I remember when you could buy good splitties for a few thousand. Rough ones for a few hundred. I paid $125 for my rough 23 window.
      There are good reasons why they bring high prices. They are not so good at cruising 85mph on a freeway. (And who cares?)
      They are wonderful blue highway, rough road travellers. They are very sure footed, more so than any other 2 wheel drive vehicle. AND YOU CAN CAMP AND SLEEP IN IT! They are actually pretty reliable and stone axe simple.
      This particular one has a 1971 spec 1600 dual port, which should be about 57 hp. It will go a lot faster than 26 up the Grapevine. Probably at least 42.
      Some of the earlier 1200cc models give new meaning to the song: “I can’t drive 55.”

      • Chebby

        I’m well aware of the differences between then and now. I just don’t think these are worth the prices they command. You are welcome to think differently. And feel free to back that opinion up by bidding on it.

        You will look cool at the campground. You can also camp and sleep in any vintage van. So what exactly are the “good reasons” for the high prices on VWs?

  2. Alan Brase

    I see the seller is not quite honest with regard to the unmolested body. The right rocker has been replaced and poorly. I would suspect the left has some patching as well.
    Anybody with much experience knows these motors work best with stock distributors when they have stock single carburetors. (And this one does not have the right distributor.)
    A real Westy would be a lot more valuable than this US tintop, though the camper parts seem to be in pretty good shape.
    Not that attractive to me.
    Anybody bidding on this should do a personal inspection. ( A good idea on any car purchase.)

  3. Alan Brase

    I don’t buy a car to look cool. I will camp with an old bus where no one else will see me because I choose to and there is no other vehicle you can drive to such secluded places and sleep in it. (Well, a Vanagon Syncro camper is better yet.)
    Actually I’d love to have a 65-67 Westy pop top. But I already have many VW type 2’s and probably need to sell a few and buy a sailboat.
    WRT prices: Well yes, $20k seems like a lot for a Vintage VW camper. I can remember when Mercedes 300SL’s and 60’s Ferrari 12’s were $60k. A local guy had a Ferrari 206SP that was broken and sat outside one winter. Same car sold some years back for $12M.
    I suppose it is a mix of nostalgia and utility, plus extreme inflation that makes the prices of VW buses high.
    Have you priced a new pickup these days? Lots of luxury, but at $60k? No thanks. I’ll get a 12 Valve Cummins from the 90’s and it will likely be more reliable.
    I’ll not pay $20k for any VW bus.
    But I still say they are a more sensible buy than some. But you need to get well acquainted with their quirks, or you will be disappointed.

    • Tony Carter

      Alan, I’m with you on this one the only problem I’ve found with all of these great old vans,(unless it has the ‘pop top’) is you need to be somewhere around 5 foot tall or less otherwise you have to get outside and have a stretch every now and then !
      A helmet might help as well when you’re in the back.
      I had one as a service vehicle years ago when I worked for GE, at high speed ??, on the highway the wind blowing across the roof used to make it vibrate up and down, you wonder what the noise was until you checked in the rearview mirror and saw it.

  4. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Just what my aunt’s old man bought new in 1967…..he was a funny guy…worked for the post office….wish I could get some pictures of it – he strapped the propane tank in front – right in the middle……he loved his Vdubs…

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