1968 Intermeccanica Italia Coupe: Flamed Out


This 1968 Intermeccanica Italia listed here on eBay for the heady price of $44,950 may be rare, but in reality, it’s actually quite well done. An engine fire took this rare sports car off the road early in life, preventing the Ford-powered coupe from getting very far before the drivetrain was removed and disassembled, and the car subsequently taken off the road. What I always get a kick out of when looking at old cars like these are the stickers – the dealer it was sold at, the college it was parked at – it’s as if you can imagine its young driver rumbling past the quad in his Intermeccanica while the girls fawned over its sleek bodyshell and dual exhaust. Though the seller’s price isn’t cheap, these cars were not manufactured in any great quantity and this is a numbers-matching example – would that be enough for you to take the plunge on this Italian-American hybrid?


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  1. rich

    They were nice cars, but his idea of little rust and mine are not the same. Rockers don’t look that great to me for one. Might be numbers matching block but motor but looks like a rusted boat anchor.

  2. Cassidy

    Another auction fanatic attempts to sell his car; he can’t really see it, since all he sees are dollar signs. If I had $44K to spend on a car, it wouldn’t be this wreck!

  3. sir mike

    just went to check the ad….ended….

  4. Catfishphil

    “Highly preserved?”

  5. jimbosidecar

    I still kick myself for not buying a 1960 Triumph Italia for the princely sum of $750. I had the cash and drove 2 hours to look over the car when the seller told me he had just sold it. On the way back home I saw a TR 4A sitting in a field so I bought it (can you say rebound). Then when I got back home the seller of the Italia called me back and said his buyer backed out and I could still buy jt if I was interested. But I had spent all my money on a rusted TR 4A so I had to turn him down. It was a pretty little sport coupe in pretty good condition. The TR4A gave me nothing but trouble the entire time I owned it.

  6. pursang

    Looks like the A/C is gonna need a recharge.

  7. Scott Allison

    $44k for this wreck?
    Only if it was in a 100% restored conditions!

    This thing isn’t worth $449.50 as salvage.

  8. JD

    Another eBay shark wins. “highly preserved”?!?! “straightforward restoration”?!?! Yeah right. “Terminal rust” and “basket case” is more like it. I can never understand how a nice, ultra-rare car like this can end up in such a state. I wish there was a way to discourage these eBay sharks and bring the fun and joy back to what was once a reasonable hobby.

  9. PAW

    Sorry to spoil the party, but there is no such thing as numbers matching Intermeccanica. Factory never collected engine, drive train or any part numbers. They have color, engine (298, 302 or 351 level info), gearbox and some of installed equipment like power windows, etc. Obviously the engine can be original to the car, but claiming it numbers matching is plain wrong.

    How do I know. Well I have two Italias myself

    Of the rust, yes, Intermeccanicas are prone to rust. But nothing what a skilled panel beater could not handle.

    • Zac

      Need another?

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        @Zac – Please send it in so we can feature it on the site! mail@barnfinds.com

  10. PAW

    As I have already two – so correct question to me would be “can there be two without the third”

    And my reply to above question is thanks but no thanks. Need to get these first on the road

    @Jesse it is on eBay

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