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1968 VW Camper: Overpriced Puzzle?

1968 VW Camper

I love these old Buses and this one could be a great survivor camper for someone at the right price. Often you have to wonder where people come up with the prices they ask for their cars. Sometimes it seems like a typo, like perhaps an extra “0” in this case or an extra “1” between the $ and the “5”. Who knows what you’d find if you did look at this 1968 VW bus, the 2 pictures posted are very vague. It’s in San Jose and here on eBay for a BIN of $15,000 with no information except it’s been sitting for 30 years and has an engine that doesn’t work. In the first picture, notice the camper cabinet sitting to the left in the garage. If you went to see this, you’d probably find a rusty hulk with a bad paint job, but it has black California plates so it might not be rusted at all. If it is a Westphalia and has no rust, could it perhaps be worth as much as $5,000 or perhaps is it more like $1,500? If it was rust free and very nicely restored, this camper might be worth $15,000. Here’s an example listed on TheSamba that you can get for $14,500. I’d sure like to see this old bus back on the road, but the price needs to come way down.



  1. boxdin

    Wow is this VW overpriced.

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  2. JW454

    After seeing the yellow one, I’m sure the seller of the one on Ebay didn’t do much research of the market before pricing his diamond.

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  3. Walter Joy

    My great uncle is selling one. An all original 1970 Camper Van (I believe it’s a Westfalia). He offered it to my mom (who wants one badly) for $10 grand, but he has turned down other offers up to $18,000. I think he also is throwing in a 1600cc engine

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  4. Al

    Someone either did a typo or was watching too many auctions.

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  5. Eric

    I could see 15k… in a lot better condition… I’ll share this w some friends

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  6. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    Probably the right price if it was finished? Seems steep to me?

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  7. George

    I had a 72 years ago. I bought it for $175. I drove it until the accelerator pedal rusted off. Well, a bit longer by tying a rope to the cable. But I couldn’t get enough tension to get up to highway speeds. But if I wrapped the rope around the parking brake I had cruise control! $15K for a disassembled bus that’s been sitting for 30 years? Not likely!

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  8. Fred

    I was once in the antiques business and saw this attitude there too. Someone would get an item in rough condition, look in the price guides and price it as if it were mint. The difference between rough and mint is HUGE.

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  9. Matt M.

    The difference between this “overpriced” one featured and the yellow one referenced on Samaba is that this featured one is a ’68 and the other is a ’77. Might not make a difference to some, but here in CA that 1968 is in many folks opinion far more desirable because you do not have to smog it. The ’77 has to be smogged. I know A LOT of car guys, myself included, here in CA who wont touch a hobby car that needs to be smogged. Severely takes the fun away in a lot of respects.

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  10. jim s

    the yellow one is interesting. the seller of the 68 needs to do more work. 2 photos will not sell this. interesting finds.

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  11. piper62j

    The seller has got to be on something.. It’s in California and even back yard tool sheds sell for $100k.. (My bad).. In the automotive industry, we have a saying.. “there’s an ass for every seat”.. who knows, there might be one out there for this VW at this price..

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  12. Woodie Man

    As a pre ’68 Bus snob I just laugh. There was a time when a certain slice of the bus nuts wouldnt look at the later style. That folks want such ridiculous prices for said later style is just nuts. So says the old guy.

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  13. Horse Radish

    I sent this in as suggestion a while back, but more as joke.

    However I can certify that the prices on VW buses is going up into crazy money, not quite as crazy as this seller thinks, and more the older Type 2s….

    @ MattM.
    I am in the same boat.
    The smog shenanigans have me drive diesels or pre-1975 for daily drivers.
    I don’t play their game………..

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