1969 Camaro Pace Car Replica Convertible: 12,753 Miles!

Yes, it’s real. Or at least the ad says it is! With only 12,753 miles, I have to wonder what the actual history of this big block, four speed Indy Pace CarReplica convertible is–especially considering what’s missing! The Camaro came from Oklahoma, but is not located in Moscow, Pennsylvania and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is already over $35,000 and the reserve has not surprisingly been met.

First, the good news! The car is wearing about 75% of its original paint, and has been fitted with a new convertible top. It looks very straight, nice and shiny under the dust. Speaking of the dust, I’m surprised they didn’t clean up the car for the pictures. But hey, it’s not my car. And how many big block, four speed Pace Car replica convertibles are there? This article states between 550 and 735, but no one really knows for sure.

As you can see from this ad, Chevrolet made a big deal about the 1969 Pace Car replicas. And with only a small percentage of an already limited edition made with big blocks, and some percentage of those made with four speeds, I can see why this car is in demand on eBay.

Even the interior doesn’t look too bad, and it’s said to be all original. But what’s that missing in the center console? Where’s the shifter?

Better yet, where’s the engine? And the transmission that should be attached to it? The seller “has access” to a correctly date coded 396 V8 and four speed combination, but have declined to purchase it and include it with the car. So wait a minute; now we’re at more than $35,000 for a car without an engine and transmission? Okay, you’re out of my league at this point. However, I’m sure there are some GM fans out there that are salivating! So tell us why in the comments!


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  1. Billy

    Less then 13K miles, yet no engine and tranny? BS, this is a hoax. Buyer beware. Might be a true pace car replica, but I doubt the mileage. Might give half of the present price, but no more. Of course, if you have this much money to bid, a big financial loss isn’t going to leave you eating cat food for breakfast, guess your easy guilt free pickings for the swindlers.

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  2. Bill

    I really don’t think anyone noticed the picture of the interior that shows the pedals. Automatic anyone?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Wow! Excellent catch, Bill! And now I wonder about the other claims as well…

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      That’s a very confusing pic, there is a 3rd pedal but is that the parking brake? Then there’s the shift boot on the console…hmmm

      • Woodie Man

        Bizarre…but then so is the whole ad

      • RayT Member

        Brake pedal is the wide, automatic-transmission type.

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      What Bill said, sure looks like it’s an automatic based on the pedals visible.

    • Woodie Man


      The seller tells me that the car came without any pedals. He installed that in order to stop the car. Doesnt of course answer the question of how such a car loses its drivetrain and pedal assembly

      • Woodie Man


        The seller tells me that the car came without any pedals. He installed that in order to stop the car. Doesnt of course answer the question of how such a car loses its drivetrain and pedal assembly

  3. Woodie Man

    Any questions? Ah.um….wheres the drivetrain? Thinking logically…why would anyone remove the drivetrain from a low mileage Camaro Pace Car replica? And why would a seller not mention what became of it? Since I have mostly seen the uninteresting (to me) slushbox variant’ why oh why would someone BUTCHER a desireable combo like this? And pay 35 k plus for a shell?

    We live in crazy times. I hope it settles down before I’m too old or too broke to play

    • Billy

      This isn’t crazy, it seems to me this is pure greed from a scammer. I too wish the scammers and investors would go else where so those of us who enjoy these things could get back into the hobby.

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  4. redwagon

    came to see a shot of the houndstooth interior. was not disappointed.

  5. 8banger Dave Member

    Billy, that’s cat food on clearance!

    • Billy

      I hear that if eaten on toast, cat food is not that bad.

      • KeithK

        Wait, you have bread ? You must have 2 jobs.

  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I have only heard the term shot cans or cocktail shakers once before today. Now this morning I get to learn a little more about them from James K’s Corvair. And even get to see what they look like in the trunk photos of this Camaro! Thanks Barn Finds!

    • Alan (Michigan)

      First thing I looked for in the car! :-D

  7. Old Car Guy

    After close review of the pix provided; I see only two pedals and I see NO bell crank or other related mechanism in the “engine bay” shot, smells bad to me — be certain not to step in it…

  8. gbvette62

    It appears to be a 69 Pace Car, but the rest of the sellers claims are questionable.

    The trim tag has the right codes on it for a Pace Car. 720 was orange houndstooth, and the only convertibles available with that interior were the Pace Cars.

    As pointed out, the car has an automatic brake pedal, leaving me to believe that the car is or was, an automatic, not a 4 speed. Automatics used the horseshoe shifter, and no boot. The picture’s not real clear, but there doesn’t look like there’s any console shift plate in it, so someone was likely converting it to a 4 speed.

    The car couldn’t have been a 396/375, as the seller claims, because it has a fuel return line. The 375 used a Holley carb, and didn’t use the return line, Only cars with Q-Jet carbs, used the return. If it was originally a 396, it was either a 325 or 350 horse version.

    The underside looks clean and original enough to be 12,000 miles, but you’d need to see the car in person, to be sure.

    Knowing what 69 Camaros go for, the price doesn’t surprise me. I have a customer that could be interested in it, and I’m going to tell him about it.

  9. benjy

    does it come with a bridge in Brooklyn?.

    • Aaron

      My thoughts would be they probably took a 69 had it painted at some point and got the counsel and bought the decals online and though sell the motor and trans or even put it in another car and we’re banking on there’s a sucker born every minute it might have been originally a donor car
      No but it’s definitely a sorry attempt


    It was a automatic, the pedals you see are the brake pedal and e brake pedal. The automatic transmission fluid lines are shown in the one picture under the hood. It says replica, does that mean it was painted and lettered up making it look like an original? $35000.00 for a Camaro chassis and frame appears to be too highly priced. Am I looking at this wrong?

  11. S Ryan

    Probably a clone from the 1990s that feel on hard times. Old BFG T/As with mileage listed make no sense. Auto 4spd?

  12. Dan

    It’s not a clone, it has the Z-11 code on the trim tag. But like everyone else, why would you remove the driveline on a low mile car.?

  13. S Ryan

    I can get a trim tag with any option you would like listed. Just google it. Easy! Even rivets.

    • Dan

      Yes but those rivets looked never touched…..

  14. 68 custom

    looking at how the hood does not fit properly I am gonna guess it was wrecked back in the day stored and the engine and automatic tranny were borrowed for another ride. does appear to be a legit pace car replica though? the under hood rattle can paint job kinda confirms this for me.

  15. JW454

    I believe it’s a real Z11 Pace car replica however, I believe it was originally a 350/350 turbo. In addition to the other comments already made regarding the brake pedal and such, it has a big block heater core cover but the holes for a small block heater core are visible in the firewall. Also, the frame mounts for the engine mounting look like the ones used in a small block application. Lastly, I don’t see a mounting on the frame for the “Z” bar used in a standard shift configuration to control the clutch levers or the access hole in the firewall for a clutch rod coming from the clutch pedal. The 396/4 speed cars were built as pace cars but, are much more rare. I think this one was being cloned to the more rare variety in an attempt to make it worth more to an unsuspecting buyer.

  16. Ikey Heyman

    $35K with 4 days remaining in the auction? I certainly don’t get it, but then again I have been having a hard time getting my head around the pricing of collector/classic cars. Obviously some folks have a lot of disposable income – sometimes I have to question my life choices, I didn’t see this coming!

  17. JW

    This is insane, no other comment needed.

  18. Adam T45 Staff

    I’ve looked very carefully at the photos on the ebay advertisement, and I believe that there may be more to this car than meets the eye. The car has a fairly consistent coating of dust on it as you would expect with a genuine barn-find. However, some of the residual dust on the car (especially left rear guard) looks consistent with the compound that the police use for dusting for prints. I wonder whether it wasn’t the owner who liberated the engine and transmission, but a third party. Just food for thought.

  19. RalleyZ

    Less than 13k should still have the original booster and master. I call bs.

  20. Clay Byant

    Had a for real one twenty some years ago and it was an automatic on the column. Members of the Camaro Club told me it more then likely was a camera car and the space was used for a tripod and get this……no console. Yes, it was a bonafide one………..
    Kenny Rodgers manager collected the big blocks. Built “Gambler” chasis cars. Ask him………………….

  21. Rustytech Member

    Well, let’s see, engine & transmission missing, auto trans brake pedal, manual trans console, seats dirty, pieces missing from door panels, convertible top needed replacing, and at least 25% of the paint has been replaced, there are also several chips in the paint on the fender that are visible. And this is a 13,000 mile car? What did they use it for, a jungle Jim?

  22. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I’ll have what the Seller is smoking and drinking. Outright misrepresentation.

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  23. Rustytech Member

    Just so no one gets me wrong, I love this car. I never owned one, but have fond memories. In my first job as a 16 year old pumping gas at the local Esso station I had a young lady ( early 20’s ) that would stop by about twice a week to gas up, in the summer she was always either in a bikini or halter top and short shorts, she always insisted I clean her windshield. I think she enjoyed watching my discomfort. Boy do I miss that “car”.

    • Adam T45 Staff

      At that age I probably would’ve licked her windscreen clean. After all, my tongue would’ve been hanging out and I would’ve been drooling….seems only natural!

  24. Jack

    A friend of mine had one of these back in the 80’s. I helped him build his new garage, and this beauty was hung from the rafters in the back. If I recall, he only drove it once, I kinda remember at the time saying to myself, wow that is a cool car to collect, but at the same time rembering wtf?! Why are you not enjoying driving something like that? Just me I guess…

  25. Alan (Michigan)

    From the seller, via eBay communication, answering two inquiries:

    “Someone removed the pedals before I got the car.
    A old pedal was temporary put in the car so it would stop when pushed around. I do have the correct 4 speed brake and clutch pedal for the car that goes with the car.

    I can send u more documentation on the car tomorrow.
    I think I have a copy of the window sticker if I can find it.

    On 1/28/17, 12:23 PM, dsnyderss wrote:

    Other: dsnyderss sent a message about 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396, 4 speed, Pace Car Conv. 12,753 org. Miles #152409614644

    if this is a 4 speed car, why does it look as though the brake pedal is for an automatic? Where is the clutch pedal?

    On 1/28/17, 3:26 PM, c-csdad wrote:

    Vehicle condition: c-csdad sent a message about 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396, 4 speed, Pace Car Conv. 12,753 org. Miles #152409614644

    Where is the clutch pedal?”

    • 68 custom

      wonder if his nose got longer as he responded, this car appears to have been a column shift. look at the steering column underhood and you can see the ear that attaches to the tranny.

  26. Ken

    The door pulls are off both door panels too. Quite a bit if stuff removed from a car with such low mileage. Makes me wonder.

  27. Jay E.

    The underside of the hood looks like a fresh respray. Hard to believe $31.9K, I guess a VIN tag is worth a lot. It looks like a repair project that had been sitting in a body shop for a lot of years.

  28. S Ryan

    The seller has other Pace cars. Fords all low miles and rough. Just weird.

  29. Woodie Man

    Seller sent me these:

  30. Woodie Man

    Since he was kind enough to reply I feel I owe it to him to post these on BF where we are umm..discussing his car.

    and this:

  31. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Well, set the pace at $35,100.00. With 13 bids.

  32. Bapid

    I had a replica Camaro back in the 1980’s with the 350/350 4barrel, and was automatic. Loved that car and hated to get rid of it but had to as it was damage in an apartment building fire and then somebody started to take parts off it when I was not around. Wish I could afford one now.

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