1968 Triumph Spitfire: Previously Restored

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How is it people have cars restored and never drive them? This Spitfire listed on craigslist was restored in 1988 and then put away. There are few pictures and almost no info, so you never know what you might find. They state that one of their buildings caved in this past winter, so they don’t have space to keep the car stored indoors. He doesn’t even say if it was damaged when the building collapsed. If it’s an easy restore, $4500 doesn’t seem like a bad price, does it? It is the handsome Mark III with the great 1.3 liter engine. So do you think there will be much interest in this one?



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  1. Cassidy

    stored under a plastic tarp on tall grass… better inspect it real good! His building collapsed last winter and is just now trying to sell it?? Good luck with this one. It is a sharp looking car, too bad the guy who restored just parked it.

  2. Hoos Member

    If I was closer, I’d take a good look at this one. The paint looks like it might buff out, but those seat covers make me wonder exactly what kind of “restoration” we’re talking about

  3. Barry T

    Rather suspicious that the person could not be bothered to take the tarp off when the picture was taken. Who knows what damage is being hidden?

  4. Robert R. Member

    I had also sent this one in days ago to Jesse, FYI.

  5. Jeff Day

    I’m 30 minutes away and just sent an email to the owner. I may not be interested but it’s worth going to look at it.

  6. Gary

    I guess it depends a lot on what “will need some restoration to get it back in shape” means to determine if $4,500 is a fair price. If it means replacing fluids, tires and maybe rebuilding the brakes then I would say it’s worth the price. But considering you can get a decent driver for not much more money then you are probably better off passing on this one. Especially since it will need the paint buffed out and, at the very least, new covers for the seats. I also wonder what’s going on with the back of the car. Seems like it would have been fairly easy to pull the tarp the rest of the way off and take a picture of the back.

    Jeff – let us know what you find out on this one.

    • Jeff Day

      I went and looked at the car yesterday. She purchased it from the original owner in 1988 for 500.00 and then had it “restored”. That consisted of repairing the rust with some metal and filler, rewired the car with questionable results and the engine was rebuilt. It was a daily driver for many years before the brakes went out. It was then parked in 2005 in a barn with dirt floors where it stayed until a portion of the barn collapsed necessitating it’s removal in the spring of this year. The car was not damaged in the collapse.

      The convertible top is toast but she claims to have a replacement roof somewhere. The seats are in great shape because the cheezy covers have protected them. They are in decent shape with no rips or tears.

      I’m only vaguely familiar with these cars but the support sills under the front of the seats are showing rust. In addition filler is covering up work that will need to be done along the rockers. The car is all there however. All the badges, chrome work, etc including the spare in the trunk. I did not see a tool bag or jack present however. The best part about the car is she is a motivated seller and wants to see it gone. I volunteered a less than 1,000.00 price in our conversation and I think she would take it. If I didn’t have to consider shipping costs from Boscawen, NH (located off of I-93 north of Concord about a 1/2 hour) to Charlotte I would have offered 500.00 to haul it away.

      Hope that helps. Nice ride in the country but if you go there beware of the attack Rooster on the property!

  7. bcavileer

    I hate craigslist. sorry, but WTH is Boscawen.?
    Car looks wet from here, and it’s pouring rain outside now.

    • gary e

      Craigslist indicates it is in New Hampshire.

  8. Andrew S Mace Member

    Hmmm…last fall, I got a ’70 Mk3 that is at least half again the car this one might be, and I paid less than half of what is being asked for this one. Just sayin’….

  9. Mike S

    not worth anything close to $4500. Best of luck to the seller.

  10. jimbosidecar

    I sent this to a friend who lives in NH. He went to have a look. The lady owner was really anxious to sell it and took $500 from my friend to drive it away. Just put a new battery in it, and it started right up. Cleaned up and it looks pretty good. Engine sounds great. I’d call this a BarnFinds success story.

  11. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Great follow-up, Jimbo! Goes to show that a craigslist price is just an an asking price, and that it’s not a bad idea to throw out a low ball offer!

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